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Best Ecommerce Platform

Best ecommerce platform is ideally a turnkey ecommerce website builder that offers end-to-end solutions for building an online store, efficient tools to run the business and inbuilt solutions to grow it. To put it simply, the best ecommerce platform should be a complete ecommerce software that takes care of every aspect of the business and frees the owners to focus on business expansion.

With a bevy of ecommerce website builders in the market, it becomes imperative for businesses to choose their ecommerce solution provider with due diligence. While a simple shopping cart software could suffice for the initial requirements of some businesses, eventually they need a complete ecommerce software solution that offers order, inventory, product management along with inbuilt solutions for payments, logistics and marketing. 

The best ecommerce solutions should also offer SEO friendly platforms to help get better organic traffic with optimized content. Additionally, the best ecommerce platform should be equipped with reporting and analytics tools to give a better understanding of business insights.

Benefits Of Using The Best Ecommerce Platform

Turnkey ecommerce platforms have become very popular in recent years thanks to their numerous benefits. Businesses can gain a host of benefits by using the best ecommerce solutions that come with readymade solutions for different use cases and business models.

Some of the most important benefits of using the best ecommerce platform are

  • Faster development cycle compared to developing complete ecommerce software from scratch

  • Cost-effective solution as compared to building a legacy software

  • Battle-tested software which is already been used in live scenarios

  • Freedom from building, maintaining and upgrading the platform as this part is taken care by the ecommerce solutions providers

  • Easy to implement new business plans using the pre-built modules/features for diverse business models

  • Quickly adapts to market trends to remain competitive and offers latest and best ecommerce solutions for your business

  • Experienced support that solves your technical problems quickly thanks to expertise about their ecommerce website builder

StoreHippo, the best ecommerce platform for B2B and B2C ecommerce businesses offers all the above benefits to its customers. Designed grounds-up on the headless architecture StoreHippo offers decoupled frontend and backend. This architecture enables brands to use the best in class software and create innovative and agile solutions quickly. 

Features Of The Best Ecommerce Platform

The right or the most suitable ecommerce solution for every business might be different. For this reason, each business may list a unique set of features required in their best ecommerce solutions provider. However, whatever be the business model or the business requirements, following is the list of features that any ecommerce website builder should have to be qualified as the best ecommerce platform:

  • 360-degree solution to manage every aspect of the business like logistics, payments, accounting etc.

  • Future ready technology to give your business a competitive edge

  • Mobile ready complete ecommerce software that helps you leverage m-commerce

  • Beautiful and customizable themes for building engaging online stores

  • Flexibility to implement customizations for unique business requirements

  • Scalability to accommodate the needs of a growing business

  • Secure ecommerce website builder that can win customer trust

  • Inbuilt marketing solutions to grow your business

  • Easy to use and complete ecommerce software for various requirements of business owners as well as customers

  • Support for a variety of business models like online marketplace, multiple storefronts, multilingual websites, B2C and B2B ecommerce etc.

StoreHippo the best ecommerce platform for B2B and B2C businesses offers all the above features. Along with these StoreHippo also offers pre-integrated payment gateways and logistics solutions that help businesses offer frictionless checkout and seamless supply chain.

StoreHippo also comes with an inbuilt blog engine to help businesses build their brand identity.

Why StoreHippo Is The Best Ecommerce Platform For B2B And B2C Businesses

StoreHippo offers a SaaS-based complete ecommerce software designed to fulfill the diverse requirements of B2B and B2C ecommerce businesses. The inherent flexibility and scalability of StoreHippo make it the best ecommerce platform for large-scale ecommerce businesses.

StoreHippo is not just a simple ecommerce website builder, instead, it comes fully equipped with a host of enterprise-grade features and comprehensive B2C ecommerce solutions. This makes StoreHippo one of the best ecommerce solutions providers that combines B2B and B2C features to offer a complete ecommerce software solution for modern businesses.

The future-ready ecommerce solutions provider StoreHippo is designed on headless commerce architecture that allows brands to create omnichannel customer touchpoints. StoreHippo qualifies as the best ecommerce platform for every business as it comes with 300+ inbuilt features for powering a variety of ecommerce business models. With StoreHippo you can build a multi vendor marketplace, multi store ecommerce site, multilingual websites, custom enterprise ecommerce solutions and out of box ecommerce models in no time.

StoreHippo is a fully-integrated and best ecommerce solutions with 100+ integrations for logistics, payment gateways, ERP, CRM, accounting software, POS systems, marketing software. The SEO friendly platform helps you optimize your online store for better SERP rankings which in turn bring better organic traffic. 

StoreHippo, the best ecommerce platform is built on the mobile-first approach. All stores powered By StoreHippo are PWA and work like native apps when opened in a browser. StoreHippo also offers an inbuilt mobile app builder that creates Android and iOS apps at no additional cost. 

Along with these features, StoreHippo, the complete ecommerce software offers a transparent  pricing structure where you don’t need to pay for additional apps and plugins.

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