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Delivery Boy Management Software

What is delivery boy management software?

Delivery boy management software is a digital tool that helps merchants plan and manage their ecommerce brand’s deliveries using their own fleet of delivery boys. This comprehensive delivery management system not only makes hyperlocal deliveries easier and faster but also makes the process trackable.

The centralized system connects all the parties involved in an ecommerce order fulfilment cycle, namely, the customers, delivery boys/partners and the ecommerce brand owners/admins. The delivery boy solution helps in providing a seamless delivery management system to the end users and makes hyperlocal ecommerce deliveries organized, automated, and transparent.  

Why does an enterprise brand need delivery boy management software?

The ecommerce market has gained immense traction in the past few years. A successful business is one that thrives on a streamlined and timely delivery module. Customers are quick to shift to different brands if they do not feel satisfied with the delivery process being offered.

To better organize the fleet of carrier agents and delivery boys, the need for a well established delivery boy app becomes imperative. By doing so, enterprise businesses get complete logistics visibility, accurate ETAs and the customers experience on-time deliveries.  

Let us look at a few reasons why an enterprise brand needs comprehensive delivery management software: 

  • To offer faster, safer, and cost-efficient deliveries powered by an automated delivery system

  • To optimize the delivery routes with help of apps like Google map

  • Keep real-time order track for the admins as well as customers enhanced communication between the merchants, delivery boys, and customers 

  • To quickly identify and resolve delivery bottlenecks

  • Access to detailed business and delivery insights for further strategic planning 

  • Transparent and faster order deliveries to keep the customers happy and satisfied

  • To better utilize and manage the fleet of delivery boys with the help of delivery boy management software

  • To optimize the steps involved in the delivery process that makes delivery cycles shorter

  • End to end visibility in the delivery process to manage orders efficiently

StoreHippo offers a built-in delivery boy management tool that helps the enterprise brands make their deliveries fast, secure, easy, and trackable. The comprehensive delivery management system comes with a separate login for delivery boys and a host of other features that helps businesses accomplish all of the above.

What are the features needed in a comprehensive delivery boy management software?

A flexible delivery management software can efficiently streamline the delivery operations and strengthen the base of your enterprise business. The delivery management software helps the enterprise brands keep the customers hooked by providing a hassle free seamless delivery process.

Here is a list of all must have features in a delivery boy app: 

  • Ability to live track delivery boys and communicate with them 

  • An easy to use interface which the delivery boys can use to check and deliver assigned orders

  • Feature to assign different delivery boys for different stores/vendors or locations

  • Built-in solution to enable sellers to manage the set of delivery boys assigned to them

  • Inbuilt notifications to keep delivery boys informed when orders are assigned to them

  • Real time order status updation in the delivery boy app along with the order management system

  • A safe and secure delivery system with OTP verification

  • Order delivery feedback option for the delivery boys to get better insights into delivery process

  • Feature-rich app to enable delivery agents to manage the orders on the go

  • Synchronized real time order status updation in the OMS as well as delivery boy app

StoreHippo makes it easy for enterprise brands to handle their ecommerce deliveries with a host of features. The inbuilt delivery boy app from StoreHippo is a one-stop solution for all merchants that helps them manage their delivery process and coordinate with the delivery boys for timely, hassle-free deliveries. Combining all the features, StoreHippo becomes the go-to platform for all enterprise brands willing to leverage a quick delivery process for an increased customer satisfaction. 

What makes StoreHippo the best delivery boy management software?

The need for a cutting edge delivery boy management software is ever increasing with more and more brands vying for customer attention. Every enterprise brand wants to master the art of luring in more customers and keep the cash counter ringing. And why not? 

To help such brands manage their fleet of delivery boys efficiently, StoreHippo offers a delivery management software that is built with a host of amazing and important features. These features benefit both the delivery boys and the admin(s). Whilst the admin can manage the delivery boys based on their location, the delivery boys on the other hand can check, deliver, and close the orders assigned to them by the admin.

Let us look at some of the amazing features that StoreHippo offers:

  • StoreHippo offers a seamless delivery boys management by the sellers to make shipments faster and error-free. The admin/owner can track and manage the delivery agents from the admin board easily

  • A separate login for each delivery boy in the delivery boy app makes it easy for the delivery boys to login, check, and deliver orders that are assigned to them. Real-time order status updation enables the delivery boys to update the order status from open to closed once the delivery is made

  • With StoreHippo, the admin can assign a unique set of delivery boys to each seller or store, thus making it simple to manage a multi vendor marketplace. This also helps in optimizing the efficiency of the delivery boys

  • With real time communication through notifications, the delivery boys stay well informed about their order delivery assignments. Such quick and easy communication leads to timely order pick up and delivery

  • StoreHippo ensures that the deliveries are secure and tamper-proof by adding an additional layer of security with OTP. A secure fleet management ensures no human errors happen during the delivery process which minimizes returns and refunds

The delivery management feature by StoreHippo reduces the overall delivery time ensuring a hassle free order delivery experience for the customers. 

StoreHippo’s comprehensive delivery boy management software helps the B2B, D2C, and enterprise brands streamline their hyperlocal deliveries and engage better with the customers. StoreHippo also comes with 300+ built in features and 120+ integrations to help businesses build their tailor-made solutions.

Ready to explore StoreHippo and its amazing features? Get started, begin your 14-day free trial now.