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Ecommerce SaaS

What is Ecommerce SaaS?

Ecommerce Saas software is a cloud-based solution that gives businesses the ability to build an online store really fast by themselves. Businesses can manage all ecommerce fundamental operations directly from the dashboard of the best ecommerce solution.

Hence, it minimizes the operational expenses and development costs.

To conclude, the main objective of Ecommerce Saas is to liberate  businesses from development. So that they can focus on sales and growth of online store.

Why ecommerce SaaS platforms are the choice of modern businesses?

Saas Ecommerce platforms are chosen by business because of  4 high-worth features

1. High security

Best ecommerce solutions comply with the PCI standard. Your, as well as your customer data, is secured from the prying eyes of hackers. 

2. Ease of use and understanding

SaaS eCommerce platform gives pre-coded website building tools, pre-designed templates and an intuitive interface to create a website within a few clicks. 

3. No Coding

Ecommerce software gives you pre-coded apps, inbuilt tools, integrated softwares and pre-designed themes. From storefront design to setting payment gateways and beyond, everything is already configured for you. 

4. Flexible & Scalable

All this makes it easy to scale between small and large online stores.

How to find the best ecommerce SaaS platform? Top 6 things to consider

The ecommerce software must contain the below features for purchase consideration. 

1. Intuitive Tools & softwares

SaaS best ecommerce platform should have available APIs to connect with other systems, though individual platforms might vary in their APIs capabilities.

2. Streamline Operations

Features to Manage inventory, orders, content, marketplaces, track shipping, send automatic notifications, analytics, and overall sales reports – from a single dashboard.

3. Mobile-friendliness

Mobile-responsive themes and PWA technology is a must-have feature in an ecommerce framework. 

4. Scalability

Go for a Saas ecommerce solution that can support your future growth plans of product expansion, global market exploration, marketplace conversion. And it should not charge an outrageous cost for doing the same.

5. SEO Friendliness

Choose a platform that has inbuilt SEO tools for optimization of product pages to get higher ranking on Google and site traffic.

6. Integration

Integration connects your systems so you can sync data and automate processes such as order fulfilment, inventory synchronization, product catalogue syndication and more. 

Why StoreHippo is the best ecommerce SaaS platform for businesses

StoreHippo is the best ecommerce solution for small and large businesses who expect greater efficiency and support from an eCommerce platform. StoreHippo ecommerce framework is built to handle enormous and complex catalogues. 

StoreHippo has 300+ website building features that are easy to use. 

  1. Unlimited product listings

  2. Integrated Payment gateways and shipping solutions

  3. Discount Engine & marketing tools

  4. 100+ mobile-friendly themes 

  5. Inbuilt Analytics Tools - Admin Dashboard, Sales Analytics, SEO tools 

  6. Additional Integrations with CRM, ERP software and other 

  7. Content Management system 

  8. Inventory management

  9. Reporting

  10. Real-time shipping rates and tracking Support 

  11. Pre-coded Mobile app feature

  12. Free SSL certificate & PCI compliant standard

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