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9th Floor, Spaze iTech Park, A1-Tower, Sector-49 Sohna Road, Gurgaon, Haryana 122018, CIN - U72200HR2015PTC054459 Gurgaon, IN
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Start An Ecommerce Business India
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Why there is a rush to Start an e commerce business India?

The world is looking up to India as the fastest growing eCommerce market. In coming years India is all set to become the largest ecommerce market. Take your ideas online and start an e commerce business India to secure your place in the thriving market.

Top reasons to Start an e commerce business India

Gain from the positive environment and great opportunity provided by the economy and Start an e commerce business India. Explore the advantages:

  • Increased Purchasing Power: Indian economy has been stable for many years and with double income families the population has greater disposable income which they want to spend on consumer goods and services.
  • Huge Population : With a population of almost 1.4 billion, India is one of the fastest growing eCommerce markets and offers opportunity for diverse businesses.
  • Internet and Mobile Penetration: The mobile revolution has given access to internet to a large number of Indians who are tech savvy and ready to explore various online shopping channels.
  • Demand Supply Gap:The Indian masses need many products and services which are still not available easily. Finding a demand and capitalising on it offers great scope for success.
  • Favourable Environment : eCommerce presents a great opportunity for the overall betterment of Indian economy. The government is also helping entrepreneurs favourable policies to start an ecommerce business India.
Start An Ecommerce Business India

Why Choose StoreHippo to Start an e commerce business India?

StoreHippo brings together everything that is needed to launch an online business. The well rounded eCommerce platform is built on mobile ready technology and gives your business a head start. You can start an e commerce business based on both B2B and B2C models using the feature rich platform. Explore how some of our features benefit will help your online business:

Superior Technology

  • Fast loading high performance sites built on advance technology.
  • Easy customization to suit business requirements.
  • Higher sales with better customer experience.
  • Technology that keeps pace with growing business.

One Stop E-commerce solutions

  • Marketing tools for quick offers and discounts.
  • Ensure faster deliveries with pre integrated logistics partners.
  • Inbuilt marketing tools for maximising sales.
  • Variety of apps to add and extend functionalities.

Mobile Commerce Enabled

  • Speed up your growth with M-commerce.
  • Start an e commerce business India with access to multi channel traffic.
  • Get device independent Admin panel.
  • Reach to wider customer base on various devices.

Enhanced Customer Engagement

  • Host of customer engagement tools.
  • Get Android, iOS and native apps easily.
  • Email, SMS and PUSH notifications.
  • Stunning themes in line with your brand objective.

Unique Features

  • Extensive customization to suit your requirements.
  • Launch multi-seller marketplace like Amazon, FlipKart etc.
  • Identify customer geo-location to enable native currency transactions.
  • Start an e commerce business India and go global with Multi -Lingual and multi currency features.

Affordable and Reliable Solutions

  • Fast store set up and online launch within days.
  • Affordable plans to help start an e commerce business India .
  • Feature rich, well tested sites hosted on leading cloud infrastructure.
  • Inbuilt features to reduce marketing and SEO efforts.

Need more information on how to start an e commerce business India?

Planning to open your new online store? Power your business with StoreHippo and Start an e commerce business India that gives seamless shopping experience to your customers. Let our experts explain these features to you and take you through real life success stories.

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Avish Jolly

While researching for the solutions for B2B eCommerce I reviewed many different solutions to go live and test out our product in market in a faster way after researching so many products I came across StoreHippo and I was amazed that they were covering all the use cases of business and the platform was value for money and most importantly our idea was converted into a fully functional product in next 4-5 days.

Nasser Ali

StoreHippo not only helped us with building our online store but also helped in solving a lot of business problems. We absolutely loved the add-on feature facility and how you guys facilitate additional requests on top of it. Your approach of never saying no to the huge demand and needs of your customer and your ability to fulfill those demands within their respective timeline is commendable. You guys are already perfect in understanding the needs of your customer and your feature-rich E-commerce platform is proof that you have already built solutions for handling diverse requirements of enterprise E-commerce brands"

Priyanka Negi

StoreHippo gave us enterprise e-commerce features like multi-vendor and price based sellers all in one place. Payment gateway integration was a breeze and I found the admin and help center to be really good and useful. We had good after-sale support and our queries were handled on time. I would recommend StoreHippo to anyone looking for a simple solution to multi-vendor e-commerce

Alex Kennepohl

Our business needed out-of-box enterprise ecommerce solutions that were super easy to use by our retailers. We were looking for unparalleled scalability wherein we could quickly launch thousands of online stores in the first phase and grow the online stores 5X-6X within the next quarter. Along with this, we needed a multilingual solution to enable our sellers to sell in their native language. We had multilevel customizations and the tens of ecommerce platforms we checked were not able to give us the speed, scalability and flexibility to build our unique ecommerce software. With StoreHippo it was clear right from the word go that things will be seamless and smooth. The team was open to suggestions/customizations and our unique changes were done in a matter of days. StoreHippo built a scalable model for Plantix at a super-fast speed that exceeded our expectations.

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