StoreHippo Vs Other Platforms

Don't compromise on features, technology and scalability of your online store!

See what StoreHippo Clients who have migrated from other platforms think !

"I thought i was stuck on the platform and migrating to a better platform would be a tedious task. Before signing up, StoreHippo's sales team confirmed that they would migrate all the content within couple of days. They set up my store will all the previous content with 2 days. It has been a wonderful experience"
Pratik Gupta

Features You Will Get At StoreHippo

Truly Mobile Ready

StoreHippo sites are inherently mobile ready in terms of design, speed, performance and usability. Other platforms are merely mobile responsive and not mobile ready. StoreHippo provides you the functionality to set up mobile apps with just a click. Whereas, on other platforms, mobile apps are provided through third party platforms at an extra cost on top of the regular plan charges.

Most Advanced Technology (MEAN Stack)

StoreHippo is built on the latest and the fastest technology stack (MongoDB, Express, AngularJS & NodeJS) which makes your site blazing fast and immaculate in performance.

Multi-Seller APP

Through StoreHippo's Multi Seller App, You can list multi sellers on your website, earn commission on their sales and turn your site into a virtual marketplace.

Personalized Content

Through StoreHippo platform you can show personalized content i.e. currency, price, language, template, and more, based upon the type of customer, his location or his device. This feature isn’t provided by any other platform.

Not ‘Only E-Commerce’ Platform

StoreHippo facilitates customization and advanced app development for startup entrepreneurs. The platform provides an unmatched level of customization and a box full of advanced features that help technology startups build their app 70% faster at a much lesser cost.

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