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Ecommerce Insights - 11

Why retail businesses should go the B2C ecommerce route to unlock growth

B2C ecommerce has opened up new markets and sales channels for brands and SMEs alike. By going online retail businesses can build a brand that is accessible to customers from anywhere, anytime. With the pandemic-induced changes in shopping behaviour and ease of online shopping newer customer segments have become conditioned to B2C commerce and digital shopping. The adoption of ecommerce B2C has also made it easier for brands to strategically plan their marketing based on data-driven inputs. Pivoting to hybrid or popular business models like online marketplaces, multi store network, multilingual websites etc. has also become easier with plug-and-play ecommerce solutions. B2C ecommerce is all set for unprecedented growth with an improved supply chain and growth of logistics aggregators which make delivery easier to far-off locations. Multiple digital payment solutions like payment gateways, UPI, digital wallets etc. have facilitated frictionless checkouts further aiding in the growth of B2C ecommerce. Brands not yet starting on their ecommerce B2C journey will lose out to competitors who are connecting with customers across multiple digital touchpoints.

Top 5 Fastest Growing Retail Ecommerce Markets in 2022

  • Philippines retail ecommerce sales are projected to grow at 25.9% 

  • Indian B2C ecommerce market is forecasted to grow at 25.4% 

  • 23% of B2C online sales growth expected in Indonesia

  • 22.2% of growth in online retail sales forecasted for Brazil

  • 19% of online commerce growth is expected in the Vietnam market

Source: Statista

B2C Ecommerce Across The Globe

  • $4.9 trillion worth of retail e-commerce sales in 2021

  • 50% growth forecasted for B2C ecommerce by 2025

  • $7.4 trillion forecasted worth of retail e-commerce sales by 2025

  • 9.7% CAGR of B2C ecommerce from 2021 to 2028

Source: Statista, Grand View Research