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D2C ecommerce platform

What is a D2C ecommerce platform

A D2C ecommerce platform is where enterprise brands sell their products and services directly to the end customers. The D2C business model eliminates the middlemen or intermediaries like distributors to sell directly to the end buyers. The brand in a direct-to-business setup controls the day-to-day business operations like product design, pricing, marketing, distribution etc. Such brands reach out to their customers on multiple platforms like online stores, mobile apps, mobile websites etc. to boost their sales.

As the enterprise brands go directly to the consumer, they save middlemen’s margins and sell their products at much lower rates. With the D2C setup, brands can carve a niche for their business and tap into the markets that were previously unexplored. A D2C brand can also tie up with retail shops to provide an enhanced phygital shopping experience to customers. 

Why brands should choose a readymade D2C ecommerce platform to pivot to the direct-to-consumer model

To pivot to a D2C business model, businesses need access to a well-rounded business-to-consumer ecommerce solution. With a turnkey ecommerce solution provider like StoreHippo, brands can easily build a website and offer a seamless buying journey to the customers. Here are a few reasons why brands should choose a D2C platform to build their D2C website:

  • Cost-effective as compared to building the solution from scratch 
  • Scope for quick changes as per business demands 
  • Easy to experiment with implementing new and hybrid business models
  • Helps go omnichannel easily and add multiple sales channels quickly 
  • Offers in-built tools and features to market the brand better 
  • Helps in building a unique ecommerce environment with seamless integrations
  • Fully hosted and managed D2C solutions take away the burden of platform updates and upgrades

StoreHippo is a turnkey ecommerce solution provider for D2C business model that offers all of the above-mentioned features. It comes with in-built solutions and features to help brands go to the market in record time. StoreHippo is built on MACH architecture that helps build tailor-made solutions for D2C businesses. 

What are the must-have features in a D2C ecommerce platform

With every business having its own set of unique needs and requirements, a D2C ecommerce platform must offer smooth functioning and ease of building tailored solutions to the enterprise brands. To seamlessly build and run a D2C ecommerce brand, here are a few must-have features in a direct-to-business ecommerce platform:

  • Cutting-edge ecommerce technology to build a flexible and scalable ecommerce platform
  • Omnichannel solutions to engage with the audience and reach them across multiple channels
  • Mobile-first technology to seamlessly create mobile apps and build PWA stores that help leverage m commerce 
  • Advanced marketing tools to take the brand to a wider audience and offer discounts, personalizations etc
  • Secure and frictionless transaction process to enable the customers to securely pay 
  • Seamless integrations with third-party software like marketing, CRM, accounting etc.

StoreHippo D2C ecommerce solutions come with enterprise-grade features to help create conversion-oriented marketplaces. The businesses can seamlessly manage their day-to-day business operations and improve buyer experiences to win customer loyalty. StoreHippo offers end-to-end solutions for brands of every scale and size.

What makes StoreHippo the best D2C ecommerce platform 

As the direct-to-consumer business model is gaining widespread popularity, StoreHippo offers plug and play solutions for brands to go to the market in record time. StoreHippo D2C ecommerce solutions also help the brands meet the growing demand for personalizations, direct consumer interactions, and seamless shopping experiences for customers.

The future-ready ecommerce solution from StoreHippo is built on a mobile-first technology that helps brands create mobile apps directly from the dashboard. Enterprise brands can leverage m commerce by building PWA stores that look, feel, and work like mobile apps even on entry-level devices and with poor internet connectivity. D2C brands can engage and convert customers on various sales channels with the omnichannel solutions from StoreHippo. Built on headless architecture, StoreHippo helps brands add new customer touchpoints using the same backend and frontend logic and APIs. Brands can also build multi vendor marketplaces, multi store networks, or multilingual stores for their customers.  

StoreHippo helps brands integrate with multiple third-party marketing and analytical tools. Brands can leverage modern marketing and analytics tools to strategically plan their growth with the help of rich customer data collected from these tools. StoreHippo comes with a powerful discount engine that helps offer multi-level discounts on the D2C website. It also offers an in-built SEO tool to help brands rank higher on SERP. Brands can use the blog engine to market their brand to customers. StoreHippo also enables D2C brands to send out personalized notifications about product recommendations or notify the end users about offers and discounts.

With the global solutions from StoreHippo, brands can reach the global market and convert potential buyers. It comes with 60+ pre-integrated domestic and international payment gateways to help offer a frictionless payment process to customers. It also offers 30+ pre-integrated logistics solutions to offer a seamless shipping process. The fully integrated StoreHippo ecommerce platform comes with 120+ integrations for various software and services like logistics, payments, ERP, CRM etc. StoreHippo also supports a variety of enterprise business models apart from the D2C business model like the B2B, B2C, B2B2C, hybrid etc. with its flexible and scalable ecommerce solutions.

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