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Multi Store Ecommerce Solutions

What is multi store ecommerce solutions

Every enterprise business needs a well-rounded multi store ecommerce solution to run a network of storefronts. Multi store ecommerce is a business setup where businesses create multiple sub-stores based on different factors like location, category etc. The multi-store business model is ideal for businesses that look for targeted marketing. 

The multi store ecommerce platform needs to be equipped with the tools and features that make it seamless to add stores quickly. The solution that offers centralized control of all the storefronts to manage products, catalogs, orders, delivery etc is the top choice of enterprise businesses. Brands look for a solution that enables them to customize each store to the unique needs of their customers and create unique themes and designs for diverse stores. With the right tools, businesses can boost their conversions and offer a personalized shopping experience to their customers. 

Types of stores businesses can create with multi store ecommerce solutions

Enterprise businesses can roll out multi-store ecommerce websites based on:

  • Category-based stores: Businesses can create multiple stores based on different product categories. Example: one storefront for fashion products, another for electronics goods and another for grocery items. 
  • Geolocation-based stores: Brands can set location-based intercity or across-the-country stores on a single platform. Example: the same set of products (or different) can be sold in different stores for different locations like India, the US, France etc. 
  • Affiliate stores: The multi-store eCommerce model can be used to create a network of affiliate stores. 

Any and every industry can roll out multiple stores to their advantage. There are numerous examples of multi-store marketplaces around like Reliance, Amazon, Big Bazaar etc. Following are some use cases where the multi store ecommerce setup can be implemented:

  • FMCG brands with a wide chain of sub-stores like Big Bazaar
  • Grocery stores at multiple locations with a hyperlocal business model like BigBasket
  • Food delivery industry that has multi vendor multi store business model like Zomato 
  • Fashion and apparel industry in multiple locations like Zudio 
  • Healthcare services with countrywide operating locations like Thyrocare
  • Gifts and flowers industry with multiple locations-based stores like Ferns and Petals
  • Electronics and gadgets stores with multiple stores in different cities like Chroma 
  • Departmental store chain with multiple product categories like Target

To seamlessly implement a multi storefront ecommerce setup, businesses need robust ecommerce solutions that help them build, run, and manage their stores from a central admin dashboard. However, building a store from scratch is time-consuming and requires resources and effort. Brands can use the battle-tested turnkey multi store ecommerce solution to quickly launch multiple stores for their business. The fully hosted and managed ecommerce solution helps brands stay away from technical burdens and go to the market in record time. 

What are the advantages of using multi store ecommerce solutions for enterprise businesses

The multi store ecommerce solution makes it easy for enterprise brands to implement targeted marketing and boosts their growth helping them stay ahead of their competitors. 

Here are detailed benefits of multi store eCommerce setup for businesses:

  • Better conversions by catering to specific needs of the target audience
  • Easy to diversify to various locations across the city, country or beyond borders 
  • Easy to go for powerful branding by creating niche stores 
  • Easy to customize each store to make it engaging and conversion-oriented
  • Implement multi-pricing based on location or audience
  • Target customers in their native language with language-based store 
  • Undistracted shopping experience to customers with product-specific stores 
  • Improved ROI with diverse SEO and marketing strategies for each sub-store 
  • Access to rich customer data from each multi-store eCommerce platform 
  • Easy to manage day-to-day business activities from a common central admin dashboard

Brands need a comprehensive and feature-rich ecommerce solution to set up their multi-storefront ecommerce business and enjoy all the aforementioned benefits. StoreHippo offers 300+ built-in features and 120+ integrations to help enterprise brands build their multiple stores.

What makes StoreHippo the right multi store ecommerce solution provider

To be able to create a dynamic multi-store ecommerce platform, businesses need a robust multi store solution provider that makes it easy to build and manage their business. StoreHippo ecommerce software with multi store solutions is the best platform to build and manage multiple stores. With StoreHippo, businesses do not need to worry about additional plugins and software to create multiple storefronts. 

Here is a quick look at the features offered by StoreHippo ecommerce solutions:

  • End to end multi store ecommerce solutions to manage multiple stores seamlessly. StoreHippo offers a single admin dashboard to allocate products, offer deals, and discounts, and manage orders, shipping etc of various stores.
  • The price override feature helps businesses offer differential pricing to gain maximum profits. Businesses can offer different pricing for similar or the same products and set up different discounts for different stores based on customers’ preferences.
  • Built-in design tools to help businesses create unique designs and themes for each store. The design can also be customized to the specific audience group to attract customers.
  • Built-in mobile app builder to seamlessly create multiple mobile apps for each of the multi-store eCommerce platforms. Businesses can create Android and iOS apps directly from their admin dashboard.
  • Go global solutions to help brands expand their multi storefront ecommerce to global markets. Businesses can offer multiple languages and currencies to customers based on their location and preference.
  • Multiple payment gateways to help customers choose their preferred payment method in the sub-stores. Businesses can choose from 60+ pre-integrated domestic and international payment gateways like Paytm, net banking, COD, digital wallets etc.
  • Integrated logistics solutions to offer store-specific shipping rates on different sub-stores. Businesses can also integrate multiple logistics solutions to offer faster and more discounted services and optimize their shipping costs.

StoreHippo ecommerce software with multi-store solutions comes with in-built features so businesses do not need to pay extra for any plugins or software. Businesses can customize, innovate and scale their multi-store ecommerce websites with StoreHippo’s flexible and agile MACH architecture

Explore the enterprise-grade features of multi store ecommerce solutions by StoreHippo and create tailor-made sub-stores to boost your business. Start your 14-day free trial now.