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Shopify Multi Store Vs StoreHippo Multi Store Ecommerce Solution

Build and grow your multi-store ecommerce business
with the best multi store ecommerce platform

Shopify Multi Store

Shopify offers a multi-store ecommerce solution through Shopify Plus, which is its most expensive plan. However, Shopify only allows you to create multiple stores each with its own products, inventory and orders. There is no central admin panel or a common database to manage all of these stores. Shopify multi store is thus more like managing multiple websites rather than a native multi store ecommerce solution with a centralised admin. 

To sync Shopify multi-store into a common admin additional apps are needed which are charged on top of the regular subscription. For creating multiple sub-stores using Shopify basic plan, each sub-store is charged as a separate subscription and additional paid apps and plugins are needed to sync the inventory, orders and products on these multiple stores.

Why Choose StoreHippo Multi Store Ecommerce Solution

Multiple Stores Common Central Admin

Unlike Shopify’s decentralised multi store solutionStoreHippo offers an inbuilt multi store ecommerce solution where multiple sub stores are handled with a common admin. Build a chain of storefronts without paying for additional subscription charges or apps. Scale up to any number of sub-stores and make each one unique using inbuilt tools.

  • Common central admin to manage products, inventory and orders of sub-stores
  • Unique store URL for each store
  • Different themes, language, pricing, product display on each store 
  • Store grouping for effortless multi-site management

Advanced Technology

Use the next-generation ecommerce technology to build category-based, geolocation-based or multiple affiliate stores to grow your business. In contrast to Shopify multi store set up which needs complex coding and plugins for a fully functional multi-store set up, StoreHippo’s DIY multi-store ecommerce solution is simple and easy to implement.

  • Client side templating and widget based modular approach
  • Powerful templating engine
  • ZERO javascript coding
  • Full control over store data and DOM

Set Up High-Performance Multi-Store Ecommerce

Online customers love  ecommerce stores that load fast and offer seamless UX. If your site takes 1 second extra to load you might lose 7% of your conversions. While improving site speed by 1-second can boost your sales by 10% to 20% (Source: Google). Build high-performing and lightweight sub stores with StoreHippo that load in no time even when you scale up to 100s of sub-stores. 

  • Unmatched average API response time of <50ms 
  • Peak load tolerance with scalable infrastructure
  • High-performance, fast loading pages
  • Resilient to failures and recovery

Stay Ahead With Mobile Commerce

Leverage StoreHippo’s mobile-first architecture to win over your customers who prefer to browse and order through their smartphones. Unlike Shopify where mobile was an afterthought, StoreHippo has the small screen at the core of its design plan. Build a network of multi-store ecommerce sites that are designed for offering ease of shopping on mobile devices. 

  • MEAN-stack architecture, mobile-first design
  • SPA builds fast and lightweight sub-stores
  • Multiple PWA sub-stores that work like apps
  • CDN and Offline caching and global CDN offer seamless UX

Up Your Game With Headless Commerce

Unlike Shopify’s  architecture which leaves performance optimization on you, StoreHippo offers a pure headless ecommerce solution. Build customized multiple sub stores using StoreHippo’s decoupled headless API’s that separate the frontend and the backend. Set up an innovative multi store ecommerce business leveraging headless commerce for better conversion optimization.

  • Designed using headless commerce at the core of framework 
  • Faster performance with multi-tier caching and extreme optimization 
  • Personal and consistent customer experience with custom hooks and built-in events 
  • Build anything your business needs using headless commerce just like we built StoreHippo products (Admin Panel, Help Center, StoreHippo website and StoreHippo Forums) 

Customizations Just For Your Brand

Build a multi vendor marketplace like no other using the inherent flexibility of StoreHippo multi vendor ecommerce platform. Create online marketplaces that disrupt the market with their unique models and customizations. No coding needed to customize your multi seller online store.

  • Create different themes for sub-stores with Inbuilt drag and drop tools 
  • Make new entities for your sub-store requirements or extend the existing ones
  • Customize the frontend and backend with equal ease
  • Create dynamic marketing pages for your sub-stores in no time

Grow Your Business With Inbuilt Features

Expand your business to new products and markets with a gamut of inbuilt features and tools. Get inbuilt reports on best performing sub stores, customer-groups and products to strategize plans for business growth. Sell in international markets with extensive features designed for global businesses. Get more organic traffic on your sub-stores with StoreHippo’s SEO-friendly platform.

  • Grow your business with 300+ inbuilt features and tools 
  • Get different reports from each sub-store for business planning
  • Set up horizontal, vertical or service aggregator multi-vendor marketplace
  • Comprehensive B2B solutions for high-volume businesses

Create Multilingual Sub-Stores

Add multiple languages to your sub stores to create unique stores for different language speaking customers. Get an inbuilt multilingual solution with StoreHippo unlike Shopify’s plugin based solution which needs multiple apps to implement different languages on different stores. With Storehippo add multiple languages to your sub-stores and their themes. Translate in bulk or add rule-based translation using Storehippo multilingual solution.

  • Get content and theme support for RTL languages Arabic, Hebrew and others
  • Add action buttons and static content in different languages on sub-stores
  • Show multilingual messages on sub-stores 
  • Support for multiple languages on mobile apps

Multiple Currencies Support

Add multi-currency pricing on your sub-stores to sell to global customers. Unlike Shopify no apps or plugins needed to implement multi-currency prices on your sub-stores. Sell in multiple currencies in any country unlike Shopify’s restrictions where multi-currency payments are accepted only in those countries where Shopify Payments is applicable. Get support for multiple currencies for invoice, themes etc.  

  • Add different currencies on different sub-stores 
  • Get support for automatic and manual conversions
  • Implement IP based automatic currency conversion for sub stores
  • Add automatic currency conversion at payment gateway level 

Multiple Payment Choices

Implement a variety of payment solutions on your sub-stores. Add different payment gateways on different sub-stores. No additional cost or hidden charges for choosing a payment gateway as with Shopify plans. No additional transaction charges on orders up to 200 times of your subscription value. No limits on your funds withdrawal Shopify multi store ecommerce set up.

  • 50+ integrated international and domestic payment gateways
  • No additional cost for adding one or many payment gateways on sub-stores
  • Discounted TDR with selected payment gateway partners
  • Accept digital wallet payments or add individual store wallets on each sub-store

Pricing That Suits Your Budget

Pay all inclusive, transparent subscription charges that cover all your requirements. End-to-end inbuilt solution designed for growing businesses. No need for paid apps to complete your everyday business requirements. Choose a plan tailor made for your needs and scale up as and when your business grows. 

  • Auto-scalable multi store ecommerce platform 
  • DIY infrastructure to cut costs of hiring technical team
  • Save cost with FREE SSL for all stores in your multi store ecommerce set up
  • Build mobile apps right for your sub-stores right from your dashboard 

Built-In Marketing Tools

Grow your multi store ecommerce business with StoreHippo’s inbuilt marketing tools. No need to pay for third party marketing apps like Shopify multi store solution. Go for targeted marketing on your multi store ecommerce set up with StoreHippo’s inbuilt marketing apps. Use unified notifications to convert customers visiting your sub-stores. 

  • Offer different discounts and coupons on each sub-store 
  • Shoot promotional mailers by integrating the best mailing software
  • Build different marketing pages and forms on your sub-stores
  • Recover lost sales with inbuilt abandoned cart recovery tool

Integrated Logistics To Reach New Markets

Take your multi store ecommerce business to diverse geographies with automated, error free and efficient logistics solutions from StoreHippo. Grow your multi-store ecommerce brand in new markets  using a variety of delivery partners for optimized shipping. No upfront payment needed, pay-as-you-go-model for convenient shipping. Deliver to 26000+ PIN codes using logistics partners or your own delivery boys network. 

  • Set up different shipping rates and shipping partners for each sub-store
  • Avail discounted logistics rates with selected  shipping partners
  • Choose from multiple shipping partners or integrate custom logistics solution of your choice 
  • Employ and manage your own fleet of delivery boys

Rule Hyperlocal Ecommerce

Become the most popular brand in your locality by offering hyperlocal ecommerce services through your location specific sub-stores. Reach out to local buyers and establish a hold on the local market using StoreHippo’s comprehensive hyperlocal ecommerce solution. Offer location-based catalog on different sub-stores.

  • Implement different rules for shipping, taxes, discounts etc. based on IP-detection
  • Use Google map and SMS notifications to streamline deliveries  
  • Automatic order routing to send orders from store nearest to the customer
  • Build multilingual sub-stores to attract customers of different enthenic groups

Added Security With Audit Logs

Secure your multi-store ecommerce business with StoreHippo’s inbuilt security feature “audit logs”. Create an audit trail to track back and revert damages if any done to your multi-store ecommerce set up. No blind guessing of errors as in Shopify multi store set up which lacks the audit log feature.

  • Monitor and keep track of potential security breaches
  • Get detailed report of who updated what, when, using which device and more
  • Search and track down errors to contain damage
  • Find out “updated data” and compare with the previous version to identify changes

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