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Multi Vendor Marketplace India

What is multi vendor marketplace India

With the contant change in the buying habits of the customers, there has been an equal rise in the popularity of the multi vendor marketplace in India. A multi vendor marketplace India is an online platform that enables multiple vendors, sellers, distributors and manufacturers to come together and sell their products or services. With the availability of the widest range of products and competitive pricing that the brand offers among other benefits, it has become the most loved business model for all parties involved.

The admin of the multi vendor marketplace looks after the technical framework of the platform. They manage and maintain the storefront, look after the brand-building and carry out various campaigns to sell the products or services indirectly. 

The vendors register on the platform and get their own separate login to manage their products and orders. They do not incur set-up costs associated with the marketplace. They also do not have to manage the technical aspects of the store. They have to take care of the inventory and ship orders timely. 

What are the benefits of starting a multi vendor marketplace India

Lots of businesses are opting to create a multi vendor website rather than building a simple online store. Building a multi seller portal in India enables a brand to grow quickly. . 

Let us look at ways businesses leverage the business model to their profit:  

  • Cost-effective way of starting a business as it is a no inventory business model

  • Reach new customers by onboarding local vendors

  • Scale up to new product lines by onboarding vendors from multiple product genres and industries

  • Explore multiple revenue streams like commissions, onboarding fees, prime positioning charges, lead generation fees etc

  • Offer hyperlocal deliveries using a network of local vendors to become customers' favourite

  • Build brand value by offering the best vendors on multi vendor marketplace in India and offer competitive pricing to the customers 

  • Get better customer insights and freedom to experiment with various products to plan targeted marketing for business growth

StoreHippo offers a comprehensive 360-degree ecommerce solutions to build, run, and grow various custom and hybrid marketplaces in India as well as for international markets. The native marketplace solution by StoreHippo comes along with 300+ inbuilt features and 120+ integrations to help B2B, B2C and other businesses build out-of-box multi vendor ecommerce site India. 

How to create a multi vendor marketplace India 

To build a multi vendor marketplace, enterprise businesses can opt for one of the two ways. That is: 

  • Create a multi vendor website from scratch

  • Use fully hosted multi vendor marketplace builder like StoreHippo

Businesses can however adopt any of the mentioned ways, creating a website from scratch is a time-consuming and resource-intensive process. Going forward with a turnkey marketplace solution saves time and helps businesses go to the market in record time. 

Let us look at the benefits of using readymade solutions to build online marketplaces:

  • Cutting edge technology to power your marketplace brand helping you stay ahead of the competition  

  • Go to the market in record time as against building the marketplace from scratch

  • Cost effective way of building a multi vendor marketplace as you do not have to bear the cost of hiring an IT team

  • Only a basic level technical knowledge needed to build or tweak the marketplace 

  • Easy to use as the website builder that automates the processes and fast-tracks the day-to-day business operations

  • Easy to pivot to a variety of business models using the in-built solutions

  • Seamlessly integrate your multi vendor ecommerce store with your preferred software and build innovative solutions

StoreHippo solutions to create a multi vendor website is built on MACH architecture helping brands build agile solutions. StoreHippo also helps enterprise brands build their cutting edge online marketplace in no time. It offers better creative control and gives brands freedom to experiment with their unique business needs with its decoupled headless architecture

How StoreHippo helps to build the best multi vendor marketplace India

StoreHippo multi vendor marketplace India offers extremely flexible and scalable solutions that help businesses scale up to any number of products, pages and customers. It offers next generation, affordable and agile solutions to build futuristic ecommerce marketplaces for businesses of every scale and size.

StoreHippo ecommerce solutions is built on the mobile-first principle and comes with an in-built mobile apps builder. Businesses can create their own marketplace mobile apps right from their admin dashboard of the multi vendor marketplace. It also offers in-built apps for admin, vendors and delivery boys so they can manage business on the go. Apps powered by StoreHippo are PWAs that look, work and feel like mobile apps when opened in a browser. This enables marketplace brands to reach even far off towns where internet connectivity is poor.

StoreHippo also helps build multi location marketplace, along with B2B and B2C marketplaces. Businesses can build multilingual marketplaces with many regional languages that also accept multi-currency payments helping businesses expand to the hyperlocal and international markets easily. 

With a gamut of in-built marketing tools like powerful discount engine, blog engine, businesses can create a multi vendor website, plan a strategic data-driven marketing campaign and grow faster in the ecommerce industry. Offering seamless integration, StoreHippo also enables the marketplace brands in India to go omnichannel by adding new customer touchpoints using the same backend logic and APIs.

Build and manage your multi vendor marketplace easily with StoreHippo’s host of features and tools. Start your free 14-day trial now and explore the platform.