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Ecommerce Solutions India

Ecommerce Solutions India Definition

Ecommerce solutions India are ready-to-use complete ecommerce software designed especially according to the unique needs of the growing ecommerce market in India. Along with having everything needed to sell online the turnkey ecommerce platform India also has the following unique features:

  • Mobile ready solutions to reach markets where mobile internet is the only way to buy online

  • Multilingual ecommerce store and themes to connect with customers in their regional language

  • User-friendly solution that facilitates buyers who are not tech/internet savvy

  • Easy payment options along with COD support to reach customers who can’t pay digitally

  • Seamless logistics support for a wide coverage across the country

Along with these, the ecommerce solutions India should also be technologically advanced to help brands get a level playing field in the highly competitive ecommerce market. Since the modern online buyers interact and buy from brands using various touchpoints, the ecommerce platform India should also offer omnichannel selling solutions to engage customers on websites, mobile apps, social media etc.

Popular Types Of Ecommerce Solutions India

These days there are a plethora of ecommerce solutions for businesses of every size. Based on the nature of solution and the way the resources, code, servers and other services are managed, ecommerce platform India can be divided into the following categories:

  1. Open Source ecommerce solution providers where the source code is openly available for modification or enhancement

  2. On premise ecommerce solutions are installed locally on the computers and servers of the brand and is managed end to end by the owner

  3. Plugin based hosted and managed solutions are taken care by the ecommerce solution providers, businesses need to buy plugins/extensions according to their requirement

  4. SaaS based fully hosted and managed ecommerce platform India with native solutions for 360-degree ecommerce

While each of these ecommerce solutions has its own merits and drawbacks, SaaS-based fully hosted and managed ecommerce platforms have a definite advantage. StoreHippo SaaS-based ecommerce platform India offers a hosted, managed and auto upgradable solution for B2B and B2C businesses of all sizes.

Which Businesses Can Use Ecommerce Solutions India

Ecommerce solutions India can be used by any business planning to build an online store. Following are the scenarios where businesses can benefit by taking their brand online using the best ecommerce platform in India:

  • Small and medium businesses with limited budget can start selling online without incurring huge upfront costs

  • Successful online business can experiment with popular ecommerce models like online marketplaces and multi-store ecommerce solutions

  • Big B2C brands with strong offline presence can reach more customers by going online

  • B2B enterprise solutions with a huge network of dealers, distributors, resellers and other businesses as their clients can build automated, efficient complete ecommerce software to go online

  • Enterprise businesses with outdated legacy software can migrate to turnkey ecommerce solutions India and save cost with tried and tested solutions

  • Big brands planning to go D2C can get better customer understanding and build a wider reach going online

StoreHippo ecommerce platform India offers a complete solution for each of the above business types. The scalable and customizable ecommerce platform can be easily tweaked to suit the unique requirements of large brands and B2B ecommerce businesses.

Things To Consider While Choosing Ecommerce Solutions India

While there are many ecommerce solutions in the market, choosing the best one needs careful consideration. Along with a gamut of features and tools the ecommerce software India should also have the following: 

  • Advanced Technology that gives a winning edge over competition

  • End-to-end solutions for running and managing the ecommerce business along with a host of features to build a modern ecommerce store

  • Easy customizations to suit the unique requirements of enterprise brands

  • Mobile apps to reach a wider audience and leverage m-commerce

  • Security to offer a secure shopping experience and build customer trust in the brand

  • Marketing features to experiment with different marketing strategies for business growth

  • Transparent pricing so there are no hidden costs that drain funds from important business activities

  • After sales support to help with technical issues and understanding the platform better

StoreHippo ecommerce solution India has 300+ inbuilt features and tools that offer 360-degree solutions for a variety of use cases of ecommerce. Built on the headless commerce architecture StoreHippo allows extreme customizations and personalization. StoreHippo ecommerce software India also has an inbuilt mobile apps builder that creates mobile apps at no additional cost. The multi-layer security offered by StoreHippo protects businesses from potential security threats and builds customer loyalty.

StoreHippo ecommerce solutions India offers a host of inbuilt marketing tools to grow the business to new markets. The pricing is designed to offer a suitable plan for various stages of a growing business. With a host of inbuilt tools there are no hidden costs for any extensions or plugins. StoreHippo ecommerce solutions provider also offers after sales support to navigate businesses through their queries and technical support.

Why StoreHippo Is The Best Ecommerce Solutions India

StoreHippo the best ecommerce solutions India is designed to create technologically advanced solutions for businesses planning to go online. Aligned with the growth vision of enterprise businesses in India, StoreHippo ecommerce software India also has a host of go-global solutions like multilingual ecommerce, multi currency payments, integrations with international payment gateways, most reputed logistics partners and more.

Along with a host of inbuilt features StoreHippo allows businesses to integrate with custom solutions for ERP, CRM, accounting, marketing, logistics, payment gateways etc. This helps in creating innovative ecommerce solutions which are designed for the unique requirements of enterprise businesses.

Along with offering complete B2B and B2C ecommerce solutions, Storehippo ecommerce platform India also offers hyperlocal solutions to cater to the requirements of the local markets. Built grounds-up on the mobile first principle, all stores created using StoreHippo ecommerce solutions India are PWAs. This means they work like native apps when opened in a browser. 

The SEO-friendly StoreHippo ecommerce platform helps businesses to get faster SEO results and more organic traffic using the inbuilt features and tools. Extensive marketing tools offered by StoreHippo like discount engine, blog engine, real-time notifications etc. help in creating result-oriented marketing strategies for fast-growing businesses.

StoreHippo ecommerce solutions provider also has native solutions for multi vendor marketplace, multi store ecommerce, multilingual ecommerce and any other custom ecommerce model. With 60+ integrated payment gateways and logistics providers StoreHippo makes it easy for brands to accept orders from anywhere in India and deliver them securely on time.

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