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Best B2B portal in India

Why your B2B company needs the best B2B portal in India

Enterprise brands need to invest in making the best B2B portal in India to tap the growing inclination of buyers to buy through digital channels. When B2B companies create their online B2B marketplace or store, they can enjoy many benefits like:

  • The best B2B portal in India helps brands expand their business reach beyond their geography by automating the entire process
  • B2B portals simplify the complex B2B business process
  • When brands build B2B online stores, their processes are modernized, standardised, and accessible from a central control
  • B2B businesses can boost their business by adopting hybrid business models like B2B2C using advanced B2B ecommerce solutions
  • The best B2B portal in India enables enterprise companies to offer customized solutions to their B2B customers. For example, personalized deals based on order history
  • B2B brands can easily access buyers’ insights on the B2B portal to make informed decisions
  • B2B businesses can significantly reduce their sales cycle by using features like multi-pricing, RFQ, MOQ, etc
  • Automation is introduced at multiple levels which minimizes error and boosts efficiency
  • Easier to go to the international market by localizing and internationalizing the B2B portal in India with multilingual features, multi-currency features, etc.
  • Easier and more efficient to manage businesses, vendors, and clients from a central dashboard

How to build the best B2B portal in India

Enterprise brands have two major options to consider while building their B2B online store

These are :

Custom Development: The first option is to build a B2B portal from scratch. This option requires an in-house IT team or connecting with a website development company/agency. Custom development often results in a lengthy development and testing process.

B2B Ecommerce Solution: Another option for enterprise brands is to choose the top B2B ecommerce solution provider to build the best B2B portal in India. In this option, brands use a B2B ecommerce platform that provides pre-tested and customized solutions to set up the best B2B portal. 

Here is the step-wise guide to building the best B2B portal in India using the top ecommerce platform

  • Explore various B2B ecommerce platforms and find the one that offers 360-degree solutions tailored to your business requirements. 
  • Get a domain name that represents your brand identity or use your business name as a domain
  • Select a suitable plan offered by the selected B2B ecommerce solution provider
  • Customize the B2B website for your unique brand requirements
  • Create the mobile apps for your B2b marketplace
  • Onboard sellers, distributors, suppliers, and manufacturers to your B2B portal
  • Integrate payment and logistics solutions to streamline the checkout and order fulfillment process respectively
  • Make strategic marketing planning to increase brand recognition
  • Provide customer support for your B2B customers
  • Customize your B2B portal to meet your unique brand requirements

By following these steps, enterprise brands can easily set up their best B2B portal in India.  StoreHippo is a leading Saas-based B2B ecommerce platform that offers 300+ enterprise-grade features to build B2B online store. B2B businesses of every size and scale can avail the StoreHippo’s features and integrated solutions to build a B2B website

What are the must-have features of the best B2B portal in India

To create the best B2B portal, brands should select the best B2B ecommerce platform that provides enterprise-grade features.

Here are the must-have features of the best B2B portal in India:

  • Built on the latest technology stack to keep the B2B brand ahead of the competition
  • Ability to build tailored solution and offer personalized recommendations to different B2B buyers
  • Mobile-ready solutions to help B2B buyers to easily create mobile apps for their B2B business
  • Responsive and scalable website design to be easily accessed on every screen size including Mobile devices, laptops, desktops, tablets, etc
  • Multi-pricing to offer different prices to different b2b buyers based on order volume, order frequency, etc
  • Host of B2B features like RFQ, MOQ, multi-pricing, credit wallet, user based login etc.
  • Bulk order processing to avoid any error while handling bulk orders
  • Audit log, custom user roles, restricted login, etc. to provide multi-level security
  • 360-degree solutions to manage the commissions, payouts etc of onboarded vendors
  • Integrated customer management and order management tools for complex B2B business management
  • Integration with payment gateways and logistics solutions to streamline  the payment and order fulfilment
  • SEO and marketing tools to help make informed decisions for business growth

How StoreHippo helps you build the best B2B portal in India

StoreHippo is a leading SaaS-based B2B ecommerce platform. StoreHippo provides top features to build the best B2B portal in India. StoreHippo’s best B2B ecommerce platform solutions are not only limited to domestic markets but also help B2B companies to grow internationally. 

Here are the top features that make StoreHippo a top ecommerce platform for B2B business: 

  • Built on the latest MEAN stack technology to provide 360-degree B2B ecommerce solutions to enterprise brands
  • MACH architecture offers complete flexibility, scalability, and agility to build the best B2B portal in India
  • Self-servicing features like RFQ, MOQ, multi-pricing, tiered pricing, and bulk-order processing simplify the complex B2B model
  • Inbuilt mobile app builder to build B2B apps for Android and iOS devices with absolutely no coding and zero cost
  • Mobile apps for Admin, B2B buyers, Vendors, Delivery boys, etc
  • Decoupled headless architecture to add multiple touchpoints with the same API and backend logic 
  • StoreHippo's multi-lingual support for 100+ languages helps to build the best B2B portal in India to excel in the International market
  • Go-global features like multi-currency payment, and a powerful tax engine to convert customers in the International market
  • StoreHippo is integrated with 120+ solutions for CRM, accounting, logistics, payment, etc
  • Built-in SEO and marketing tools to build an SEO-optimized B2B portal for better ranking on Google results
  • PCI DSS-compliant B2B ecommerce platform with features like audit log, free SSL, and multi-level security
  • Support diverse business models that B2B brands can adopt simultaneously to increase return on investment

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