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Create Multi Vendor Marketplace Website

Why is it important to create multi vendor marketplace website 

The tech-savvy online buyers today are increasingly inclined towards a multi vendor marketplace. They want all the things in the same place with a multitude of options to choose from. Tagged with this, fast shipping and great customer support are a must to keep customers hooked to a certain marketplace. The multi vendor business model has redefined the shopping experience of millions of customers. 

Here are the top reasons why businesses need to create multi vendor marketplace website: 

  • Sell a variety of products and services to the customers 

  • Smooth and hassle-free operations to manage and deliver products efficiently 

  • Less expensive as it cuts down the managing costs 

  • No inventory needed to start the business

  • Multiply profits by earning commission from multiple sellers

  • Complete control and authority with less responsibility

  • Get data-driven insights to strategize marketing for growth

With so many advantages at their disposal, businesses look forward to the popular multi vendor marketplace model. To gain success with an online marketplace is more about having access to a one stop ecommerce platform, like StoreHippo. It offers end to end solutions like shipping, payments, inventory, marketing etc to run day to day business operations smoothly.

How can enterprise brands create multi vendor marketplace website 

To create multi vendor marketplace website, brands can either opt for building a marketplace solution from scratch or use a turnkey multi vendor solution. Both these solutions are good for getting started, however, going forward with a turnkey ecommerce solution saves a lot of time and budget.

The one most important factor to consider when building an online marketplace using off-the-shelf software is that it should be customizable to best fit the unique business needs and easily scalable to the future goals of the business. 

Here is a list of advantages of choosing a turnkey multi vendor solution to create multi vendor marketplace website:

  • Go to the market in record time as compared to custom made solutions that takes a long time to build 

  • Cost effective solution against custom made platform that require a team of IT professionals

  • Little to no technical knowledge needed to create, tweak or design with a turnkey multi vendor solution  

  • Advanced technology to stay competitive in the industry

  • Automatic upgrades to save businesses from the hassles of manual upgradation 

  • Seamless integrations to build innovative multi vendor marketplace solutions 

  • Customizable backend and frontend solutions to build out of the box online marketplace

StoreHippo offers multi vendor ecommerce solution that builds a variety of online marketplaces for B2B, B2C, B2B2C, or hybrid business models. It offers 300+ inbuilt features and 120+ integrations making it easy to build innovative solutions for enterprise business. 

What are the advanced features required to create multi vendor marketplace website 

It can be challenging to create multi vendor marketplace website with a vast variety of ecommerce solutions available in the market. While each of them has a different set of features that enables the businesses to run their day to day operations smoothly, it is imperative to choose the solution best fitted to the brand’s niche. But along with the must-have features, brands also need advanced features to run the marketplace smoothly. 

Here is a list of advanced features brands need in their multi vendor marketplace

  • Complete vendor management solutions

  • Native support for complex business models like hyperlocal commerce, multi store ecommerce, multilingual marketplace etc

  • Seamless and quick integrations with software for ERP, CRM, POS etc to build cutting edge solutions

  • In built marketing and SEO tools to create a hype around the brand

  • Powerful discount module to execute a variety of multi level discounts 

  • Tax engine to implement taxes for different vendors or different locations

  • Multiple payment gateways to offer frictionless checkouts to audience from across the globe

  • Integrated logistics to ensure a quick and efficient delivery solution to a wider location

  • Delivery boys management to ensure controlled deliveries 

StoreHippo, best multi vendor ecommerce platform offers a host of built-in features that accelerates the business growth and smoothly carry out the day-to-day operations. The 360-degree marketplace solution takes care of the entire marketplace activity. 

StoreHippo helps businesses scale up and reach new markets with its 120+ built in integrations, 60+ payment gateways, integrations with multiple domestic and global logistics providers. The stores powered by StoreHippo are PWA stores that look, feel and work like a mobile app, businesses can also build mobile apps directly from the admin dashboard. 

What makes StoreHippo the best platform to create multi vendor marketplace website 

The feature rich multi vendor solution provider, StoreHippo can build horizontal, vertical, service aggregator, B2B or custom marketplaces. The best multi vendor ecommerce solution offers extremely personalized buyer journeys for marketplace customers with its headless architecture. 

Here is a list of features that make StoreHippo the best platform to create multi vendor marketplace website  

  • Customer friendly features using the 300+ API endpoints 

  • Create customized themes from the rich themes library with the drag and drop functionality 

  • Inherently scalable solutions to build marketplaces for businesses of every scale and size 

  • Mobile-first approach to build marketplaces that can leverage m commerce 

  • Integrated shipping solutions that help merchants automate their supply chain

  • Multiple customer touchpoints that helps businesses go omnichannel

  • Build a multi location hyperlocal ecommerce store

  • Multi level security along with auto renewable free SSL 

Businesses can set up their multi vendor marketplace with StoreHippo’s comprehensive features. Choosing the right solution to create multi vendor marketplace website can give a competitive edge to the businesses over their competitors. Create your 14 day free trial to explore the mentioned features.