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B2B Websites in India

Why do enterprise wholesale brands need to build their B2B websites in India?

B2B websites in India have become the norm in recent years.  With ecommerce breaking geographical barriers and giving brands a better opportunity to grow, building their own B2B portal in India is an attempt by enterprise brands to match pace with the changing market trends. 

B2B ecommerce grew 2X between 2013 and 2019 and the global B2B ecommerce market was valued at $14.9 trillion in 2020. B2B ecommerce is expected to maintain a CAGR of 19.7% between 2022 and 2030. To modernize their wholesale business and to get better customer engagement and conversions, B2B brands resorted to building their ecommerce website as well as B2B app in India. With more and more buyers showing a preference for digital buying channels building an online B2B marketplace can be one of the best business decisions for enterprise wholesale brands.

How to build B2B websites in India?

The first step toward building B2B websites in India would be to lay down the specifications of the business. Also, it is important to consider the business growth strategy and the kind of business model the business wants to follow. Once these requirements are decided the enterprise brand should look for a B2B ecommerce platform that has already built successful use cases of diverse B2B portals as well as B2B marketplaces in India along with marketplace apps.

Some brands can also decide to set up their own IT team and build their B2B websites in India from scratch. However, this process can take quite a long time and delay their go-to-market.

For B2B brands looking for a swift, hassle-free and streamlined online transition, opting for a turnkey B2B solution is the best way to build a B2B portal in India. With their experience and expertise in powering B2B brands,  turnkey B2B solutions are able to offer battle-tested solutions for business automation, and a host of B2B features for streamlining the complex B2B processes.

StoreHippo enterprise ecommerce platform comes with built-in B2B ecommerce solutions for building B2B websites in India. StoreHippo comes with a rich set of B2B features that gives Indian wholesale brands a level playing field with global B2B brands. Designed to accelerate business growth StoreHippo not only offers solutions for building B2B websites in India but also has a rich set of go-global solutions to take the B2B brand to global markets.

What are the advantages of building B2B websites in India?

Buyer behaviour has undergone a major shift in recent years. Pandemic-related restrictions and increased penetration of mobile and internet connectivity have made buying online the preferred way of business for buyers across the globe. 

B2B brands can have the following advantages by building their B2B portal in India:

  • Modernize the overall business for better efficiency and streamlined operations

  • Reach new markets by opening up the business for customers beyond a limited geographical area

  • Easily pivot to new business models by using tested ecommerce solutions for building online marketplaces, network of multiple stores or B2B websites in India

  • Boost orders with automated cross-sell and upsell features

  • Connect better with customers by offering personalized buyer journeys through multilingual websites, personalized landing pages, multiple payment and shipping solutions, personalised pricing and product catalogues etc.

  • Shorten the sales cycle by automating processes and offering self-service to B2B buyers

  • Easily scale to new product lines or new markets by onboarding sellers from different locations and product lines

  • Go omnichannel, build B2B websites in India along with PWA stores, B2B apps, add a buy button to your social pages or make any new age customer touchpoints commerce-able to sell to your customers on their preferred channels

  • Make ordering and checkouts simplified by offering multiple payment options and enabling multi-currency checkouts and invoicing for international customers

  • Get data-driven insights through analytics to plan and strategize business better

StoreHippo B2B ecommerce platform comes loaded with 300+ enterprise features and 120+ integrations along with exclusive B2B features. With StoreHippo enterprise wholesale brands can build cutting-edge B2B solutions tailor-made for their brand. Designed on MACH (Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native, Headless) architecture, StoreHippo gives B2B brands the creative freedom and agility to build the best B2B websites in India.

StoreHippo’s inbuilt B2B features like RFQ, Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ), multi pricing, customizable forms, tiered pricing, restricted login, credit management etc. help B2B brands speed up their negotiations and order processes. 

With inbuilt support for omnichannel selling, multi vendor marketplace, hyperlocal ecommerce, multi store functionality, B2B2C model etc. StoreHippo helps wholesale brands quickly design their own hybrid solutions and build disruptive B2B websites in India.

Why choose StoreHippo to build B2B websites in India

StoreHippo's pure headless ecommerce platform makes it easy for enterprise brands to build their portals and B2B marketplace in India by offering a customizable, low-code, DIY ecommerce platform. Its built-in B2B features and ease of use give the B2B customers a B2C-like ease of shopping on websites powered by StoreHippo.

Built on the mobile-first principle all websites built on StoreHippo are PWAs. This singular feature makes StoreHippo powered B2B portal in India easily accessible even on entry-level devices and areas where internet connectivity is poor. StoreHippo’s inbuilt mobile apps builder also makes it possible for wholesale brands to build their own Android and iOS B2B apps in India. StoreHippo also comes with built-in admin mobile app, apps for vendors, delivery boys etc. to make it possible for the B2B brands to run their business on the go.

With StoreHippo’s headless architecture brands can use the same backend logic and APIs to design different frontends preferred by the new-age buyers. StoreHippo’s gamut of marketing tools, powerful blog engine, SEO-friendly platform along with its discount engine and inbuilt reporting and analytics tools help wholesale brands to implement a variety of marketing strategies.

StoreHippo also offers multi-level security on its PCI-DSS compliant ecommerce platform. Enterprise wholesale brands can implement granular security by assigning different user  roles and checking for audit logs to control damages.

Ready to get started with your brand’s B2b websites in India? Check out StoreHippo success stories to take inspiration for your own B2b portal and marketplace. Explore StoreHippo’s B2B ecommerce features by booking your free demo right away.