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B2B Ecommerce India

What is the significance of B2B ecommerce India?

B2B ecommerce India is hot with more and more wholesale brands adopting digital channels to grow their sales. With close to two-thirds of  B2B buyers being the Millenials, it has become imperative for brands to take be present on the channels where their customers are. Going online not only boosts the visibility of B2B brands but also helps them to manage their vendors, partners, teams, clients and service providers in a more efficient and streamlined way.

B2B ecommerce India has also made it possible for brands to explore new markets beyond geographical borders. By building their B2B websites and B2B app in India enterprise wholesale brands can penetrate new markets and onboard new vendors which were otherwise inaccessible. By choosing the ecommerce route, enterprises can unlock new business opportunities and also stay ahead of the competition in attracting, engaging and retaining their clients.

How to get started with B2B ecommerce India?

To start your brands online journey you can take either of the routes listed below:

  • Build your B2B portal in India from scratch and get it tested thoroughly by multiple bug-fixing iterations

  • Choose an advanced online B2B marketplace builder with quick time-to-market

Either of the above options are good to build a B2B portal in India. However, with the turnkey B2B solutions, brands can go online faster as they get battle-tested solutions. With quick customizations their B2B marketplace in India can be adapted to their unique brand requirements. 

Here is the step-wise process to choose a turnkey B2B ecommerce platform and get started with an online journey:

Step 1: Compare the available options for B2B marketplace builders and go for the one that offers customizable solutions with built-in features 

Step 2: Get your domain name which will work as the digital address for your B2B brand. Keep the name short and relevant to your brand.

Step 3: buy the online B2B marketplace builder’s subscription plan best suited for your business requirements

Step 4: Invite your existing and new vendors, suppliers, distributors etc. to join your B2b portal and get acquainted with the features and flows

Step 5: Add your preferred payment channels and logistics solutions to streamline your order and fulfilment processes 

Step 6: Plan the channels and ways to market your brand to reach maximum buyers, vendors and geographies

Step 7: Build an internal support team to assist your buyers as well as sellers with their queries 

Step 8: Make changes to your B2B portal in India to align it with your business requirements and test it thoroughly before going live 

This completes the set-up of a an ecommerce B2B portal and enables your enterprise brand to unlock success in a wider market. However, to make the best of this opportunity brands needs well rounded and advanced B2B ecommerce platform like StoreHippo. 

StoreHippo comes with inbuilt B2B features and advanced solutions for the unique needs of the Indian wholesale merchants. Designed to support fast-growing B2B businesses, StoreHippo makes it possible for wholesale brands to reach geographies which were difficult to reach with physical-only set up. The advanced features help in making the sales processes more efficient thus introducing efficiencies at multiple levels.

How to grow your business through your B2B portal in India?

Just building a B2B portal in India is not going to skyrocket your sales. To get the most from your digital presence you need to strategically plan your growth strategy using the features and tools provided by your advanced B2B solutions.

Here is how you can maximise your brand’s reach using your website and B2B app in India:

  • Streamline your operations by automating processes and integrating with software that gives a centralized view of everything happening in your company

  • Reassess your business model and pivot to hybrid business models to adapt to the changing market and customer requirements

  • Make your ordering system easier for clients and sales agents by adding RFQ and other custom forms that help with price negotiations

  • Build omnichannel solutions to connect with your clients on multiple customer touchpoints

  • Diversify business by adding new product lines or reaching new geographies by onboarding vendors and suppliers from different locations etc.

  • Use data driven insights from reports and analytics to strategize your marketing and design product mixes for targetted marketing

  • Leverage B2B app in India to send personalized push notifications and other offers to close sales faster

  • Build a personalized buying experience by creating custom landing pages, pricing, discounts, payment and shipping options and offering a multilingual B2B marketplace in India to connect better with your buyers 

StoreHippo not only helps in building cutting edge B2B ecommerce India websites for brands but also offers 300+ features to make it easy for wholesale brands to adapt their business for digital selling cross channels. Loaded with advanced B2B features like Request For Quote, MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity), pricing overrides, customizable forms, credit management, tiered pricing, restricted login, credit management etc. help online B2B marketplace brands to make their processes faster and automated. 

Designed on MACH architecture, StoreHippo gives B2B brands the creative freedom to experiment and implement strategic changes that keeps them ahead of competitors. With headless solutions brands can go for extreme personalization to keep customers engaged. Building omnichannel journeys is also easier with headless architecture of StoreHippo which uses the same backend logic and APIs to create multiple touchpoints.

Why is StoreHippo the best solution for brands planning to explore B2B ecommerce India

StoreHippo is the most flexible and scalable B2B ecommerce platform for Indian and global large-scale, high volume brands. StoreHippo’s inbuilt B2B features like provision for building a variety of online marketplaces, multi store network based on location, products, brands or target customer geographies/segments, quick commerce solutions, multilingual support for website and B2B app in India make it easier for brands to explore new opportunities by implementing disruptive business models.

Storehippo also has 120+ built in integrations that help in creating out of box B2B portal in India.

Enterprise brands can build the most amazing B2B websites by using the most suitable software or service provider for their business operations, fulfilment, payment, accounting etc.

The SEO friendly StoreHippo platform helps to build optimized B2B marketplace in Inida that gets better organic footfalls. The inbuilt marketing tools and data-driven insights from the reporting engine help brands to strategize their marketing.

StoreHippo wholesale solutions also have a gamut on built-in B2B features like RFQ, MQM, multi-pricing etc. to make the buying and selling processes smoother and faster. Built on the mobile-first principle, StoreHippo also helps in building PWA B2B websites that work seamlessly on poor or low internet connectivity. StoreHippo’s inbuilt vendor apps, marketplace apps, delivery boy apps and admin apps make it possible to run the business from anywhere, anytime. 

The multi-level security features of the PCI-DSS compliant platform ensure granular security with audit logs, restricted logins and secure cloud infrastructure’s inherent security checks. StoreHippo has powered successful B2B marketplaces and websites in India as well as in international markets.

Ready to hop the B2B ecommerce India bandwagon? Explore StoreHippo’s success stories to learn how other enterprise brands have used advanced B2B ecommerce solutions to make the best of the ecommerce boom. Book your free demo right away!