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Multi Vendor Ecommerce Software

How To Find The Best Multi Vendor Ecommerce Software

The best multi vendor ecommerce software is one that not only fulfils your current requirements but also gives you additional features and tools to run and grow your business. Along with this, the #1 online marketplace solution should have the capabilities to accommodate changes in your business model if any. Also, going forward there should be no hidden costs and the pricing should be transparent right from the start.  

Let us check what are the inherent traits that make the best multi vendor ecommerce software irrespective of the business size or model: 

  • Has inbuilt tools to manage the end-to-end business effortlessly
  • Offers agile solution that responds to demands quickly
  • Helps you stay ahead of the competition with a technological edge
  • Offers added services that lessen the burden of negotiating with third-party service providers
  • Offers business insight to plan growth and expansion
  • Gives marketing tools to promote and grow your business
  • Gives you a stay-on solution which eliminates migration worries

StoreHippo online marketplace builder offers all the above advantages and helps in building next-generation multi-vendor online stores loved by customers, vendors and the business owner.

Features Of The Best Multi-Vendor Ecommerce Software 

While every online marketplace solution offers the core features to run the business, what distinguishes the #1 marketplace platform is its ability to handle a host of business functions seamlessly. 

Let us look at all the features and tools needed in the best online marketplace builder:

Features That Make Managing Business Effortless And Efficient

  • Comprehensive and automated module to manage vendors 
  • Complete control of the vendors, products, payment, commission etc to the business owner 
  • Simple module to set up rules for commission, payout etc.
  • Feature-rich admin and vendor dashboards that give complete business overview 
  • Payout module that distributes the payment of a multi-product order between respective vendors 

StoreHippo multi vendor ecommerce software offers all these features to make running your marketplace business easy and effortless.

Features Of An Agile Online Marketplace Solution

  • Scope for extensive customizations as per business needs
  • Scalable architecture that scales up to millions of products, pages or vendors
  • Support for B2B, B2C or custom business model
  • Inbuilt tools to customize themes on demand
  • Ability to tolerate peak load without glitches

StoreHippo offers an agile marketplace solution that enables you to make changes rapidly and adjust to the changing market dynamics. 

Features Of A Technologically Advanced Online Marketplace Builder 

  • Next-generation technology that builds future-ready multi vendor online store
  • Mobile-first architecture to gain mobile commerce edge
  • Builds PWA online marketplaces that run like apps on any device
  • Ability to build mobile apps at no additional cost
  • A mobile admin that helps run the business on the go

StoreHippo’s multi vendor ecommerce software is built ground-up on the mobile-first architecture which builds the most advanced, lightweight, super-fast and engaging multi vendor ecommerce stores.

Added Services That Make the #1 Online Marketplace Software

  • Multiple payment gateways and wallets support
  • Discounted and pre-integrated logistics solution with COD support
  • Free SSL to build a secure multi-vendor online store
  • Powerful tax engine to implement multi-level taxes
  • Easy and seamless third-party integration to improve processes

StoreHippo online marketplace builder offers an end-to-end solution that goes beyond building your marketplace store. 

Multi Vendor Ecommerce Software Features That Help In Growth Planning

  • Admin dashboard that gives business snapshots with top products, sales, order summary etc.
  • Complete order history, shipping preferences, discounts applied etc.
  • Filters to analyze orders based on time-duration, products, geolocation etc.
  • Easy integration with Google Analytics and other tools
  • Comprehensive reports section for detailed business understanding

StoreHippo’s multi vendor ecommerce software makes it easy for you to understand your business trends and plan for growth and expansion.

Marketplace Software Features That Help With Marketing And Promotions 

  • Powerful discount engine to run deals and promotions 
  • Retargeting tools like abandoned cart to recover lost sales
  • Blog engine to create engaging content for brand building 
  • Unified notifications to offer real-time deals and boost conversions 
  • Social media integrations for increased reach and brand awareness

StoreHippo ecommerce marketplace website builder offers inbuilt tools to plan discounts and promotions. You can implement product, vendor, cart-based or any other rule-based discounts to grow your sales.

Multi Vendor Ecommerce Software Features That Make It A Stay-On Solution

  • Fully-hosted and managed cloud-based solution 
  • Intuitive platform with DIY tools eliminate the need of hiring developers 
  • No hidden costs for extensions or plugins 
  • 360-degree solutions for hassle-free business
  • Affordable subscription plans for various stages of a business

StoreHippo online marketplace software offers all the above features so you are saved from the pain of ecommerce migration as your business grows.

Why StoreHippo Is The #1 Multi Vendor Ecommerce Software

StoreHippo is the multi vendor ecommerce platform India that helps you build your online marketplace for domestic as well as international markets. Our go global features make it easy to build multilingual marketplaces that have multi-currency payments, invoicing and IP based currency selection options. You can also integrate with the best international payment gateways and shipping channels of your choice.

With its 300+ inbuilt features, StoreHippo offers a comprehensive marketplace solution. Our solution helps in building B2C as well as B2B marketplaces that can handle a high number of distributors, manufacturers, vendors and brands. We have the experience and expertise in building successful and disruptive marketplaces across the globe.

Ready to write your success story? Check our Multi-Vendor Use Cases to explore the variety of multi vendor ecommerce software features offered and their implementation on marketplaces powered by StoreHippo DIY ecommerce platform.  Explore our features by starting your 14-day free trial now.