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Global ecommerce

What is global e-commerce? 

Global e-commerce involves doing business in multiple countries through digital channels. When a company expands its online business across borders, and starts selling products or services to buyers who live in foreign countries, it is said to be a global ecommerce business. These international companies can expand their business to any and every country that can provide a good online market and conducive environment for businesses to flourish.

To run a global business, brands need innovative cross border ecommerce solutions that offer powerful features and tools. Brands also need seamless integrations with payment gateways, shipping solutions, logistics partners etc for streamlined order fulfilment. 

What are the advantages of global e-commerce? 

The benefits of global e-commerce are plentiful and it provides vast growth opportunities to enterprise businesses of every scale and size. Expanding to new markets means new customers and an increased revenue. When enterprise businesses tap into the unexplored market, the prospect of brand visibility widens.  

Let us look at a few advantages of global e-commerce for enterprise brands:

  • Boost sales opportunities by expanding into global markets easily

  • Tapping into new markets, brands can enjoy a wide customer base for their products 

  • Better business stability as brands no longer are dependent on fluctuations of one single existing market 

  • New opportunities to explore and fulfill requirements of diverse markets

  • Increased opportunities to collaborate and partner with other businesses for growth

  • Cost effective solution for global reach as compared to setting up physical stores globally

  • Increased brand awareness and better visibility

To reap the given benefits, brands need robust global ecommerce solutions that offer 360 degree solutions and end-to-end features for building, managing, and growing an international business. StoreHippo helps brands power their business with integrated tools that make it easy and quick to go to the international markets. 

What type of businesses can benefit from global e-commerce? 

Global e-commerce is an undeniable growth opportunity that benefits all kinds of enterprise businesses, be it a B2C, B2B, D2C, hybrid or custom business models. Going to the global markets and creating an international marketplace is a sure shot way of increasing customer base for enterprise brands

Examples of B2C global e-commerce

  • Gift and flowers busiensses with multi country presence

  • Fashion and apparel brand with loyal customers across borders

  • Home decor brands selling decor products from across the globe

Examples of International B2B brands 

  • Computer hardware brands supplying components across countries

  • Diagnostics kits manufacturing company with global presence

  • Automobile parts manufacturing and distribution across borders

Examples of Cross-border D2C businesses

  • Cosmetic and beauty products catering to customers across the globe

  • Mobile electronics and gadgets company with global presence

  • Clothing brand with multi country presence 

StoreHippo helps brands convert their global visitors into loyal customers with its wide array of futuristic features and powerful ecommerce solutions for international markets. It makes the process of building, running, and growing an international marketplace smooth and quick.

Which features to look for in the global e-commerce solution provider? 

While expanding to global e-commerce markets, businesses need to be aware of the solution provider and the features it provides. From creating multiple locations-based stores to offering ease of payments and easy translations, quick deliveries and personalized offers, a global business solution needs it all.

Let us look at a few must-have features in an international ecommerce solution provider: 

  • Features to support multilingual website and apps to make buying easier for global customers

  • Ability to create location based stores managed by a central store/admin

  • Ability to build mobile apps for different location specific sub-stores

  • Support for building multi vendor marketplaces to onboard local vendors from each country

  • A well-rounded order and inventory management system

  • Multi currency payments feature ensuring frictionless payments 

  • Multi currency invoicing for customers and vendors

  • A powerful tax engine to  auto calculate country-specific taxes

  • Seamless and fast international deliveries with global shipping solutions

StoreHippo international ecommerce solutions are powered by Headless and MACH architecture giving an enhanced creative control to the businesses. Brands can implement hyper-personalizations for customers from across the globe. The robust features helps brands utilise functions like a multi-seller marketplace, multi-store, multilingual, multi-currency, etc. to attract audiences from all around the world.

Why StoreHippo is the best global e-commerce solution provider? 

StoreHippo, the best global e-commerce solution provider offers a basket full of features that makes it easy for enterprises to use the ecommerce platform. With StoreHippo brands can create mobile-ready location-based sub-stores right from the admin dashboard with unique URL for each store. Once sub-stores are created, brands can also create their own designs with a different look and feel for each of these stores from the rich design themes library. 

StoreHippo’s ecommerce solutions for international markets is built on the mobile-first principle. It comes with a built-in mobile apps builder that can create PWA powered sub-store-specific apps that look, work and feel like native apps when opened in a browser. The simplified marketing tools from StpreHippo offers a wide range of tools that helps in planning marketing strategies (offers, deals, coupon codes, discounts) for different geo-locations. 

The multi currency feature offered by StoreHippo, an international ecommerce solution provider,  enables the customers to make a purchase in the currency of their choice. Brands can either enable IP based auto switch to the native currency or set different currencies for different locations. The in-built multilingual ecommerce solution by StoreHippo supports 100+ languages, (including Right to Left languages like Arabic and Hebrew) Brands can again either auto select the languages based on the rules they applied or choose manually what they want to translate on their global marketplace. With the inbuilt marketing tools, brands can enhance their customers' buying journey and make a huge impact on the new market they are planning to go to. 

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