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B2B Marketplace Script

What is a B2B marketplace script

B2B marketplace script is a marketplace software that can be used by enterprise B2B brands to build B2B multi vendor websites like Amazon Business, Alibaba or IndiaMART. A B2B marketplace has inbuilt modules, tools and features that help a whole marketplace brand to run the entire business digitally.

While writing their own  B2B marketplace script from scratch is always an option for enterprise wholesale brands, more and more brands are now using turnkey SaaS marketplace platforms to go online. SaaS-based tested ecommerce B2B marketplace software gives brands a head-start as they save a lot of development time and resources.   

An advanced B2B marketplace script offers a tested solution that can be customized to build a tailor-made B2B multi vendor platform for enterprise brands. 

What are the benefits of using a marketplace script

B2B marketplace scripts are the clone of popular and successful B2B marketplaces. They have the advantage of being a tested solution that has been performing for diverse use cases in live scenarios. This uniqueness makes B2B marketplace scripts a trusted software that gives enterprise wholesale brands a head-start.

The key benefits of using a B2B marketplace script are:

  • Easy and fast launch reduces time-to-revenue

  • Hassle-free development without worries of taking care of IT infrastructure, upgrades, maintenance etc.

  • Future-ready solutions built on cutting-edge technologies

  • Cost-effective online B2B marketplace solution as compared to developing from scratch

  • No coding knowledge needed to create a B2B marketplace 

  • Easy to use B2B marketplace software for the admins, vendors and clients

  • Scope to create innovative solutions by integrating B2B marketplace platform with best-in-breed software 

  • Automatic upgrades to software in-keeping with changing market demands 

  • Scalable B2B marketplace solutions designed for different stages of  fast-growing enterprise brands

  • After-sales support to help with understanding, exploring and implementing business-specific changes

StoreHippo’s B2B marketplace script comes with all the above benefits and 300+ inbuilt features to build, run and grow a wholesale marketplace business. Trusted by B2B brands across diverse industries, StoreHippo builds future-ready B2B marketplace solutions that can scale to any number of users, vendors, products, geographies, languages etc. 

What are the must-have features of a good B2B marketplace script

While having the same Admin-vendor-customer setup, B2B marketplaces need a lot of other features to complete a B2B sales cycle. To effortlessly and efficiently run a B2B marketplace website, your B2B marketplace script should have the following must-have features:

  • B2B-Specific Features : B2B sales involve a lot of negotiations and multi-level decision making. To automate and streamline this process your B2B multi vendor marketplace script should have features like RFQ, custom form builder, multi-pricing, minimum order quantity, custom invoices, multi-level taxation etc.

  • Ease to build Hybrid B2B Marketplaces: An advanced B2B marketplace platform should have inbuilt support for various popular business models like location-based stores, hyperlocal ecommerce, omnichannel solutions etc. so brands can build their hybrid marketplace to disrupt the market.

  • Easy Vendor Management: Managing vendors, their inventory, payouts, commissions etc. should be automated. The marketplace platform should have inbuilt features for comprehensive vendor management.

  • Support for Multiple Payment Methods: B2B payments are not as simple as B2C ones. To make payments smooth and streamlined, the B2B multi seller solution should support multiple payment options like payment gateways, netbanking, COD, digital wallets etc.

  • Mobile Commerce Solutions: Just like B2C, B2B ecommerce is also gravitating towards mobile commerce. Your B2B marketplace script should have features and apps to leverage mobile commerce.

  • Seamless Integrations: Integrations with best-in-breed software and tools goes a long way in building future-ready solutions that have an edge over the competition. Your B2B marketplace platform should seamlessly integrate with the software of your choice to create innovative solutions to run and grow your business.

  • Tools for Marketing: A host of marketing tools are needed to promote a B2B marketplace brand. For offering location, order-volume, vendor-specific or any other type of discount, your B2b marketplace script should have inbuilt tools that implement these easily.

  • Streamlined Delivery Solutions: B2B deliveries are usually bulk deliveries. Also, vendors use their own delivery agents and logistics providers to deliver the orders. Your B2B multi vendor marketplace script should have pre-integrated logistics solutions along with modules to automate the shipping process and manage the delivery boys for different vendors.

  • Glocal Solutions: A B2B marketplace needs glocal (global+local) solutions to grow beyond borders. A B2B marketplace script that has an inbuilt multilingual feature, a powerful tax engine to implement geography-based taxes, multicurrency payments to facilitate frictionless global orders is the best-suited solution for fast-growing B2B  brands.

StoreHippo B2B marketplace script has all the above features and many more to help. With such rich tools, StoreHippo offers the best in market multi-vendor clone script for your business. 

Why StoreHippo is the best B2B Marketplace Script 

StoreHippo offers a flexible and scalable B2B marketplace platform that is designed for the diverse requirements of enterprise B2B brands. StoreHippo has already built out-of-box B2B marketplaces for clients across the globe. 

Built on MACH architecture (Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native, Headless), Storehippo makes it easy for B2B businesses to transition into an omnichannel brand by easily adding new customer touchpoints. The mobile-ready platform comes with an inbuilt mobile apps builder that creates Android and iOS mobile apps without any coding. Also, Storehippo has different mobile apps for the dealers, vendors, administrators, delivery boys etc. so the complete marketplace business can be run on the go.

With complete solutions for B2B business processes, comprehensive vendor management solutions, automated solutions for inventory and order management, running a B2B marketplace powered by storeHippo is a breeze.

Ready to grow your business to new markets with a battle-tested B2b marketplace script? Check our B2B Marketplace Use Cases to explore how StoreHippo has helped enterprise B2B brands grow like never before.  Explore our features by booking your free demo right away.