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Multi-Vendor Website Builder

What Is A Multi-Vendor Website Builder

A multi vendor website builder is an ecommerce software to create an ecommerce marketplace for B2B or B2C businesses. Using a feature-rich and customizable online marketplace solution like StoreHippo you can create a variety of marketplace websites like Amazon, Nykaa, Zomato, Swiggy and even a B2B online marketplace like Indiamart.

You can even build a combination model with custom flows and create a niche for your brand. 

The immense popularity of marketplaces among online shoppers has made many businesses adopt this business model for business growth. With good planning and right technical solutions, this model can be easily scaled up without additional investment. This ensures higher sales and better commissions for the marketplace website owner.

Why B2B And B2C Businesses Are Opting For Multi-Vendor Website Builder

Building a multi-vendor ecommerce store had many challenges right from idea generation to final launch. However, among all these, the toughest was finding the right online marketplace solution provider to write your code. Even if one found an experienced team, writing the code from scratch took considerable time in development, fine-tuning, testing and final launch. 

The advent of SaaS-based turnkey marketplace solutions made it easy for the businesses to roll out their multi-seller ecommerce portals in no time. The following benefits have made multi vendor website builders a popular choice for B2B, B2C, retail, wholesale and enterprise businesses. 

  • Easy implementation of the readymade solution
  • Saving of cost and time
  • No need for advanced technical skills 
  • Quickly adapts to changing market needs
  • Support for various stages of a growing business
  • Battle-tested solution with a number of use-cases
  • Automatic updates and upgrades
  • Includes features for business analysis and marketing
  • Allows integrations for payments, shipping, finance etc.
  • Offers technical support and customer care

StoreHippo multi vendor website builder comes with 300+ inbuilt features that help in building, running and growing your B2B or B2C multi-seller ecommerce business.

Must-Have Features In A Multi Vendor Website Builder

Your multi-vendor ecommerce solution plays a crucial role in the success and growth of your business. Whatever be your business model, you need a robust and feature-rich marketplace solution. It should be built with a feature ready approach so it can support your growing business and give you an edge over competitors.

Along with this, your multi-seller solution should be easy to use for you and your vendors. This saves a lot of hassles and allows you and your vendors to focus on business growth rather than handling the software. A user-friendly interface boosts efficiency across teams and also helps in getting better business insight.  

Let's see what are the must-have features in your multi-seller ecommerce software :

Must-Have Multi Vendor Website Builder Features: For Admin

The admin needs complete control and flexibility to manage the various complex features and flows of the multi-vendor ecommerce store. He/she should be equipped with the following tools and modules: 

  • Comprehensive Seller Ledger: To track the sellers’ orders, payouts, commissions etc. 
  • Shipping and Discounts: Module to add different discounts or shipping charges for different category of vendors
  • Taxes: Powerful tax engine to add multi-tier taxes based on product category, vendor or geolocation
  • Adaptive Payments: This allows to distribute payments of a multi-product order between vendors
  • Returns and Refunds management: To manage vendor-wise returns and refunds of products
  • Unified notifications (email, SMS, push) to keep the admin, vendors and customers informed about various stages of an order 
  • Easy Integrations: your multi vendor website builder should provide seamless integrations for CRM, ERP, payment gateways, logistics etc.
  • Mobile Admin: A mobile version of the admin to run the business from anywhere in the world

StoreHippo SaaS-based multi vendor marketplace solution offers all the above modules and features to make it easy for the business owners to run their business.

Must-Have Multi-Vendor Website Builder Features: For Vendors

Your multi-seller portal cannot function well if you are unable to onboard good vendors. To encourage more sellers, distributors or partners on your marketplace you need to offer them a steady traffic and an easy to use interface.

Look out for the following features in your online marketplace software:

  • Simple Registration: This should enable them to add all their documents and details and onboard in a few clicks
  • Separate Seller Admin: To give a unique login and admin panel to your sellers where they can manage their business and order history
  • Product Management: To enable sellers upload their products and manage the inventory
  • Returns Management: To manage the orders returned by customers
  • Partial and Full Refunds: A module that can manage refunds whether its partial or full
  • Unified Notifications(email, SMS, push): To keep them informed about orders, payments, shipments, delivery etc.  
  • Shipments: Automated module that handles shipments and allows to add delivery partners of choice.
  • Payments: Transparent payment and commission module that makes it easy to understand their income and commissions

StoreHippo multi vendor website builder has all the above modules and an intuitive interface. This enables the sellers to diversify their product line rather than focusing on managing the everyday business.

Must-Have Multi Vendor Website Builder Features: For Customers

Customer is the king and that is how your multi-seller ecommerce website should treat them. The new age savvy online buyers not only driven by price but they look for other features and unparalleled user experience. 

To ensure a memorable shopping experience your online marketplace software should offer the following:

  • Fast loading sites that make ordering fun even on slow connections or entry-level devices
  • Mobile apps for orders on the go
  • Easy search and navigation that makes checkout faster and easier
  • Detailed product listing and images to help make an informed decision
  • Product reviews to gather information from other users
  • Multiple secure and trusted payment options along with COD 
  • Personalized discounts to keep ordering more
  • Discounted and paid shipping options for standard or priority delivery

StoreHippo ecommerce marketplace solution helps you offer all the above to your customers. With our advanced technology and inbuilt tools, you can offer the most memorable shopping experience to your buyers.  

Why Choose StoreHippo Multi-Vendor Website Builder

By choosing the right multi-vendor ecommerce software you can give a competitive edge to your business. StoreHippo not only provides a technologically advances solution to create an ecommerce marketplace but also provides you with an end-to-end solution for running your B2B or B2C multi-seller business.

Our easy to use multi-vendor ecommerce software is built on the mobile-first principle. This enables you to take advantage of the customers’ preference for ordering via smartphones. Along with this, you get 50+ integrated payment gateways and full support for COD, making it easier to get more orders. Our integrated shipping solution helps you automate your supply chain and also gives you a discounted shipping option using the logistics partners.

What’s more, as your business grows you can take it to global markets using the multi-store, multi-lingual and multi-currency features. So, all ready to create a niche for your business?

Check out the various types of  Multi-Vendor Use Cases powered by StoreHippo multi vendor website builder and explore our platform by starting your 14-day free trial now.