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Best Ecommerce Site Builder

By definition, the best ecommerce site builder is an ecommerce software that offers features and tools to build online stores for B2B, B2C or any other model of ecommerce. Along with tools, many such service providers also offer a fully hosted and managed ecommerce solution. 

Also, they are designed to offer a one-stop solution for all the online selling needs of a business. This makes it easier for entrepreneurs and enterprises to focus on business growth rather than spending time on dealing with multiple service providers. 

StoreHippo, the best ecommerce site builder has 300+ inbuilt features and it offers a mobile-ready, DIY(Do It Yourself) solution to build online stores, multi-vendor marketplaces, multi-store websites, multilingual websites or any other out of box ecommerce portal. 

Must-Have Features Of The Best Ecommerce Site Builder

A complete ecommerce software should be designed in a way that it takes care of every aspect of a business, right from building an online store to offering the tools to run the day to day process and operations, market the business and grow it to new customers, products and geographies.  gives you the end to end solution to start, run, market and grow your business. 

To put it simply it should have a host of essential and advanced modules. To begin with, the best ecommerce site builder should have the following modules:

  • Design themes to help create a wow online store
  • Product management to handle brands, products and inventory
  • Shopping cart to help customers add or wishlist products
  • Order management to keep track of orders and fulfilment
  • Multiple payment channels to facilitate easy checkouts
  • Marketing tools to run discounts and promotions
  • Tax engine to add multi-level taxes
  • Easy search and navigation for faster checkouts
  • Integrated shipping and logistics solution to deliver orders anywhere

These core or essential modules of the best ecommerce site builder StoreHippo help in building online stores that are future-ready. Built grounds up on the mobile-first principle we build stores that are fast, lightweight, engaging and conversion oriented. StoreHippo has comprehensive modules to build ecommerce websites for SMEs, wholesale businesses, enterprise businesses, and many custom and disruptive business models. 

How Does The Best Ecommerce Site Builder Help You Grow Your Business?

While a basic shopping cart software can survive during the initial phases of business it can restrict your growth as you establish your brand and make plans to reach new markets. Hence, it is imperative that your ecommerce store builder should have features that let you survive and thrive in the ecommerce market. 

The future-ready ecommerce solutions like StoreHippo give a winning edge to your business with tools that help you plan a variety of growth and marketing strategies. To help you reach new heights of success we offer a well rounded, stay-on platform that does not require additional apps or plugins.  

StoreHippo the best ecommerce site builder helps you grow your business by offering the following advanced features:

Extensive Customizations

Right from your themes to your checkout and logistics, you can customize everything as per your unique requirements. You can tweak the backend as well as the frontend to give the most memorable shopping experience to your customers.

Auto- Scalability

Powered by the MEAN stack, StoreHippo ecommerce platform is inherently scalable and supports your growing business. Your peak load seasons are handled without any downtime with our auto-scalable servers.

M-Commerce Advantage

All the stores built on StoreHippo the best ecommerce site builder are PWA (Progressive Web Apps). This means that you can easily engage your customers with stores that look, feel and work like native mobile apps on all the devices. Also, you can build Android and iOS apps for better customer reach that boosts mobile orders. 

Inbuilt Marketing Tools

 No business can grow without strong and strategic marketing. We offer a host of tools to run your promotions, discounts, coupons, create personalised marketing pages and offer segmented customer targeting for better marketing ROI. The SEO friendly platform also makes it easy to optimize your website and get higher SERP ranking and more organic traffic.

Content Tools

StoreHippo the best ecommerce site builder offers a solid Blog engine to help you build your brand recognition through content. The inherent content management capabilities help you create content to target various audience personas and address their concerns. This strategy pays long term dividends by creating a loyal customer base that keeps coming for more orders.

Personalised Communications

We help you improve your communications with personalised follow-ups using unified notifications(email, SMS, push). Real-time notifications help in converting faster and better.

Easy Integrations

A growing business needs a host of integrations. The best ecommerce site builder should allow your business to add any number of custom integrations like accounting software, ERP solutions, CRM, mailing software and any other software that makes your processes efficient and smooth. StoreHippo offers easy integrations to streamline your processes and let you grow.

We offer a comprehensive ecommerce software to help you create an online store and grow your business to new markets. 

Why StoreHippo Is The Best Ecommerce Site Builder?

StoreHippo’s advanced ecommerce platform offers a comprehensive solution to build and grow a variety of ecommerce businesses. Our solution has been tested in a number of live use cases and hence offers a robust and secure online store for your business. 

We have the experience and expertise of building complex ecommerce solutions like multi-vendor, multi-store, multilingual, multicurrency and enterprise-grade B2B online stores. All you need to make your mark in the ecommerce arena is a disruptive business idea and StoreHippo ecommerce platform.

Ready to explore StoreHippo, the best ecommerce site builder?  We recommend you to check our Ecommerce Software Features by starting your 14-day free trial now.