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Multi store marketplace website

What is a multi store marketplace website

A multi store marketplace website is an ecommerce set-up where enterprise brands create multiple stores for their marketplace based on demographics like location, audience segments, product lines, or any other differentiating factors. Basically, this model combines two models namely the multi store model along with the multi seller marketplace model.

Brands that plan to create multiple stores for their online marketplace need multi store ecommerce solutions that make it easy to create and manage the network of stores. A multi store network for an online marketplace can have multiple vast product catalogues, various integrations etc that can pose a challenge in the smooth handling of business activities. Therefore, marketplace brands need a common dashboard that allows them to centrally perform day-to-day business activities like managing products, orders, shipping, discounts etc. along with features to manage their multiple sellers.

With the right tools and features at their disposal, marketplace brands can create customized storefronts for their business and market their products to specific target audiences boosting their profits. The marketplaces can create various unique designs for each of their stores and plan different prices, discounts etc for their target audience. 

How does a multi store marketplace website set up help businesses 

With a multi store marketplace website set-up, marketplace brands can build and run multiple stores from a single platform. Building a multi store brand is a time-tested trick to boost the profit margins and stay ahead of the competition. 

Here are a few ways a multi store set-up helps businesses:

  • Boost conversions by catering to the specific needs of the target audience
  • Easily able to diversify to various locations by creating new sub-stores
  • Enable powerful branding by creating niche stores for target audience
  • Easily customize each store to make it engaging and conversion-oriented
  • Offer products and prices customized to the needs of target audience
  • Target customers in their native language with language-specific multi store ecommerce set-up 
  • Offer an undistracted shopping experience with product-specific stores
  • Boost marketing ROI by designing diverse SEO strategies for each sub-store 
  • Get access to data-driven insights from each sub-store to identify the best-performing product, category, marketing strategy etc 

With a multitude of benefits of the multi store set-up, marketplace brands can take their business to the next level and boost their profit margins. However, to get all these benefits, brands need a comprehensive and feature-rich multi vendor solution with multi store set-up like StoreHippo. 

How to choose the right multi store marketplace website builder 

A multi store set-up helps businesses achieve higher ROI and build a strong presence in the ecommerce market. However, while choosing the right multi store marketplace website builder, businesses need to look for marketplace software with multi store features that is easy to use in combination and is not built as a patchy solution that needs lots of syncing and tweaking.  

Let us look at some of the must-have features in your marketplace website builder with multi store capabilities:

  • Easy to set-up and create multiple stores
  • Easy to personalize and customize each store based on products, payment options etc
  • Easy to manage sellers for each sub store of the marketplace website
  • Easy to create separate mobile apps for each sub stores
  • Ability to create unique URLs for each store for better SEO and SERP results
  • Able to showcase store specific catalog to target specific audience
  • Easy to manage database of each sub-store to make strategic marketing plans
  • To be able to select stores based on customer preferences like location, language etc

The multi store marketplace website that enables brands to roll out their chains on sub stores in few easy steps is the right choice. The turnkey ecommerce solution provider StoreHippo offers 300+ built-in features and 120+ integrations to help brands build their conversion-oriented sub-stores. StoreHippo comes with pre-integrated payment and logistics solutions and a host of marketing tools to help brands position their business ahead of their competitors.  

What makes StoreHippo the best multi store marketplace website builder

Brands need a robust feature-rich website builder and strategic planning to easily and quickly launch their multi-store set-up. StoreHippo’s marketplace software with multi store solutions helps businesses go to the market in record time and grow manifold. 

StoreHippo comes with a host of in-built features so the marketplace brands do not need to pay for additional plugins and software integrations. It offers an inbuilt feature to seamlessly create and manage multiple stores using a single dashboard. StoreHippo is a fully-hosted and managed online solution provider that helps marketplaces to create a unique brand niche. Here are some unique features offered by StoreHippo:

  • Complete multi store ecommerce solutions to help brands manage their multiple stores efficiently. StoreHippo enables marketplaces to use a single database to allocate products, deals, discounts, shipping, payments gateways etc to various sub-stores.
  • With the built-in design tools, marketplaces can create unique designs and themes for each of the sub-store based on audience, product or location. It helps target and convert more customers.
  • The in-built mobile apps builder helps marketplaces create Android or iOS mobile apps directly from their dashboard with no coding required and at no additional cost for each of the sub-stores.
  • The mobile-ready platform create PWA stores that look, feel, and work like mobile apps even on entry-level devices and works well with poor connectivity.
  • The multi store ecommerce solution comes with a price override functionality that helps brands to apply different pricing on the same products depending on the location, audience etc. 
  • Go global solutions to help marketplaces take their business to global markets and offer different languages and currencies on each of the sun-store based on location. Like offering USD currency for a US based store and offering French language for a Paris based sub-store.
  • Personalized marketing feature to help marketplaces set up targetted marketing for various discounts and other marketing strategies based on customer’s preferences. It helps brands find what works best for them by analysing the results. 
  • StoreHippo’s multivendor solution with multi store setup offers integrated logistics to help marketplaces optimize their shipping costs. It offers discounted and wide range shipping solutions with local and international carriers.
  • Multiple paymet gateways for different audience sets based on their geo-location offering them a frictionless and smooth checkout process. StoreHippo offers 60+ domestic and international payment gateways. 

StoreHippo is the best marketplace software with multi store solutions, that help marketplaces to seamlessly customize, innovate, and create tailor-made solutions for their businesses. StoreHippo supports different business models like multi vendor marketplace, hyperlocal ecommerce, multilingual websites, B2B, D2C, B2C or any hybrid business model. 

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