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Ecommerce Insights - 14

Why enterprise brands should invest in online grocery business

Traditionally, grocery has been more of a brick-and-mortar affair across the globe. However, with growing internet and smartphone penetration customers had been switching to buying online. And then came the pandemic which completely changed the buying behaviour for grocery and everyday cooking essentials. From 4.9 % in 2019, worldwide online grocery sales jumped to 6.5% in 2020. COVID-induced new safety norms conditioned a majority of households and individuals to shift completely to e grocery shopping. Even after the pandemic waves subsided the ease of shopping, good after-sales support and quick hyperlocal deliveries gravitated buyers towards shopping online. Enterprise brands look to diversify in new segments can easily create a variety of ecommerce set-ups to sell grocery online. From building niche vertical marketplace to sell grocery online to building quick commerce hyperlocal stores with a local vendor network, enterprise brands can make the most of this opportunity.

Online Grocery Sales Insights

  • 7.6% of total global grocery sales will be done via ecommerce by 2026
  • $354.28 billion  global online grocery market size value in 2022 
  • 25.3% CAGR of online grocery market from 2022 to 2030
  • 27% share of the online grocery market comprises staples and cooking essentials
  • 25% CAGR of the breakfast and dairy segment from 2022 to 2030, which is the fastest growing segment

Source: Statista, Grand View Research

Online Grocery Sales Across the Globe

  • INR 396 billion is the market value of online grocery in India in 2022
  • 15% is the online food and grocery penetration rate in UK
  • 9.5 % is the E-grocery penetration rate in the USA with a 150 million customer base
  • $9.9 billion is the revenue from online grocery sales in Australia in 2022 
  • 65% is the CAGR of online grocery penetration in UAE+ Saudi Arabia from 2019-2022

Source: Statista, Ibis World, Redseer

Yes, you can sell grocery online with StoreHippo’s multi vendor marketplace solutions. StoreHippo offers powerful features like end-to-end vendor management, adaptive payments, separate vendor and admin dashboards etc. to build your online grocery marketplace.
Yes, StoreHippo offers comprehensive hyperlocal ecommerce solutions for your online grocery store. You can offer customized services and quick deliveries to your customers with the location-based store setting from StoreHippo. You can also use and manage your own fleet of delivery boys for faster hyperlocal deliveries.
Yes, the API based headless commerce architecture from StoreHippo enables you to build extremely personalized buyer journeys on your e grocery store.
Yes, customers can choose to order multiple products from various sellers in a single cart. StoreHippo ecommerce platform creates multiple orders from a single order and assigns them to the respective sellers.
Yes, with StoreHippo’s powerful built-in discount engine, you can set up differential pricing and offer multi level discounts to your customers, based on category, order volume etc.
You can integrate multiple payment options on your online grocery store easily. StoreHippo offers 60+ domestic and international payment gateways that makes accepting payments simpler and safer.
Yes, StoreHippo provides a fully integrated shipping solution. You can either choose from the pre-integrated logistics solutions providers or go with your preferred shipping partner. You can also add multiple leading shipping partners to optimize your costs.