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B2B platforms in India

What is meant by B2B platforms in India

B2B platforms in India is a solution provider that offers robust ecommerce solutions to help enterprise businesses go digital. Such platforms come with a host of enterprise-grade features that make it easy for wholesale B2B businesses to build an online store and offer a seamless shopping experience. With the help of a robust ecommerce platform, B2B brands can create conversion-oriented feature-rich marketplaces. 

Since B2B businesses are more complex and require advanced features than a B2C business setup, brands need the best B2B ecommerce solutions at hand. With the high volume order size, larger entities to deal with, bulk orders, complex tax calculations, etc, brands look for a robust platform that can cover all aspects of a B2B business. These solutions are designed to accommodate the unique requirements of a large-scale business like handling manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers & brands.

What are the benefits of using B2B platforms in India to power your business

Building a wholesale B2B marketplace India for enterprise business requires a strategic plan that ensures growth. There are two different ways of building a marketplace for your business:

  • Build the marketplace from scratch. This process requires an expert team of developers and a substantial amount of time and budget.
  • Use a turnkey ecommerce solution that offers a plug-and-play solution to build tailored solutions for the unique requirements of your business.   

As brands use the turnkey solution provider, they can benefit in different ways. Here are a few benefits of using the best B2B ecommerce solutions to build an enterprise marketplace:

  • Cost-effective solution as compared to the legacy software for building advanced ecommerce solutions for enterprises
  • Easy-to-use solution designed for vendors and distributors going online first time or with limited technical know-how
  • Quick to go to the market with battle-tested solutions that are designed for the unique needs of large-volume businesses
  • Technologically advanced ecommerce software that helps align business with current and future market needs
  • Automatic upgrades and maintenance are taken care of by the solution provider 

StoreHippo B2B online marketplace India offers comprehensive solutions to build a conversion-oriented marketplace for B2B wholesale businesses. It comes with 300+ built-in features and 120+ integrations to make it easy for you to build innovative solutions for your B2B enterprise business.   

What are the must-have features of B2B platform in India

To build an online store for B2B enterprise businesses, brands need access to robust, well-rounded, and feature-rich solution providers. However, the needs and requirements may vary from business to business, there are certain features that every business must look for in their solution provider.

Here is a list of must-have features of B2B platforms in India:

  • Cutting-edge technology that helps build the best B2B portal in India and keeps the brand ahead of the curve
  • Easy-to-use for all the parties involved like sellers, admins, internal teams, etc with the intuitive vendor dashboard
  • Host of built-in B2B features that make everyday business easier and efficient
  • Quick customizations to adapt to the ever-changing market scenario and shifting customer needs
  • A comprehensive solution to onboard and manage sellers and distributors, view their day-to-day business, manage their commissions, payouts, etc.
  • Support for a variety of business models like multistore, multi vendor, hyperlocal commerce, B2B2C, hybrid models, etc.
  • Mcommerce solutions like PWA stores, and mobile apps for customers, admins, etc to handle business on the go 
  • Multi-level security features like free SSL certificate, PCI-DSS compliant platform, audit log, custom user roles, etc to build a secure online store 
  • Host of marketing tools that help strategize marketing solutions for unparalleled business growth 
  • Streamlined delivery management solutions for quick and efficient delivery of bulk orders             

StoreHippo helps build the best B2B portal in India with its 360-degree ecommerce solutions. Brands can have access to all of the above-mentioned features along with various other features to support day-to-day business activities. The SaaS-based wholesale B2B marketplace India comes with inherent flexibility and scalability to accommodate the unique business-to-business needs of the enterprise brand.       

Why StoreHippo is the best solution to build B2B platforms in India  

StoreHippo ecommerce solutions are designed to help brands build the most unique marketplaces. Built on MEAN stack and MACH architecture, StoreHippo offers inherent flexibility and agility to build the most innovative solutions for B2B online marketplace India. StoreHippo is well equipped to handle the complex requirements of B2B enterprise businesses and supports various business models along with B2B models. Brands can seamlessly build B2C, D2C, B2B2C, online marketplaces, multi-store, hyperlocal commerce etc businesses with StoreHippo solutions. 

To help create the best B2B portal in India, StoreHippo comes with a rich design theme library. With the easy drag-and-drop tool, even novice sellers with little prior knowledge of coding and designing can seamlessly create different designs for their B2B marketplace. StoreHippo is built on a decoupled headless architecture that helps create a personalized shopping experience for B2B customers. Brands can also send out personalized notifications in real-time to convert potential customers. 

StoreHippo, the best B2B ecommerce solutions comes with a built-in mobile app to help brands build Android or iOS B2B apps right from their admin dashboard at zero additional costs and without the need for coding. StoreHippo also offers multiple marketplace apps for vendors, delivery boys, admin etc. to help the brands run and manage their business on the go. Online stores created by StoreHippo are also PWA stores that look, feel, and work like mobile apps even on entry-level devices, and work in poor internet connectivity. 

As brands build their wholesale B2B marketplace India with StoreHippo, they get access to a powerful tax engine that supports multi-tier taxes and has full support for GST. Brands can implement multi-level taxes based on the location they are operating in. StoreHippo has 60+ pre-integrated payment gateways and 30+ logistics solutions to help B2B brands offer a seamless checkout experience and create a streamlined delivery system. Brands can also manage their own fleet of delivery boys on the wholesale B2B marketplace India with the delivery boy management solutions from StoreHippo. 

Ready to build an online store for your B2B enterprise business with the best B2B platform in India, StoreHippo? Explore the enterprise-grade features by starting your 14-day free trial now.