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E commerce Marketplace Platform

What Is An E commerce Marketplace Platform

An  e commerce marketplace platform is an ecommerce software that makes it possible to bring together multiple vendors on a single portal and enables digital buying and selling of products and services. The turnkey software enables business owners to create B2C, B2B or any custom multi-vendor online store. 

The growing popularity of Amazon-like marketplaces has increased the demand for well-rounded ecommerce marketplace builders. The new-age multi-vendor software is designed to offer a one-stop solution that provides the technical solution along with additional services and tools to build, run and grow an ecommerce marketplace. 

How Do I Create A Multi Vendor Marketplace Website

Although going with a readymade e commerce marketplace platform is fast becoming the standard practice for businesses, there are other ways to build your multi-vendor online store. Let’s look at the multi-vendor solutions available for businesses:

  1. Build From Scratch: This is a time taking and resource-intensive method. You will need to hire a team of developers to build your custom marketplace software. Also time should be set apart for testing and fine-tuning. 
  2. Turnkey Solution With Plugins: This type of multi-vendor website builders offer a framework wherein you will need multiple third-party apps and plugins to implement the functions of a marketplace. 
  3. Readymade Solution With Paid Hosting: For this type of e commerce marketplace platform you will get the technical framework to build and run your multi-seller business but you will have to buy hosting solutions. You will also need developers to manage the set-up and keep upgrading from time-to-time. 
  4. SaaS-based Fully Hosted And Managed: Ecommerce platforms like StoreHippo that offer a 360-degree, hosted, managed, auto upgradable solution for building a multi-vendor website.  

With StoreHippo you do not need additional plugins or paid apps to run your online marketplace. You can build a variety of use cases of B2B and B2C multi-vendors websites with our turnkey solution. 

How To Find The Best E Commerce Marketplace Platform For Your Business

With so many readymade ecommerce marketplace builders there is ample choice in the market. While this gives the freedom to explore, it also becomes a bit confusing to choose the right solution for your business.

While having a host of features comes handy in the long run as the business grows, to begin with your solution provider should offer features that suit your business model. Also, the learning curve should be easy.

Let us check out the essential features needed in the best e commerce marketplace platform:

  • Comprehensive solution with inbuilt features
  • Easy to use without needing advanced coding skills
  • Future-ready technology that builds fast and engaging websites
  • Easy customizations to suit your brand requirements
  • Scalable solution that grows with the business
  • Quick set up and fast go-to-market time
  • Seamless integrations that make processes automated and efficient 
  • Mobile ready multi vendor online store backend and frontend
  • Inbuilt analytics and insights for better business analysis 
  • Support and customer care to resolve issues when needed

StoreHippo best e commerce marketplace platform has all the above-listed features to make your online journey faster and smoother. You can build any use case of the multi-vendor website using our comprehensive solution. 

Must-Have E commerce Marketplace Platform Features To Grow Your Business

Launching your online marketplace platform is just half the task done. To actually build your brand and lead the market you will need some additional tools at your disposal.

Here are the ecommerce marketplace builder features that will help you grow your business:

  • Easy method to build Android and iOS apps for your business
  • Inbuild discount engine to help you plan discounts and promotions 
  • Better product search and navigation for faster checkouts
  • Multiple payment options including COD to reach new markets
  • Safe and secure site that builds customer trust
  • Option for loyalty wallets and referral programmes to spread your brand name
  • SEO friendly platform to optimize and rank high on SERPs
  • Integrated shipping solution for faster deliveries

StoreHippo offers all the above features to help you make your brand popular. 

Why Choose StoreHippo E-commerce Marketplace Platform

StoreHippo, the top multi-vendor ecommerce platform offers a comprehensive and customizable solution for creating multi-vendor websites. With StoreHippo you can build:

  • Horizontal marketplaces like  Amazon, Alibaba etc.
  • Niche vertical multi-vendor websites like Firstcry, Nykaa etc.
  • Service aggregator platforms like Ola, Uber, Swiggy etc.
  • B2B marketplaces like Indiamart
  • Any out-of-box custom multi-vendor online store

With 300+ inbuilt features and tools, StoreHippo gives you everything you need to create a niche for your online marketplace brand. Our intuitive and detailed admin and vendor modules increase efficiency by automating manual processes. 

Also, our e commerce marketplace platform provides you with a gamut of features and tools to help you reach new markets. You  can connect better with your domestic and international customers by building your multilingual ecommerce marketplace.  With IP based pricing and multi-currency options, you can ensure swift and frictionless checkouts that ultimately boost the sales and keep your customers loyal. 

You can also get discounted shipping with our integrated logistics partners or integrate with any logistics provider of your choice. With full support for COD you can easily reach the rowing tier 2 and tier 3 markets. 

Ready to power your business idea with StoreHippo e commerce marketplace platform?Check our various  Multi-Vendor Use Cases and explore our platform by starting your 14-day free trial now.