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Ecommerce Logistics

What is ecommerce logistics?

Ecommerce logistics is the process of managing the shipping and delivery of online orders.  An efficient and seamless ecommerce courier service management builds a strong online presence for an enterprise brand. Efficient supply chain solutions go a long way in building customer trust and saves the online brands from investing time in damage control and firefighting activities needed due to delayed or lost deliveries. 

As the ecommerce competition is gaining momentum and the customers’ expectations are soaring high, it becomes imperative to provide the customers with best in class logistics and shipping solutions. With 3PL logistics aggregators and shipping providers, ecommerce companies can bolster their online presence and offer timely deliveries to their customers thus creating brand loyalty. A streamlined logistics solution goes a long way in creating happy customers who eventually make an online brand great. 

Why is seamless ecommerce logistics important for a brand?

Logistics forms the backbone of ecommerce. While streamlined logistics can take an online business to new heights of success, poor logistics solutions and supply chain can doom a business.  

Let us explore the benefits of streamlining ecommerce logistics:

  • Gives brand owners and customers a transparent view of supply chain

  • Improves customer experience which in turn creates brand loyalty and brand value 

  • Creates an environment for rapid business growth

  • Enables brands to explore and build presence in new markets

  • Minimizes return and refunds and reduces customer grievances 

  • Keeps customers at ease with real time tracking of the package 

  • Saves time, costs, and resources and introduces efficiency  by automating the fulfilment process 

  • Gives data-driven insights to plug loopholes if any

StoreHippo offers built-in ecommerce logistics solutions for enterprise brands of every size. Storehippo comes with 30+ pre-integrated shipping partners and logistics aggregators that make it easy for brands to optimize their shipping solutions. Using the flexibility of StoreHippo headless commerce platform brands can integrate with any preferred ecommerce shipping provider and ship orders both domestically and internationally. StoreHippo’s automated shipping module takes care of the end to end logistics management and gives brands visibility about their fulfilment and supply chain.

What are the features needed in a good ecommerce logistics partner?

An efficient supply chain solution is built with help of multiple ecommerce logistics providers. An efficient supply chain is one where the costs and delivery times are optimized to increase customer satisfaction and reduce logistics overheads for enterprise brands. Also, modern logistics solutions need to be aligned with market conditions to avoid supply chain disruptions or delays.

Here is a list of some of the must-have features of an advanced logistics solutions provider:

  • Technological edge which enables seamless integration with a variety of ecommerce platforms

  • Automatic order sync from different sales channels like online stores, marketplaces, mobile apps, social sites etc.

  • Ability to process and ship orders of every size

  • Order volume based discounts for enterprise brands with high-volume orders

  • Competitive shipping costs for various locations to optimize shipping costs

  • Servicing a wide area in domestic market which includes tier 2, 3 and beyond cities along with metros

  • Global shipping solutions to help enterprise brands expand to international markets seamlessly

  • Full COD support that helps you get more orders from customers not willing to pay before order delivery

  • Automated process to track shipments while in transit

StoreHippo makes it easy for enterprise brands to find and use the best ecommerce logistics providers for their business. Integrated with the best domestic and international 3PL shipping partners, StoreHippo helps its merchant clients streamline their e-commerce logistics India and for global markets. With StoreHippo’s integrated logistics partners, enterprise brands can reach 27000+ domestic and 220+ global destinations. 

How does StoreHippo help enterprise brands avail services of the best ecommerce logistics partner? 

StoreHippo offers end-to-end ecommerce solutions to its merchant clients by integrating with the best third-party logistics solutions providers. With a host of pre-integrated logistics solutions at their disposal, enterprise brands get the freedom to choose and integrate any shipping partner of their choice. With innovative features and technical solutions at hand, StoreHippo helps brands reduce their shipping costs and build efficient supply chain solutions.

Here are the features from StoreHippo that help enterprise brands ace their shipping game:

  • Multiple logistics partners to choose from: StoreHippo provides a list of multiple delivery partners integrated on the platform. It allows the enterprise brands to choose the one that suits their enterprise business niche and set up the automated integration in no time

  • International shipping solutions: StoreHippo integrates with international logistics aggregator, enabling enterprise businesses to reach international markets easily. Brands can also integrate their preferred global shipping provider in a few easy steps

  • Sync orders automatically: StoreHippo allows the brands to auto-sync their orders from different channels. They can pull out the orders from various platforms and get them shipped automatically, saving time and resources

  • Optimize the shipping costs: StoreHippo enables the businesses to compare their ecommerce logistics partner’s delivery charges and make an economical choice

  • Partial fulfillment: With StoreHippo, businesses and merchants can easily manage a multi product order by splitting it between multiple logistics partners. They can also optimize their costs and delivery time as they build a streamlined delivery chain

  • Scheduled pickup: Businesses can make their delivery faster and flexible by scheduling pickup with multiple logistics partners. StoreHippo also offers features to enable merchant clients to choose a preferred time and a preferred shipping partner

  • Upload products in bulk: with the bulk order processing features brands can reduce order processing time using StoreHippo’s automated ecommerce logistics feature

  • Full COD support: Using trusted logistics solutions provider, StoreHippo helps businesses use the COD payment options with streamlined remittance cycles

  • Track your shipments: Real time tracking of your shipments is an added advantage. The pre-integrated logistics solutions from StoreHippo enables businesses and their customers to track the shipments and get a detailed view of their orders’ movements

  • Automated logistics process: StoreHippo enables the businesses to automate their logistics process for faster, better, and transparent deliveries

  • Ship anywhere: Growing an ecommerce business requires delivering orders far and wide. StoreHippo’s integrated logistics solutions helps businesses reach a wider audience by shipping to 27000+ codes across India and 220+ global destinations

With such high-tech advanced features, businesses can keep their shipping game a step ahead of their competition. StoreHippo helps enterprise brands build their cutting edge ecommerce store and streamline their supply chain using  30+ pre-integrated ecommerce logistics providers and aggregators.

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