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Easy To Use Marketplace Platform

Why Your Business Needs An Easy To Use Marketplace Platform

With over 50% of global online sales taking place on marketplaces, businesses are looking for solutions that offer them an easy to use marketplace platform. The online buyers have been conditioned by the ease of shopping on popular multi-vendor ecommerce stores like Amazon, Flipkart, Alibaba etc. This has made it imperative for the other ecommerce entrants to adapt the business model for success.

What Makes The  Multi-Vendor Marketplace So Popular

Well, it is not without reason that this model has gained such popularity among vendors, customers as well the business owners. This virtual goldmine has something for all the 3-parties involved. Let’s see how:

The Admin

  •  Freedom from keeping inventory
  •  Full control over the set-up 
  •  Earns commission on every Order

The Vendors

  • No need to invest in the multi-vendor portal
  • Benefit from readymade traffic of the marketplace platform
  • Focus on selling and diversify to more products


  • One-stop-shop for a variety of products
  • Competitive pricing due to multiple-vendors
  • Assurance of the marketplace brand name

However, to make the most of this win-win model, you need to have an easy to use marketplace platform that makes life easy for you, your vendors as well as the customers.

Must-Have Features Of An Easy To Use Marketplace Platform

Whatever be your business model, i.e; a horizontal Amazon-like marketplace; Nykaa, Fristcry kind of vertical multi-vendor website or OLA, Swigg type of service aggregator platform, you would need a future-ready multi-vendor ecommerce solution.  It should be designed to handle your current requirements and be futuristic enough to adapt to the changing market demands.

On top of this, your solution should be easy to use for you and also for your vendors and customers. We know from experience that a user-friendly platform not only increases business efficiency but also helps in increasing customer retention and order volume.

Let’s see what are the must-have features needed for all the 3 parties:

An Easy To Use Marketplace Platform For The Admin

The multivendor marketplace solution should have the following features so that the admin focuses on business development rather than understanding the technicalities of the platform:

  • Does not require advanced technical skills
  • Offers DIY tools to tweak the design and add marketing pages
  • Is intuitive and easy to tweak at frontend as well as backend
  • Offers easy and seamless integrations for payment gateways, notifications, logistics, CRM etc.  
  • Offers a comprehensive admin with vendor-module to manage vendors, products, inventory, payouts, commissions, order history etc.
  • Offers inbuilt marketing and SEO tools
  • Auto scalability and upgrade to keep up with demand peaks
  • A mobile-ready admin that allows managing the business on the go 

StoreHippo offers all the above features along with 300+ inbuilt features to run and grow the business.

An Easy To Use Marketplace Platform For The Vendors

Vendors need to be free from the trouble of handling the developmental aspects and get a system that helps them sell better and faster. They should get the following features:

  • Easy registration and onboarding process
  • Separate login and dashboard to manage their inventory and orders
  • Simple and feature-rich admin with a smooth learning experience
  • Easy product management module with import/export feature
  • Featured product option to highlight their products
  • Integrated shipping solution to help them deliver faster
  • Unified notifications(email, SMS, push) to keep them notified about orders, payments etc.
  • Easy to understand and transparent payment and commission module

StoreHippo’s comprehensive multi-vendor marketplace solution offers all the above features to make it easier for the vendors to manage their business.

An Easy To Use Marketplace Platform For The Customers

Customers prefer shopping on multi-vendor portals as they offer them competitive pricing and a rich product catalogue. Along with these, customers need the following:

  • Fast loading site that makes it easy to order
  • Mobile apps for easy and quick shopping on the go
  • Quick search and navigation using multiple categories
  • High-quality product images and videos to understand the product better
  • Product review and rating feature to make an informed decision
  • Multiple payment options including COD
  • Single-click checkout for fast and secure shopping
  • Multiple discounted shipping choices

Storehippo easy to use marketplace platform with its inbuilt features offers all the above to your customers.

Why Choose StoreHippo Multi-Vendor Marketplace Solution

Choosing the right ecommerce platform for your online marketplace is crucial for your business success. A right decision can make it easy for you to manage the complex set up and focus on diversifying your product lines as well as exploring new markets.

For this, you need an easy to use marketplace platform that offers an end-to-end solution for running your B2B or B2C business. This is where, StoreHippo is a winner, hands down. We not only offer a solution that does not require additional plugins or apps, but we also offer you a fully hosted and managed platform.

Built on the mobile-first principle, you get a solution that helps you get a competitive edge through a mobile-ready multi-vendor solution. The SEO friendly platform also offers a powerful blog engine to build your brand identity. What’s more, you get an integrated payment and logistics solution.

Isn’t it all that you need to begin your winning streak? Get going with your disruptive model and we even have an inbuilt solution for multi-store and multilingual online marketplaces to let you experiment out-of-box models.

Check out the various types of  Multi-Vendor Use Cases powered by StoreHippo and explore our platform by starting your 14-day free trial  now.