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B2B2C multi vendor marketplace

What is a B2B2C multi vendor marketplace

The B2B2C multi vendor marketplace is a marketplace set up where a parent B2B brand caters to B2C buyers by partnering with a number of partner sellers/ retailers/distributors etc. 

The B2B2C end buyer base is the same but the parent brand and its partners work on different business models. Basically, the parent brand and its partners create the B2B part of the business whereas the vendor partners create the B2C part by selling to the end buyers

Say a marketplace built by brand A connects with other businesses and uses their products or services to sell to a common audience base via the same B2B2C ecommerce platform. Here brand A can onboard a number of sellers or businesses to offer diverse catalogs to their end customers. 

Brand A does not may or may not produce the products/services that the end users consume. Brand A, provides assistance or services like technical solutions, logistics, training etc to the partner sellers listed on the B2B2C website.  

What are the benefits of building a B2B2C multi vendor marketplace

By building a B2B2C website set-up, enterprise brands can unlock new growth opportunities for their business. Here are a few benefits of building a B2B2C multi vendor marketplace for your enterprise business:

  • Boosts revenue by reaching new customer segment
  • Create new business opportunities for your sellers or business partners
  • Easy to partner with new sellers by offering them a complete digital infrastructure
  • Able to combine different ancillary products or industries to scale up to new customers
  • Reduce overhead costs by partnering with local sellers or vendors as partners 
  • Boost brand loyalty by onboarding with retailers loved by the customers
  • Gain loyal customers by offering ease of buying on your B2B2C marketplace website
  • Quick access to customer data helps to make data-driven business decisions
  • Opportunity to quickly cross-sell and up-sell products 

The enterprise businesses can unlock new opportunities and power their business with B2B2C ecommerce solutions. To create a well-rounded B2B2C multi vendor marketplace, brands need a robust ecommerce solution like StoreHippo. It comes with a built-in solution for all your B2B2C strategies. 

What are the must-have features to build a B2B2C multi vendor marketplace

Finding the right technology solution that can handle the requirements of a B2B2C marketplace can be tiresome. However, when businesses know the right features to look for, they can easily handle the versatile marketplace solution. 

Here are some must-have features to build a B2B2C multi vendor marketplace:

  • Future-ready solution that is scalable and flexible so the businesses can handle enterprise-level order volumes, multiple partners, customers, payments etc. 
  • Offers ease of managing and running the business, it's product catalogs, the high-volume orders, quick customer service, etc 
  • Ability to make quick changes on the platform as and when needed
  • Offering a customized and personalized buyer journey to the end users 
  • Seamlessly integrate with software for multi-level business operations
  • Easy to grow to new business verticals like adding more sellers and products

With the right features at their disposal, enterprise ecommerce businesses can carve a niche for their brand seamlessly. StoreHippo comes with the plug and play solution so the brands do not require additional apps or extensions to build hybrid B2B2C ecommerce solutions. 

How does StoreHippo help build a B2B2C multi vendor marketplace

StoreHippo enterprise ecommerce solution is designed on next-gen technology that can handle the complexity of B2B2C ecommerce businesses effortlessly. It is built on the future-ready MACH architecture that gives enterprise brands the flexibility and scalability to build tailor-made solutions for their unique business needs. Brands can quickly tweak the platform inside-out without having to alter the entire ecosystem. 

With 300+ built-in features and tools to manage the day-to-day business operations, StoreHippo enables enterprises to quickly launch, pivot and scale their marketplaces to any number of products and sellers. It helps businesses add multiple touchpoints on their B2B2C ecommerce platform using the same backend logic and APIs and connect with their customers across all channels loved by the customers.

The headless ecommerce architecture enables businesses to easily customize their B2B2C website designs, checkouts, order process, product catalogue, and other functionalities. Brands can create new landing pages to run a special campaign or target a specific audience group. With the rich design themes library and the drag-and-drop feature from StoreHippo, even novice users can seamlessly create new and unique designs without the need for coding. 

Built on a mobile-first approach, StoreHippo helps enterprise brands engage better with their customers by creating B2B2C mobile apps right from their dashboards without the need for coding. Brands can also create the most engaging B2B2C marketplace website with its 150+ pre-integrated solutions. It helps brands integrate with the best-in-breed solution and software on their ecommerce platform. Brands can also create native solutions for multiple business models like B2B2C multi vendor marketplace, multi-store ecommerce, hyperlocal marketplace, B2B ecommerce, hybrid business models etc. 

Ready to build your own B2B2C multi vendor marketplace with the StoreHippo ecommerce solutions? Explore the 300+ features by starting your 14-day free trial now.