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Ecommerce replatforming

What is ecommerce replatforming

Ecommerce replatforming is the process of shifting the ecommerce store’s front end and back end from one platform to another. When the current platform falls short of fulfilling the current and future needs of the enterprise business, ecommerce migration becomes a must. As businesses shift from their existing ecommerce setup to better technical infrastructure, they gain a competitive advantage over other ecommerce brands. 

Below is the complete step-by-step process of ecommerce replatforming:

  • Create a comprehensive strategy to migrate the ecommerce website
  • Import the content/products that need to be migrated 
  • Design the look and feel of the new website 
  • Backing up the data before going ahead with the migration process
  • Migrate the data once the domain setup is done
  • Set up the logistics and payment providers for the ecommerce platform
  • Test the site before going live with the platform

With the growing customer expectations and changing ecommerce dynamics, brands need ecommerce migration services to stay ahead of the curve. Brands might need to consider migration when they are stuck with a complex and rigid platform that does not provide the scope for growth as the business grows. 

What are the benefits of ecommerce replatforming

Ecommerce replatforming helps businesses drive new strategies and fulfill customer needs with new technology breakthroughs. As the ecommerce platform becomes equipped with advanced tools, brands can keep the customers hooked to their platform. 

Here are a few benefits that enterprise businesses can enjoy by ecommerce migration: 

  • Create high-performing online stores that engage buyers better and boost conversions
  • Build scalable infrastructure with peak load tolerance that offers a smooth buying experience
  • Get inbuilt tools and solutions eliminating the need for high-cost additional apps
  • Add new touchpoints seamlessly to engage with customers on multiple platforms
  • Create mobile apps and websites seamlessly to offer on-the-go shopping to customers
  • Offer a seamless user experience to the customers
  • Quickly create multiple stores and customize them for targeted traffic and conversions 
  • Eliminate the need of further ecommerce migration by switching to an auto scalable and upgradable platform

With new advanced technologies at hand, businesses can build the most scalable ecommerce platform and future proof their business. By providing the buyers with just what they expect, brands can set their businesses for an upward trajectory of growth. StoreHippo ecommerce solution helps build well-rounded ecommerce solutions that are user-friendly, attractive, and future-ready. 

What are the challenges of ecommerce replatforming 

Changing the ecommerce platform can surely come with its own challenges. It is however essential for brands that are looking for a better and more advanced ecommerce platform to engage and retain customers. 

Here are a few challenges that may arise during the ecommerce website migration process:

  • Compatibility problems if the new and old systems don't align together 
  • Budget overruns if more changes keep coming up 
  • Tough data migrations if there arises a mapping issue
  • Unexpected challenges may come up when integrating the old and new platforms
  • Loss of SEO juice in migration 
  • A lack of customer support when a challenge arises
  • High risk of data loss during the ecommerce migration process
  • Delay in the migration process caused by issues like indecisiveness
  • Security problems like data theft leading to loss of reputation 
  • Failing to integrate important data like customer and product data
  • Drop in conversion rates due to complete design overhaul
  • Difficulty in integrating the third-party apps on the new platform
  • Maintaining a new platform can be costly and time consuming  

In spite of the challenges coming along the way, with the best channel migration solution like StoreHippo, brands can move to a new platform painlessly. To attune the brand to its unique business needs, StoreHippo comes with 300+ enterprise-grade features and inbuilt tools that help businesses offer a seamless shopping experience.

Why should brands choose StoreHippo for ecommerce replatforming

StoreHippo offers a smooth ecommerce replatforming process to make replatforming a pain-free exercise. It comes with plug-and-play solutions to help fast-growing enterprise businesses of every scale, size and business model. Businesses can migrate from Shopify, Magento or WooCommerce effortlessly with StoreHippo ecommerce migration services.

StoreHippo offers channel migration solutions for WooCommerce, Shopify, and Magento to help brands migrate in just a few easy steps. 

The reasons why brands should choose StoreHippo ecommerce replatforming are:

  • An ecommerce platform designed for various business models from across industries and geographies
  • No costly plugins and extensions are required to build, run or manage the business
  • Comes with a smooth learning curve making it seamless to adapt to the StoreHippo platform
  • Transactional costs-transparency for high-volume businesses
  • Plug-and-play solutions to eliminate plugin conflicts 
  • User-friendly and intuitive backend to effortlessly manage business operations
  • Multi-level security to carry out secure ecommerce transactions
  • Builds high-performance stores to give the brands top performance even if they grow to millions of users
  • Quick and easy customizations both on the frontend  and backend
  • 300+ built-in features and tools for easy ecommerce website migration
  • An auto-upgradable platform that eliminates the need for further migration

With the help of next-gen ecommerce solutions like StoreHippo, migrating the platform can be quick and easy for brands. StoreHippo offers a well-designed migration solution for building high-performance stores with peak load tolerance. Brands can easily import products, their website content, orders etc to StoreHippo with its exclusive channel migration solutions.

Are you all set for your ecommerce replatforming with StoreHippo? Start your own 14-day free trial now and set up your business for growth.