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Enterprise Headless Commerce Platform

What Is An Enterprise Headless Commerce Platform?

Enterprise Headless Commerce Platform is a turnkey e-commerce software solution designed on the decoupled headless architecture. With the unique advantage of having separate frontend and backend, this type of ecommerce platform offers better flexibility and control to large businesses to create solutions for their unique requirements. 

Designed especially for fast-growing, high-volume, large-scale businesses an enterprise headless commerce platform like StoreHippo helps large businesses create multiple customer touchpoints for an omnichannel presence. 

The headless commerce architecture of these turnkey ecommerce solutions helps big brands to quickly develop agile solutions for changing customer and  market requirements. 

Understanding Headless Commerce Solutions For Large Businesses

Headless commerce offers a decoupled architecture where the application layer of the software is separate from the presentation layer. This flexibility means that changes to the frontend of their enterprise headless commerce platform can be done independently and there is no need to sync them with changes in the backend.

For large enterprise businesses this uniqueness of headless commerce architecture proves to be even more advantageous. Using the decoupled headless commerce solutions they can implement quick customizations and offer a more personalized, engaging and memorable buying experience to their clients.  

Why Enterprise Headless Commerce Platform Is Better Than Legacy Software For Big Brands

Headless commerce is a welcome departure from the limitations of legacy software as well as traditional commerce solutions. Following are the advantages of a turnkey enterprise headless commerce platform over legacy software.

Enterprise Headless Commerce Platform Vs Legacy Software

Legacy Software

Enterprise Headless Commerce Platform

Front End Development

Restricted design choices which need major overhaul for smallest changes

Experiment with any design. Implement anything by just making an API call 

Ease of Backend Development And Maintenance

Rigid architecture requires extensive changes to add new functionalities

Use of microservices makes it easy to develop independent pieces of functionality, deploy them and maintain them


Multiple iterative development cycles needed to build or change the database and code

Add any number of new touchpoints by writing new frontend code for the same database 

Ease Of Customization

Customizations are difficult and time taking due to tightly coupled frontend and backend 

Easy and quick customizations due to decoupled headless commerce architecture


Difficult personalisation. Works mainly on uniform experience and flows for customers as well admins.  experiences. 

Endless scope to design and create minutely personalized  experiences both for the users and the admins

Adaptability To New Trends

Cumbersome to add new customer touchpoints for omnichannel selling

New customer touchpoints can be added easily for omnichannel selling

It is clear that headless commerce solutions offer a better control  scope for experimentation to large enterprise businesses.

Why Large Businesses Need Headless Ecommerce Solutions

Before evaluating how enterprise headless commerce platforms can help large businesses, let us first understand what qualifies a business to be termed as enterprise business. Simply put, large B2B or B2C businesses which need custom solutions qualify to be termed as enterprise businesses. Usually such businesses cater to a large number of customers, deal in multiple products and cover a diverse geographical area for their operations.

For example, a business selling online surgical equipment to hospitals can be called an enterprise B2B ecommerce business. Also, a toy and baby products online store dealing with a large customer base and having a chain of substores can be termed as an enterprise B2C ecommerce business. 

These businesses need advanced solutions and agile development offered by an enterprise headless commerce platform. Some of the requirements that make it necessary to use the headless ecommerce architecture are:

  • Need to launch stores for multiple product lines
  • Add numerous customer touchpoints for each of these multiple product lines
  • Create different flows for different customer groups
  • Automating processes to introduce efficiency and reduce human errors
  • Multiple departments like manufacturing, distribution, sales, operations, customer support etc. which need to have independent flows yet granular access to a common admin/database
  • Scalability to any number of products, users or customers
  • Fast adaptability to changing market requirements

Headless commerce architecture takes care of all the above requirements of large businesses and offers them solutions to handle these requirements with ease. 

How Enterprise Headless Commerce Platform Helps Large Businesses Grow

While enterprise businesses already have a brand presence and a loyal customer base, they still need to grow. Also, with the changing customer expectations they have to constantly evolve and better themselves from their competitors. Even large brands need to adopt D2C to stay relevant to their customers.

Also, customers stay loyal to brands that offer them exactly what they need. To meet the challenges of growing as well as retaining their customers large businesses can rely on enterprise headless commerce platforms that offer the following benefits:

  • Better customer engagement and retention by offering personalized “Me-tail” buying journey
  • Adaptability to new requirements by using microservices and API based architecture 
  • Quick implementation thanks to flexibility of using best-in-class languages and frameworks
  • Easy to build, maintain and improve various customer touchpoints and establish an omnichannel presence
  • Cost effective and more advanced headless ecommerce solutions when compared to legacy software
  • High-performance, easy to build and maintain online stores and marketing pages for quick scalability
  • Seamless integrations with a variety of top-class tools and software for various business requirements 
  • Ability to streamline and automate flows of various departments of enterprise businesses quickly and efficiently

Given these many benefits and the agility to quickly offer solutions for any type of requirements, enterprise headless ecommerce platforms offer a future ready solution for high-volume businesses.

Why StoreHippo Is The Best Enterprise Headless Commerce Platform For Large Businesses

StoreHippo enterprise headless commerce platform uses an API based architecture to help brands build unique solutions for their requirements. With 250+ API endpoints we help in creating the exact buying experiences that helps you engage and convert your clients. 

With StoreHippo you can tweak and scale your presentation layer as well as the application layer multidimensionally, i.e;  to any number of products, locations, customers, storefronts, themes, languages etc. Omnichannel selling becomes easy as you can add any number of customer touchpoints for your brand presence across various platforms/mediums. 

StoreHippo offers seamless integrations with domestic and global payment gateways, shipping channels, marketing, accounting, ERP, CRM, and any other custom softwares needed to improve and streamline your business. 

StoreHippo enterprise headless commerce platform also has 300+ inbuilt features to help you build, run and future-proof your large B2B or B2C business. The mobile-first ecommerce platform builds PWA stores and helps you build Android and iOS mobile apps at no additional cost. We also offer inbuilt marketing engine, blog engine, tax-engine to help you manage your enterprise business better. 

StoreHippo also has native solutions for other enterprise requirements like multi vendor marketplace, multi-store ecommerce, multilingual online stores which help you manage your suppliers, distributors and cater to customers in international markets.

Want to experience the goodness of a well rounded enterprise headless commerce platform?  Explore our platform by starting your 14-day free trial now.