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Easy To Use Ecommerce Platform

What is an easy to use ecommerce Platform?

An easy to use ecommerce platform is a setup where you can build a professional-looking eCommerce store without any developers and designers. The platform gives access to customizable themes, pre-coded apps, inbuilt solutions, etc. These features turn the tedious tasks of creating a site into a cakewalk. Plus, with one-click, you can set up your-

  1. Ecommerce mobile app

  2. Activate in-built payment gateways

  3. Activate multiple shipping methods

  4. And other essential things to open an online store

Benefits of using easy to use ecommerce software to online businesses

  • You don’t need any coding knowledge as the entire site can be built within a few clicks. 

  • Best ecommerce platforms have a user-friendly interface that is easy to understand and requires no special training.

  • Businesses can avoid wasting their precious time on handling technology as everything is already set up in

    top ecommerce platforms. Thus, you can concentrate on acquiring clients and building business.

10 Must-have Features of easy to use ecommerce platform

Look for the 10 essential features below to make your online store creation process easier and less time-consuming. 

1. Readymade mobile apps

Avoid the heavy expense of application developers by using the readymade mobile app option available in the best ecommerce platform. 

2. Easy to use Dashboard

The dashboard of top ecommerce platform should be like a cakewalk i.e. less complex, easy to handle, support seamless navigation, properly structured etc.

3. Effortless One-click integration

Should support hassle-free integration of social media platforms, CRM, marketing tools, ERP, and other third-party software.

4. Easy Activation of Payment Solutions

Should support easy activation of payment gateways and payment methods on your ecommerce store in a few clicks.

5. Easy to Read Analytics

Inbuilt analytics and performance reports should be easy to read and understand to make wiser decisions. 

6. Easy to Edit themes

Themes available in the complete ecommerce software must be editable to change the online storefront in a few clicks. 

7. Easy to upload content

With the help of an inbuilt content management system (CMS), you can easily upload content on each product page through CSV files or updating manually. 

8. Self-help Guides

The online store builder should have self-help knowledge articles and videos on how to use the platform effectively.

9. Technical support

Excellent technical support to troubleshoot errors and complications while using the top ecommerce platform. 

StoreHippo supports all of the above features that makes it the best online store builder in the market. StoreHippo is made for new businesses that lack technical knowledge as well as funds to hire professionals. 

How to build an online store with an easy to use ecommerce platform?

Follow the simple, step-by-step guide to building an online store using StoreHippo -

  1.  Select your niche under which you want to sell online.

  2.  Decide on a domain name and buy it. Design your logo, layout brand goals. 

  3.  Sign up for the online store builder. StoreHippo is an easy to use ecommerce platform that lets businesses launch   a new online store with no code and less technical knowledge. 

  4.  Select a theme from the rich themes library. StoreHippo has 200+ themes for every business. Themes are easy to   edit and customize due to drag and drop functionality. 

  5.  Create product pages one by one. Upload content like images, description, prices, etc. Use CSV files to upload   content quickly form StoreHippo top ecommerce platfrom.

  6.  Integrate with multiple payment gateways popular in your target location. StoreHippo, the best ecommerce   platform, has 60+ pre-integrated domestic and international payment gateways

  7.  Select logistics channels. Easily activate available logistics solutions from the StoreHippo dashboard. Enjoy   discounted freight rates and automated deliveries.

  8.  Optimize your ecommerce store with inbuilt SEO tools in complete ecommerce software. Reach new customers     and increase online visibility.

  9.  Test for any bugs and launch your online store. 

  10.  Run promotions on multiple platforms for sales.

What makes StoreHippo an easy to use ecommerce platform? 

StoreHippo is easy to use, complete ecommerce software, that lets you build an online store at 100% ease and in less time compared to open-source software. 

StoreHippo admin dashboard is built to make it easy for diverse businesses and teams to function more efficiently. 

Businesses can create, launch and run the entire online store in one place without any cumbersome coding. 

You can add products, edit and update content, process orders and shipping, monitor sales, manage inventory, promote discounts, using top ecommerce software.

With pre-integrated shipping solutions in your complete ecommerce software, you can deliver to locations in India at economical prices. 

Track shipments to ensure 100% efficiency in delivery. You can also integrate with chosen delivery partners for delivering in international markets.

Develop a mobile app at a single click without any additional charges with StoreHippo top ecommerce software. 

StoreHippo also has a rich library of mobile-optimized themes. Eliminate the complex task of optimization, which might get multiplied if themes are not mobile-compatible.

StoreHippo is an easy to use ecommerce software that offers great ROI to new business owners. Get started with StoreHippo complete ecommerce software for free. Sign up for 14 days of free trial to build an online store at 100% ease.