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Rule hyperlocal ecommerce with speedy deliveries and tailor-made Q-Commerce solutions for your business

Step into the future of ecommerce with Q-Commerce

StoreHippo infographic showing $5 billion worth of quick commerce by 2025
StoreHippo infographic showing 50% weekly retention rate of Q-Commerce customers
StoreHippo infographic showing 10-15 times growth as compared to $0.5 billion in 2021
StoreHippo infographic showing 12-13% Qcommerce penetration in the consumable market by 2025

How Q-Commerce (Quick Commerce model) works for enterprise brands

Become the bestseller hyperlocal marketplace by delivering orders in 10-20 mins to the local buyers

Quick commerce flow showing various stages of an order cycle from order placement to delivery.

Disrupt the online delivery market with Q-Commerce

Redefine everyday essentials shopping experiences and deliveries with your quick commerce marketplace. Register unparalleled growth with fast deliveries that keep your customers engaged.

High-speed delivery keeps customers loyal and happy

Boost revenue with frequent repeat orders from happy customers

Easy buying experiences with hyperlocal marketplace and apps

Easy to expand to new markets by onboarding new vendors on the hyperlocal marketplace

Add new product lines easily by onboarding new local stores as vendors

Get better marketing ROI with personalized offerings designed for local demands

Customize deliveries with own fleet of delivery boys

Understand customer buying behaviour better to strategize your marketing and deals

Whatever be your Quick Commerce model StoreHippo has a built-in solution for your brand

Homepage of an online grocery store depicting horizontal hyperlocal marketplace powered by StoreHippo q commerce solution

Quick Commerce Horizontal Hyperlocal Marketplace

Q-Commerce Model With A Variety Of Local Shops As Sellers

Sell daily essentials (grocery, fruits, vegetables, milk, poultry, toiletries, home essentials etc.) directly to the local customers through a network of dealers located in multiple localities of various cities. Build your horizontal hyperlocal marketplace for quick commerce where your customers can order from your marketplace website or app. Deliver the orders in 20-30 mins using your network of local sellers by routing the orders through the nearest offline shop from the customers’ location.

QCommerce Vertical Marketplace

Quick Commerce Model Selling Niche Products

Sell your niche products ( like bakery products, food delivery etc.) through your QCommerce online marketplace. Build your vertical quick commerce marketplace to sell your brand’s products as well as deliver your niche products through a network of dealers and distributors selling products related to your niche.

QCommerce Vertical Marketplace
Homepage of an online FMCG store depicting inventory based quick commerce model made possible with StoreHippo

Inventory Based Quick Commerce Model

Q-Commerce Model With Fulfillment Through Micro-Warehouses 

Sell products and fulfil orders directly to the end customers through a network of micro-warehouses located in multiple states and cities. Build your network of multiple warehouses and route customer orders quickly through the nearest  Q commerce warehouse from the customer’s location.

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