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Best B2B app in India

Why do enterprise wholesale businesses need the best B2B app in India

The B2B ecommerce companies in India are pivoting to digital shopping channels as the B2B buyers are conditioned by their B2C shopping experiences. B2B marketplace apps offer ease of shopping and help brands resonate with digital-age consumers by providing them with features like self-exploration and self-service. When buyers can access the marketplace app at their fingertips, they tend to make quick buying decisions, thus boosting the ticket size. 

The B2B apps market is expected to reach $140 billion by 2023, making buyers prefer modern buying techniques over traditional sales-person-aided buying. Here are a few reasons why business-to-business apps are gaining huge popularity in recent years:

  • Rise in internet penetration and huge access to mobile phones 
  • For optimization processes and automation 
  • Increasing demand for omnichannel brand visibility 
  • Helps in real-time data collection of customer behavior
  • Help businesses offer extreme personalization

What are the benefits of having the best B2B app in India

With the best B2B app in India, wholesale brands can offer an enhanced user experience to their customers. Advanced marketplace apps help business-to-business brands to offer features like self-service and self-exploration making it easy for their customers to make their buying decisions. The marketplace app also helps brands to offer an extremely personalized buyer journey and better engagement. 

Here is how B2B marketplace app helps businesses:

  • New and direct sales channel that is highly preferred by the buyers 
  • Reach new markets and customers where mobile apps are the only modes of shopping 
  • Boost brand engagement as customers can now shop on the go 
  • Increase in the ticket size with in-app purchases
  • Easy and quick to implement personalized recommendations
  • Boost customer loyalty by increasing the time spent on the best B2B apps in India 
  • Easy to transition to omnichannel with apps and PWA stores 
  • Access to rich customer data from various channels
  • Provides a competitive edge with apps
  • Helps make strategic business decisions with access to customer behavior data 

Going with marketplace apps helps enterprise marketplaces streamline their business opportunities. The app, however, should be tailor-made to meet the unique requirements of the business as well as the customers. StoreHippo’s B2B ecommerce solutions come with an inbuilt mobile apps builder to help businesses go to the market in record time and build their B2B marketplace app without any coding. 

What are the must-have features in the best B2B app in India 

The ecommerce industry in India has seen a boom in mobile commerce in recent years. It has led every business into exploring ways to connect and engage with their customers on their smartphones. Having a well-built and engaging marketplace app for the business has become the prime goal today.

Here is a list of must-have features in the best B2B app in India:


A mobile app should be easy to use not only for the end customers but also for the vendors, dealers, distributors etc. who have to efficiently manage their products, orders, price requests etc. A feature-rich app will help businesses manage their day-to-day operations seamlessly from anywhere. With StoreHippo, brands can build their apps right from their admin dashboard without any coding.

Engaging design

Business-to-business apps must be engaging and attractive to be able to convert potential customers. Designing conversion-oriented mobile apps and altering the designs as and when required should not be tiresome. StoreHippo comes with an in-built design themes library to easily help brands play around with different designs on your B2B marketplace app. With the easy drag-and-drop tool, brands can create professional-looking designs in just a few clicks with no coding required. 

Real-time interactions

The B2B buyers look for a seamless shopping experience with real-time interaction and live chat options. When the brands become available for their customers 24x7 and are quick in resolving the issues and aiding the queries, they can seamlessly boost their traffic and increase conversions. StoreHippo enables brands to communicate with their customers in real-time with push notifications

Abandoned cart follow-up

Incomplete orders and abandonment of carts are common in the ecommerce industry. B2B marketplace in India can recover their abandoned cart by sending them automated follow-up notifications or emails. StoreHippo comes with an order log feature to help businesses access complete information about the order like when the order was dropped by the customer. It also comes with a feature to send automated mails to customers with personalized messages and offers.

Tiered pricing

B2B buyers are price sensitive and do multiple rounds of negotiation before finalizing a purchase. With tiered pricing on their B2B online marketplace, the brands can do away with a few rounds of negotiations. StoreHippo comes with an in-built tiered pricing system where business-to-business brands can quickly implement and manage multi-pricing on their marketplace app. 


A complete digital self-service model is widely preferred over sales representative-driven buying today. With a feature to introduce forms and eliminate the need for salespeople, brands can offer a faster buying experience to the customers. StoreHippo helps B2B marketplace in India to interact with the customers via custom forms. Once the query is registered a sales team can follow up with the customer and offer personalized solutions. 


Brands need to digitize their business set-up. A one-stop solution that helps build, run, and manage the marketplace app can go a long way. StoreHippo helps brands assign multiple user roles to their internal team and secure the portal by restricting access to different levels of users. 

StoreHippo B2B ecommerce solutions help brands to build the best B2B apps in India. Business-to-business brands can seamlessly boost their conversions and ROI with the advanced features offered by StoreHippo.

Why choose StoreHippo to build the best B2B app in India

StoreHippo offers the most flexible and scalable B2B ecommerce platform for high-volume large-scale businesses from various industry verticals. It helps in building cutting-edge B2B ecommerce websites and seamlessly adapting digital selling across channels. 

StoreHippo is designed on the mobile-first principle that comes with an in-built mobile apps builder. It helps B2B ecommerce companies in India to build single or multiple mobile apps for their different storefronts. Brands can build Android or iOS mobile apps right from their admin dashboard at zero additional costs and with no coding required. 

StoreHippo offers full support for multiple languages in mobile apps as well. Brands can choose from 100+ languages including right to left languages like Arabic with StoreHippo ecommerce solutions. Brands can also seamlessly integrate multiple payment options on their B2B marketplace apps with StoreHippo’s 30+ pre-integrated domestic and international payment gateways

With 300+ inbuilt features and 120+ integrations, B2B online marketplaces can build tailor-made solutions for their brand. The omnichannel solutions help brands to connect with the customers across multiple channels. StoreHippo also supports a variety of business models like multi-vendor marketplace, multi-store, hyperlocal ecommerce, quick commerce, global commerce, D2C, B2B2C, B2C etc, while also enabling brands to build hybrid business models. 

Ready to build the best B2B apps in India with StoreHippo ecommerce solutions? Explore the enterprise-grade features by starting your 14-day free trial now.