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Multi store website

What is a multi store website

A multi store website is an ecommerce setup where enterprise brands create multiple stores to reach a wide network of customers. These stores are created based on demographics like location, product category, audience segments etc. A multi store eCommerce setup can also be combined with the multi-seller marketplace model to offer a wide product range to the end consumers.

To create the most engaging multi-store platform, brands need a robust ecommerce solution that makes it easy and seamless to not only create but also manage a chain of online stores. The goal of creating multiple stores is to target specific audience groups and offer vast product catalogs to different customer groups. 

With a well-rounded multi-storefront ecommerce solution, enterprise brands can quickly add multiple stores and run them seamlessly. However, managing all the stores in tandem can pose a challenge to the smooth functioning of the business. Brands, therefore, need a common dashboard that allows brands to centrally perform their day-to-day activities like product management, order fulfillment, marketing solutions, etc.

How multi store website helps enterprise brands to grow their business

The multi store website helps enterprise brands grow their businesses and stay ahead of the competition. The brands can unlock new growth opportunities by running multiple stores and targeting each set of customers with personalized marketing.

Here are a few benefits enterprise brands can enjoy with multi store ecommerce solutions: 

  • Increase conversions by catering to the specific needs of the target audience
  • Quick to diversify to new cities, geographies, and countries with a chain of stores 
  • Easy to implement powerful branding by creating niche stores 
  • Implement multi-pricing structure to offer personalized prices on the basis of location and audience
  • Easy to customize each store to engage better with the customers
  • Target customers with multiple languages and interact with them better
  • Improved ROI with diverse SEO and marketing campaigns for each store 
  • Offer specific products customized to the needs of each audience segment 
  • Have an easy access to data-driven insights and plan better marketing strategies

A multi store ecommerce platform offers a multitude of benefits to the enterprise business that help them take their business to the next level. Brands, however, need a comprehensive and feature-rich ecommerce platform like StoreHippo that helps them seamlessly build, run, and manage their multi-store setup.

What are the different use cases to implement a multi store website set up

A huge variety of businesses can benefit by building their multi-store ecommerce platform. Here are the different types of stores that can be created: 

  • Location-based stores: Brands can create a chain of location-based stores within the same country or even beyond borders to target global customers on a single platform. For example, brands can sell the same or different variety of products in different stores based in different locations.
  • Category-based stores: Enterprise brands can create multiple stores based on different product categories. For example, they can create one store for fashion and another for cosmetics. 
  • Affiliate store: Brands can use the multi store ecommerce platform to create a number of affiliate stores for their businesses. 
  • Multi-store marketplace website: Enterprise brands can create sub-stores for different product vertices. For example, a brand can create two or more stores for different types of jewelry say gold, silver, diamond etc.  
  • Business-line-based store: Businesses can experiment and create multiple sub stores based on the business model like catering to customers via B2B model or D2C business model. For example, a brand can have two stores for the end users and another for the wholesale business customers.

Every industry type can roll out multiple stores as required. With the multi-store eCommerce model so widespread, lots of businesses are building a chain of stores. Example: Big Bazaar, Big Basket, Amazon, Thyrocare etc.

How does StoreHippo help build the best multi store website 

StoreHippo offers a feature-rich multi-storefront ecommerce solution for enterprise brands to help them build engaging sub-stores. The StoreHippo solution comes with an in-built feature to help businesses manage multiple ecommerce stores from a single admin dashboard. With a host of other features and tools, StoreHippo helps businesses build the best multi store website.

Here are some features offered by StoreHippo:

  • Comprehensive multi store ecommerce solution to seamlessly manage multiple stores. StoreHippo offers a common admin dashboard to the sellers to manage their products, orders, shipping etc of various different stores.
  • A rich design themes library to create unique designs for each store. Brands can use the drag-and-drop tool to create customized designs for each store without the need for codings.
  • Built-in mobile apps builder to quickly build Android and iOS apps from the admin dashboard. Brands can build unique mobile apps for different stores. StoreHippo builds PWA stores that look, feel, and work like mobile apps even on entry level devices.
  • The price override feature helps businesses offer differential pricing on their multi-store ecommerce platform. They can offer different pricing for similar products and set up different discounts for different sub-stores.
  • Go global solutions to help brands expand their sub-store chain to global markets. StoreHippo comes with multilingual and multi-currency features and offers global payment gateways to businesses looking to expand globally.
  • Multiple payment gateways support to offer the customers an ease of paying online. The customers can seamlessly choose from 60+ pre-integrated domestic and international payment gateways like COD, digital wallets, Paytm, Paypal etc.
  • Integrated logistics solutions to help businesses offer store-specific shipping rates. Brands can choose the logistics partners or manage their own fleet of delivery boys with the delivery boy management solution from StoreHippo. 

StoreHippo ecommerce software with multi store solutions helps businesses expand to new geographies, scale to new product lines seamlessly. They do not need to worry about extra plugins or software solutions to be able to customize their ecommerce platform. 

Are you all set to create your own multi store website with StoreHippo? Explore the enterprise-grade features by starting your 14-day free trial now.