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Best Multi Vendor Marketplace

Best Multi Vendor Marketplace 

The best multi vendor marketplace solution is a multi vendor website builder that offers a complete ecommerce software solution for building, managing, running and growing a variety of online marketplace websites.

While the best multi vendor marketplace solution for some businesses could mean pocket-friendly software, for the majority of businesses the best marketplace platform is defined by feature-rich solutions and ease of use. Also, the best online marketplace solution should support a variety of business models across industry verticals.

How To Identify The Best Multi Vendor Marketplace?

It can be a challenging task to filter and choose the best online marketplace solution for your business. While there are a host of solutions in the market that claim to be the best marketplace platform, it is imperative to check, analyze and choose the one which offers advanced features and a stay on platform.

The best multi vendor marketplace solution should have the following features:

  • Easy to use: It should be easy to use for the business owners, different teams, vendors as well as the customers

  • Advanced Technology: To build cutting edge solutions that give a competitive edge and have the potential to disrupt the market

  • Marketplace app: To reach a wider customer base by leveraging m-commerce and helping customers order on the go

  • Easily customizable and scalable: To tweak the platform and build the best multi vendor marketplace that can scale to any number of users, products, locations etc.

  • Feature-rich: So it offers a 360-degree solution that helps with planning a fast-growing business

  • Support for different business models: To help in experimenting with changing market dynamics and quickly changing to any new business model or combination of business models. For example, country-specific online marketplace website like, etc.

  • Seamless Integrations: To integrate with the best-in-class software and build an innovative online marketplace solution

  • Pricing for every budget: So that businesses can start small and move to higher plans as their business grows

StoreHippo multi vendor website builder offers all the above features along with 300+ inbuilt features and 120+ integrations to help B2B and B2C businesses build out-of-box online marketplace solutions for their business.

Must-Have Modules In the Best Multi Vendor Marketplace 

Running an online marketplace website smoothly requires a lot of modules that make the complex process streamlined. It also helps in smooth and timely collaborations between various teams, dealers, supply chain partners etc. so the overall operations and fulfilment are streamlined.

Here is a list of must-have modules in the best marketplace platform:

  • Vendor Registration: This helps in onboarding vendors, suppliers, dealers etc. easily

  • Vendor Approval Flow: This gives the final control to the business owner/admin who can approve or reject the vendors and their products 

  • Vendor Dashboard: To create a separate login for each vendor from where they can manage their products, orders and shipments

  • Admin Dashboard: The central control from where the business owner can fetch complete details of the business including orders, products, best-selling vendors/products, shipping details, order history, payment details, analytics etc

  • Seller Ledger: To help the online marketplace website owner set up various rules regarding managing vendors commissions, payouts etc

  • Adaptive Payments: To easily divide the order amount and send payments to different sellers of a multi-product order 

  • Returns and Refunds Management: To easily manage returns and refunds and keep the customers grievances under check 

  • Automated Notifications: To keep the admin, sellers and customers informed at various stages of the order and delivery cycle

  • Shipping Automation: To help streamline shipping and make it faster and error free

StoreHippo best multi vendor marketplace solution offers all the above modules to help the marketplace owner and the vendors carry out the day-to-day operations easily.

Advanced Features Of The Best Multi Vendor Marketplace Builder

While a set of must-have features in your multi vendor website builder ensures that you set up and run your business smoothly, you also need some advanced features to grow your business.

Here is a list of advanced features in your online marketplace solution:

  • Native support for complex business models  like multi store ecommerce, multilingual marketplace, multi currency payments, hyperlocal ecommerce solutions

  • Inbuilt  Branding, Marketing and SEO tools (like social media integrations, blog engine, SEO tools for faster SEO results) to create a buzz about the marketplace brand

  • Seamless integrations with best-in-class software for ERP, CRM, POS, Accounting etc. to enable businesses to build cutting edge solutions 

  • Discount Engine: Strong discount module to plan a variety of discounts at the product, vendor, order or checkout level

  • Tax Engine: To implement taxes for vendors, product categories, location-specific taxes etc.

  • Multiple Payment Gateways and other payment options to ensure customized and frictionless checkouts for various customer groups

  • Integrated logistics solution to offer a smooth and quick delivery solution for wider coverage

  • Fleet Management software to manage own fleet of delivery boys for faster and controlled deliveries

StoreHippo multi vendor website builder comes with a host of inbuilt features that not only help in setting up the best multi vendor marketplace but also accelerate business growth. The well rounded solution takes care to cover every marketplace activity from the start to finish. 

StoreHippo offers 120+ built in integrations, 60+ payment gateways, integrations with global and domestic logistics providers to help a business scale up and reach new markets. All marketplaces powered by StoreHippo are PWAs and it also comes with an inbuilt mobile apps builder. The inbuilt marketing and SEO tools of StoreHippo help in building a brand that is loved by customers.

Why StoreHippo Is the Best Multi Vendor Marketplace Builder 

StoreHippo best marketplace solution offers a feature rich multi vendor website builder that can build horizontal, vertical, service aggregator, B2B or custom marketplaces. Built on the headless architecture StoreHippo allows to offer extremely personalized buyer journeys for marketplace customers.

Using the 300+ API endpoints, brands can build online marketplace solutions with customer-friendly features to engage and convert better. StoreHippo also comes with beautiful and free themes along with drag and drop functionality to create customized themes. StoreHippo online marketplace solution is inherently scalable and can build best multi vendor marketplaces for B2B and B2C businesses of any size and scale. 

Built grounds-up on the mobile first principle StoreHippo helps in leveraging mobile commerce to reach tier-3 and beyond markets where mobile internet is the only way to shop online. All StoreHippo powered online marketplaces are PWAs which work like mobile apps when opened in a browser. These can work even on entry level devices. 

The inbuilt marketing tools along with integrated logistics and payment solutions helps businesses to create a niche for their brand by building the most user friendly online marketplace website.

Ready to create the best multi vendor marketplace for your brand? Check out our Multi-Vendor Use Cases to learn the best fit model to take your business idea online. Explore our features by starting your 14-day free trial now.