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Ecommerce Insights - 7

How ecommerce in India can unlock disruptive growth for enterprise brands

Ecommerce in India is in a hypergrowth stage. India is the 2nd fastest growing ecommerce market in the world with 25.5 % retail ecommerce growth. While the pandemic accelerated the adoption of ecommerce in India, rapid internet penetration ( from 4% in 2007 to 47% in 2021) and smartphone accessibility were the key drivers for taking ecommerce beyond tier I and II cities. The Indian ecommerce market is projected to grow further in the coming years ensuring an even bigger market for brands. With internet connectivity and logistics improving hugely in the last few years, fulfillment woes have also eased for online brands in India. The government has also eased policies and norms for the growth of the ecommerce ecosystem. The government has also launched portals and open networks to enable SMEs to go online and reach buyers pan-India. With 1900+ e commerce companies in India catering to 140 million online shoppers, building ecommerce website in India can open up new markets and growth potential for brands of every scale, size and industry.

Ecommerce In India: Market Opportunities

  • $73 billion is the online retail market size in India by 2022

  • $1 trillion expected B2B ecommerce market size in India by 2024

  • $200 billion is the forecasted market value of ecommerce in India by 2027

  • 10X expected growth of D2C e commerce companies in India by 2025

  • 1.75X expected growth of India's e-commerce market from 2027 to 2030

Source: Statista, IBEF, Economic Times

Growth of Ecommerce in India

  • 19.24% is the forecasted CAGR of ecommerce in India

  • $43 billion is the online D2C fashion market size in India by the year 2025.

  • $ 26.93 billion is the estimated value of the online grocery market in India by 2027, a 6.81X growth from FY21

  • $20.8 billion is the market size of online FMCG e commerce companies in India by 2025

  • $20.92 billion is the projected revenue of the online electronics segment in India by 2025

Source: Statista, IBEF

Ecommerce in India is booming. By joining the ecommerce bandwagon businesses can access new markets and grow their sales channels beyond borders. Ecommerce also enables businesses to go for targeted marketing based on audience and location.
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You can either build your ecommerce solution from scratch or go with a turnkey ecommerce solution. Building an ecommerce solution from scratch does require a lot of time and resources, whereas a turnkey ecommerce software comes with battle-tested solutions that help you go to the market in record time.
Both ecommerce and mobile commerce solutions used together offer the best growth opportunities for a business. With ecommerce gradually shifting to m-commerce it is imperative for businesses to have a mobile commerce solution for their online business. StoreHippo offers a comprehensive ecommerce and m-commerce solutions for enterprise brands of every scale and size.
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