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D2C Portal

What is a D2C portal 

A D2C portal is a platform where enterprise brands sell their products and services directly to the end customers. The D2C business model eliminates the middlemen and intermediaries helping brands to sell directly to the end customers. In a D2C set-up the brand controls the day-to-day business operations like product design, pricing, marketing, distribution etc. D2C brands create an omnichannel solution for their business by connecting with customers on multiple platforms like online stores, mobile apps, mobile websites etc.

The direct-to-consumer brands sell their products at much lower prices as they save on middlemen’s margins and thus offer better prices to their customers. A D2C ecommerce setup helps brands carve a niche for their business and tap into the unexplored markets. 

Why should enterprise brands build a D2C portal 

Brands can solidify their online presence and create a stable audience base by building a D2C website. There are numerous benefits of building a D2C portal. Some of them are:

  • Reduces fixed costs and CapEx
  • Boosts profit margin by eliminating the middlemen
  • Helps leverage omnichannel solutions to connect with a wider audience base
  • Access to rich customer data helps brands plan data-driven strategies
  • Enables personalizations in shopping experiences and sets up the brand for increased conversions
  • Easy to communicate with the buyers 
  • Enables experimentation with support for different business models
  • Gives better creative control to the brand 

Building a marketplace for a D2C business model helps brands create their identity in the ecommerce world. Brands need a robust ecommerce solution to create their presence in the ecommerce marketplace. However, to build their websites, brands need a robust ecommerce software that comes with 360-degree plug-and-play solutions.  

How to build a successful D2C portal

There are two ways to build a successful D2C portal for direct-to-customer businesses. Brands can opt to create their website from scratch by deploying a team of highly trained professionals, which requires a lot of extra time and can be an expensive affair. Another easy way to create a D2C marketplace would be to choose a turnkey ecommerce solution provider that comes with built-in plug-and-play solutions and helps brands go to the market in record time. 

Here is a step-wise guide to build a D2C website choosing a SaaS-based turnkey solution provider:

  • Buy a domain name that is unique and resembles the brand
  • Choose an engaging website theme to create the marketplace on 
  • Upload the product catalouge with a detailed description and multiple images 
  • Create mobile apps and build PWA stores to tap the mobile using audience
  • Choose the payment methods and integrate shipping channels for easy deliveries 
  • Optimize SEO and market the website to reach a larger audience

With these easy steps, brands can develop their D2C ecommerce sites and also further customize them as per their needs with a turnkey ecommerce solution provider. 

What are the must-have features of the best D2C portal 

To build a conversion-oriented D2C marketplace website, brands need a robust and modern ecommerce solution provider. Without a wide set of features and tools, it can be challenging to build and run a D2C company. Here are a few must-have features to build the best D2C portal:

  • Cutting-edge technology to build a flexible, agile, and scalable ecommerce platform
  • Comprehensive order management tools to manage orders and track the delivery status etc
  • Seamless integrations with 3PL, marketing tools, data analytics, etc for ease of doing business in the online market
  • Mobile-first technology to leverage mcommerce and create mobile apps in a few easy steps
  • Advanced marketing tools to enable brands to offer personalized deals 
  • Omnichannel solutions that can help brands interact with customers on multiple touchpoints
  • Security features that help build a secure website and offer secure transactions to customers

StoreHippo is a 360-degree ecommerce solution provider that helps enterprise D2C brands build an engaging marketplace. The businesses can seamlessly manage their day-to-day business operations and improve conversions with advanced technologies. StoreHippo comes with 300+ enterprise-grade features to win customers and retain them for life.      

What makes StoreHippo the best D2C portal builder 

The D2C business model is widely accepted and implemented by brands for various reasons. However, to seamlessly create direct-to-consumer websites, brands need future-ready ecommerce solutions with built-in features and tools to create a seamless shopping experience for D2C customers. 

Built on headless architecture, StoreHippo helps brands create omnichannel solutions and target customers on multiple channels. D2C brands can add new customer touchpoints easily using the same backend logic and APIs. StoreHippo also helps D2C brands use their distribution network by building multi vendor marketplaces, multi store websites, multilingual channels etc. 

StoreHippo is built on mobile-first technology with a built-in mobile apps builder to help D2C ecommerce brands leverage mcommerce to boost conversions. Brands can seamlessly create Android or iOS mobile apps directly from their admin dashboard without any coding and without incurring any extra costs. The online marketplaces powered by StoreHippo are also PWA stores that look, feel, and work like mobile apps even on entry-level devices. StoreHippo also offers multiple mobile solutions for various users like admins, vendors, delivery boys, etc to help them handle their business on the go. 

The fully integrated platform, StoreHippo, comes with 100+ integrations for various software like logistics, payment gateways, ERP, CRM, POS systems, etc. The built-in marketing solutions from StoreHippo help the D2C brand reach a wider audience. The powerful built-in discount engine helps offer multi-level discounts to customers. With the built-in SEO tools, D2C websites can rank higher on SERPs. StoreHippo also supports a variety of enterprise business models like B2B, B2C, B2B2C, hybrid, etc 

Are you all set to build a D2C portal for your brand? Explore the wide range of features from StoreHippo by starting your 14-day free trial now.