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B2B Apps

Why do modern wholesale brands need their own B2B apps India?

Conditioned by their B2C experiences, B2B apps have become the preferred digital shopping channel for business-to-business buyers. Apps not only offer ease of use but also help brands resonate better with new-age buyers who are looking for modern wholesale businesses that offer them self-exploration and self-service features.

By 2023, the business-to-business apps market is expected to reach $ 140 billion. With close to 75% of B2B buyers preferring self-purchase over traditional sales-person aided buying, the best B2B apps in India can go a long way in making a brand successful.

B2B apps have been gaining popularity in recent years due to the following reason:

  • The rise in internet penetration and access to mobile phones
  • B2C brands facilitating shopping through apps has conditioned buyers
  • Need for process optimization processes and automation
  • Customer demand for omnichannel brand visibility
  • B2B apps help with real-time data collection and extreme personalization

What are the advantages of having B2B apps India?

Building apps for B2B and wholesale businesses helps brands offer a better user experience and ease of use. Modern customers are addicted to looking into their mobiles at least 30-50 times a day. With the best B2B apps in India at their disposal brands can take advantage of this fact and create personalized buyer journeys for their clients. 

With 70% of B2B searches starting on mobile apps, B2B apps India offer better engagement and several other benefits to enterprise wholesale brands. Here is how B2B apps help brands:

  • Opens up a new and direct sales channel preferred by buyers
  • Helps B2B brands reach new markets where apps and mobiles are the only modes of online shopping
  • Boosts brand engagement as customers can do surfing and shopping on the go
  • Increase order value as in-app purchases are known to have bigger ticket size
  • Easier to send personalized recommendations through B2B apps 
  • Improves customer loyalty by increasing the time spent on B2B marketplace app
  • Helps brands transition to omnichannel selling with Android and iOS B2B apps and PWAs
  • Gather additional inputs about clients by offering social channel login, sharing etc.
  • Enterprise brands with their own apps have a competitive advantage over other players
  • Successful B2B mobile apps’ access to customer behaviour data helps in making strategic and predictive business decisions   

StoreHippo B2B ecommerce platform comes with an inbuilt mobile apps builder that helps in building B2B marketplace apps for enterprise brands. Business-to-business brands can build their iOS and Android apps without any coding. They also do not need to pay anything on top of their subscription cost to build their B2B apps. 

What are the different types of B2B apps India needed for a successful enterprise brand?

This is the era of mobile commerce. By implementing different apps for their business, enterprise brands can make their business completely mobile and reap the benefits of having a strong mobile channel for sales and business growth.

Here is a list of different B2B apps needed for a fast-growing enterprise brand:

Customer-facing or B2B Marketplace app

Client B2B app offers an interface for clients to search for different products, send their RFQs, receive quotes and finally select or reject given buyers for making a purchase

B2B Admin App

The mobile applications give the freedom and flexibility to the business owners to run the business on the go. They can have a complete business overview from the app and also make business decisions based on the customer and vendor data, different analytics and reports etc. 

Admin B2B app also facilitates different teams within the organization to manage business operations, shipping, and other business processes easily from their smartphones. Successful B2B mobile apps take the complete business mobile and help in leveraging m-commerce.

Vendor/Distributor App

The vendor or distributor apps give the B2B vendors, dealers, distributors etc. an easy-to-use mobile solution for managing their products, inventory, price requests, fulfilment and more. With feature-rich B2B apps India vendors can do business more efficiently and help the enterprise brand grow.

Delivery Agents App

Delivery agents are responsible for timely and accurate order delivery of bulk B2B orders. With the best B2B apps in India, delivery agents can be facilitated, managed and tracked well during their order delivery cycle. Delivery agent apps also help keep the delivery process transparent and trackable for all parties involved.

Progressive Web Apps

While B2B customer apps offer a good channel to engage clients, not all client-locations are a good fit for using apps. For areas with poor internet connectivity or for clients who are reluctant to use apps, PWA or Progressive Web Apps for B2B offer a good substitute.

These hybrid apps make a website look, feel and function like native apps when opened on a browser. PWAs offer all app-like features, enable sending notifications and are also discoverable by search engines.

StoreHippo mobile-first ecommerce platform comes with features to build all the above apps. While the admin, vendor, and delivery boys are already built-in, brands can build their Android and iOS B2b marketplace apps using the apps builder. All stores and marketplaces built on StoreHippo can be converted into PWAs in a few simple steps.

StoreHippo helps brands build the best B2B apps in India for business growth.

What are the must have features in B2B apps India? 

Smartphones being an integral part of our lives have proved that mobile apps are highly useful for B2B businesses looking for their exponential growth. As we establish the importance of having B2B apps for the unprecedented growth of the business, it’s time to look at what the must-have features in B2B apps India.  


A B2B mobile app that is easy-to-use for the b2b vendors, dealers, distributors etc enables efficient management of their products, inventory, price requests, order fulfilment etc. Such feature-rich business-to-buisness mobile apps help the enterprise business run their business efficiently from anywhere. StoreHippo enables businesses to easily and quickly build B2B mobile apps right from their dashboard in a few clicks without any coding required. 

Conversion-oriented design

A B2B app that is designed to attract and convert buyers is a win-win for both the enterprise brand and the customers. When businesses design conversion-oriented mobile apps, they gain customer trust while making them feel heard and seen. StoreHippo comes with a rich design theme library that enables you to play around with the design. Using the drag-and-drop feature, enterprise brands can seamlessly create professional-looking designs for their apps in a few clicks without any coding. They can also mix and match the design components to create conversion-oriented layouts for different sections of the B2B apps India. 

Push notification

Mobile apps offer endless possibilities and features to businesses at low costs. Push notifications play an efficient role in driving customer engagement and promoting sales backed by real-time customer insights. Push notification is not merely a notification sent to your customer, it gives your customers a brand recall and helps ensure repeat purchases. StoreHippo helps you optimize mobile commerce with features like push notifications, personalized shopping, online payments etc.

Real time interactions and personalization

Mobile apps are used to make the shopping experience seamless and easy for the customers. Enterprise brands can use the real-time interaction and live chat options to up-sell and cross-sell products online using successful B2B mobile apps. When these brands become available for customers 24x7 and resolve their queries and concerns quickly, they are able to boost their traffic and increase conversions. StoreHippo is built on a mobile-first approach that helps automate the B2B marketing and offer custom promotions to boost maximum sales. 

Abandoned cart follow up 

When the customer’s expectations do not meet the brand’s standards, it leads to incomplete orders on the marketplace. And yes, they can be recovered by targeting the abandoned cart orders and sending automated emails for follow up. StoreHippo comes with an audit log on the same B2B marketplace app for abandoned cart orders that gives you the complete information about the order and the customer. It enables enterprises to understand the behavior of customers and set the marketing campaigns accordingly. 

Social media integrations

Social media presence in a B2B company encourages the buyers to do business with them. Given all the benefits of going social, it gets quite difficult to create a social media buzz without a social media collaboration. With StoreHippo enterprise brands can work with a host of social media tools. They can engage loyal and new customers with social media sollobartion on their B2B marketplace app, generate best sales etc.

Detailed analytics  

To have a strong hold on the modern-day buyers, it becomes imperative to track and analyse the user behaviour and their shopping habits. It makes the marketing more appropriate and yields better results. StoreHippo helps build the best B2B apps in India and track the user behaviour by providing various ways to configure Google Analytics with your site. Enterprises can configure Google Analytics on StoreHippo either using tracking ID or measurement ID (GA4).

With the mentioned features on the B2B marketplace app, enterprise businesses can increase their conversion rates and boost ROI. 

Why choose StoreHippo to build successful B2B mobile apps?

StoreHippo is built grounds up on the mobile-first principle. With the small screen as its core-design principle, StoreHippo is ahead of other B2B solution providers where mobile was an after-thought and not the core design.

With inbuilt B2B features and a headless platform, StoreHippo gives enterprise brands the ability to build out-of-box B2B solutions. With its inbuilt mobile apps builder, StoreHippo not only helps brands to build a single app but also lets them build multiple mobile apps for different storefronts. With full support for multiple languages in mobile apps, StoreHippo helps business-to-busienss brands build the best B2B apps in India.

StoreHippo comes with 300+ inbuilt features and 120+ integrations that helps enterprise brands build tailor-made solutions for their brand. StoreHippo’s omnichannel solutions enable brands to connect with customers across multiple touchpoints. With support for a variety of business models like multi vendor marketplace, multi store, hyperlocal ecommerce, quick commerce, global commerce, D2C, B2B2C, B2C etc. StoreHippo enables B2B brands to experiment with new hybrid business models.

StoreHippo’s SEO friendly ecommerce platform also comes with a powerful blog engine and different SEO tools to help brands build a strong organic presence.

Ready to build your B2B apps India? Check out StoreHippo’s successful B2B mobile apps and brand stories to help you build your own unique brand.  Explore StoreHippo’s B2B ecommerce features by booking your free demo right away.