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B2B shopping app

What is a B2B shopping app 

A B2B shopping app is a software application that runs on mobile devices, enabling B2B users to shop on the go. It brings the B2B brands and their marketplaces to the buyers’ smartphones building a mobile commerce presence for wholesale brands. Mobile apps offer ease and convenience to buy and sell products or services on the go. With apps, wholesale customers also get access to their favorite brand’s shop conveniently whatever they might be doing.. 

As the ecommerce landscape continues to gravitate toward mobile commerce, the use of B2B wholesale apps continues to grow. Mobile shopping apps have become the go-to channel for millions of buyers because of the comfort they offer buyers.   

What are the benefits of having a B2B shopping app

B2B shopping apps have provided business-to-business buyers with a B2C-like shopping experience. Modern buyers look for a wholesome shopping experience conditioned with features like self-exploration and self-services. With a mobile app brands can go a long way towards meeting such needs of their buyers. B2B brands can create personalized user experiences, offer better engagement, and convert potential buyers with the best B2B apps. 

Here are a few benefits of building B2B marketplace apps:

  • Opens up new and modern sales channels as also demanded by the customers
  • Helps B2B brands reach new markets where apps are easily accessible
  • Increases the order volume as in-app purchases have bigger ticket sizes
  • Boosts brand engagement as the customers can engage and shop on the go
  • Helps send personalized notifications to the customers with product recommendations and offer updates
  • Easy to transition to omnichannel selling with the best B2B apps and PWA stores
  • Access to rich customer data with social channel login, sharing, etc
  • Helps make strategic marketing plans with customer behaviour data  

With more than 70% of the B2B searches happening on mobile devices, brands can quickly make their presence felt in the ecommerce landscape. However, to build the most engaging and converting B2B marketplace app, brands need a robust B2B app builder like StoreHippo. 

What are the challenges to building a B2B shopping app 

Building a mobile shopping app for the B2B ecommerce platform can pose various challenges. The first step towards successfully taking the mcommerce route would be to first understand the requirements and the challenges in mobile app development. 

Here are a few challenges faced by businesses in building their mobile apps:

  • Finding the right tech solutions partner to understand the complex requirements of B2B business
  • Designing the marketplace app and strategizing the UI/UX that attracts customers
  • Device compatibility like the right screen size for different devices
  • Building a conversion-oriented engaging marketplace app for B2B buyers 
  • Syncing the website updates on the shopping app in real time
  • Providing the best and seamless shopping experience to the end users
  • Ensuring the security of clients and their personal data they share on the app
  • Staying within the budget while building the best B2B apps

To survive the tough ecommerce competition and grab the B2B buyers on the app, brands need robust B2B ecommerce solutions. StoreHippo mobile app builder helps brands overcome the real challenges of building a mobile app and go to the market in record time. 

How to build B2B shopping apps 

B2B enterprise brands can take one of the following two ways to build their B2B shopping apps. 

  • Build the app from scratch by coding with the help of a professional
  • Use an ecommerce platform that comes with a built-in app builder

When enterprise brands choose to build marketplace apps from scratch, it costs them a lot of time and money as compared to the other shortcut methods of building mobile apps. Using a SaaS-based B2B ecommerce platform that comes with an in-built mobile apps builder helps brands build apps in just a few easy clicks.

Here is a list of reasons why businesses should choose an ecommerce platform to build B2B apps:

  • Cost-effective solution that eliminates the recurring cost of coding required to maintain and upgrade the app
  • Provides inherent flexibility to customize and change the app as the market requires 
  • Allows scope for rapid growth with its scalable infrastructure
  • Enables seamless integrations with various third-party softwares
  • Helps automate processes to ensure faster and error-free business operations

StoreHippo B2B ecommerce solutions come with built-in mobile apps builder to help brands build user-friendly and conversion-oriented shopping apps. Business-to-business brands can build iOS and Android apps seamlessly without the need for coding. 

Why StoreHippo is the best B2B shopping app builder

Built grounds-up on a mobile-first principle, StoreHippo offers solutions to build the best B2B apps. Enterprise brands can build out-of-box B2B solutions with the inbuilt B2B features from StoreHippo. The online store builder helps brands build not only the B2B shopping app but multiple mobile apps for various store fronts.

StoreHippo enables businesses to easily and quickly build B2B mobile apps right from their dashboard in just a few clicks without the need for coding. Brands can create conversion-oriented, well-designed shopping apps for their customers with the rich design theme library from StoreHippo.The rich design theme library helps brands create professional-looking designs using its drag-and-drop feature. 

StoreHippo comes with a host of tools and features like push notifications, personalized shopping, etc. With B2B wholesale apps, brands can also use the live chat and real-time interaction options to up-sell and cross-sell their products. With StoreHippo, business-to-business brands can automate their marketing and offer custom promotions to boost their sales. And, when customers leave their orders mid-way, StoreHippo also enables enterprise brands to recover the abandoned cart by sending automated emails for follow-up. 

StoreHippo comes with 300+ inbuilt features and 120+ integrations to help B2B ecommerce platforms build tailor-made mobile apps for their customers. With the omnichannel solutions from StoreHippo, brands can connect with their customers on multiple touchpoints. StoreHippo also offers multiple marketing tools and features like a powerful discount engine to offer multi-level discounts, personalized notifications, an SEO-friendly platform that has a powerful blog engine, etc. to help market the B2B marketplace app.

With the global solutions from StoreHippo, B2B brands can also reach global customers with their B2B shopping app. StoreHippo offers 60+ pre-integrated domestic and international payment gateways to help offer a frictionless payment process and 30+ pre-integrated logistics solutions to offer a seamless shipping process.

Explore the B2B ecommerce solutions by StoreHippo by starting your 14-day free trial now.