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Shopify Gold Vs StoreHippo Enterprise

Choosing the best enterprise ecommerce platform made easy

Power your large-scale business with world-class enterprise ecommerce solutions

Shopify Gold is an Indian, low-cost version of Shopify Plus. Shopify Gold is aimed at wooing Indian customers with a separate plan designed for the Indian markets. Shopify Gold targets bigger businesses and offers different features and pricing than Shopify regular plan which is aimed at small merchants

Why Choose StoreHippo Enterprise Ecommerce Solution


79% of customers will not buy from a brand if they are unhappy with the site speed. 1-second improvement in website loading time increases conversions by 10% to 20% (Source: Google). Build your high-speed enterprise ecommerce website with StoreHippo to improve user experience and engagement.

  • <50ms average API response time
  • Faster page speed for unmatched performance
  • Inherently scalable for peak load tolerance
  • Resilient to failures and recovery

Do More Without Apps

Build your business with Storehippo well-rounded enterprise ecommerce platform. Get a host of tools and features needed for running your business end-to-end. Unlike Shopify Gold’s paid-apps based architecture get inbuilt support for B2B, B2C or any other ecommerce business models.

  • 300+ inbuilt features and tools
  • Inbuilt multi-vendor marketplace solution
  • Multiple stores managed with a central admin
  • Complete B2B solution with whitelabelling

Full Multilingual Support

Engage and convert your customers better by communicating in their native language through your multilingual online store. Unlike Shopify Gold where you need multiple apps and coding knowledge to create  your multilingual site and themes, StoreHippo offers an inbuilt multilingual solution. Choose from 100+ languages  and use bulk translation support and rule-based translation support to create the most advanced and easy to use  multilingual store with StoreHippo.

  • Full support for RTL languages like Arabic and Hebrew
  • Add multilingual static content and action buttons 
  • Customize your store messages in multiple languages 
  • Build and convert mobile apps in your preferred languages

Sell In Multiple Currencies

Sell in the global markets by offering multi-currency prices on your enterprise ecommerce store. No apps or plugins needed to sell in the preferred currency of your clients.  Unlike Shopify Gold where you can use the multi-currency option in selected countries only, Storehippo allows you to sell anywhere using your preferred payment gateways and currency. StoreHippo enterprise ecommerce platform offers full support for multi-currency in themes and invoice along with automated currency rates . 

  • Inbuilt Multi currency solution 
  • Built-in support for automatic and manual conversions
  • Automatic currency conversion based on location
  • Payment gateway level auto conversion of currency

Mobile-First Architecture

Mobile commerce has grown at an average of 33.8 % year-on-year since 2016. Give your large-scale business a winning edge with online stores built ground up on mobile-first approach. Offer intuitive and immersive experience on all devices with future-ready online stores powered by StoreHippo.

  • Mobile-first MEAN-stack architecture 
  • Lightweight ecommerce websites with SPA at the core
  • PWA stores that work like apps on any device 
  • Seamless user experience with CDN and offline caching


Build future-ready online stores with next-generation technology. Unlike Shopify Gold’s restrictive server-side templating language Liquid, get Storehippo client-side templating with a modular design. 

  • ZERO javascript coding
  • Full control over store data and DOM
  • Widget-based modular approach
  • Powerful templating engine

Pure Headless

Rapidly build online stores customized for your brand  using StoreHippo’s pure headless ecommerce solutions. Unlike Shopify,  where the onus of building and optimizing storefront’s performance using Storefront APIs  is on the customers, StoreHippo inherently builds completely modular and highly extensible storefronts with a clear separation between Frontend and Backend using headless APIs.

  • Designed with Headless commerce as a part of initial design goals
  • Extreme optimisations and multi tier caching for faster performance in the theme framework
  • Inherent support for multilingual and mobile apps
  • Custom hooks and built in events for customers to intercept, modify or extend different actions
  • All of the StoreHippo products (Admin Panel, Help Center, StoreHippo website and StoreHippo Forums) are built using headless commerce


Get unmatched flexibility to experiment with new approaches and flows in your business. Build disruptive enterprise ecommerce solutions with easy and extensive customizations on StoreHippo. Equally easy to customize whether you are a developer or a novice with basic computer knowledge.

  • Extensible frontend as well as backend
  • Create custom entities or extend existing ones
  • Drag and drop tools to customize design themes
  • Build dynamic pages on the fly

Transaction Fees

Get complete transparency on your payment gateway choices and transaction charges with StoreHippo. Choose your preferred payment gateways without worrying about paying additionally for your choices like Shopify Gold plans. No restrictions on your withdrawal limits like the monopolizing payments gateways services of Shopify.  

  • 50+ integrated domestic and international payment gateways
  • No additional cost for using your preferred payment gateways
  • ZERO sales commission on sales up to 200 times of subscription value
  • Avail discounted TDR with selected partner payment gateways


Get transparent pricing that does not snowball with the cost of hundreds of apps for running your everyday business. Get a superior enterprise ecommerce solution at a fraction of the cost of Shopify Gold. Based on “What you see is what you get” principle to give you a comprehensive solution for your fast-growing business.

  • Auto-scalable model accommodates business growth
  • ZERO coding model saves developer costs
  • Free SSL certificate to secure your online store
  • Build mobile apps at no additional cost

Built-In Marketing Tools

Unlike Shopify Gold you don’t need paid marketing apps to build your marketing strategy. With StoreHippo, get a gamut of inbuilt marketing tools to build the marketing strategy for your enterprise ecommerce brand. Offer client, order volume or product-specific discounts with an inbuilt discount engine.  

  • Custom forms and dynamic pages for marketing
  • IP or login based discounted pricing
  • Inbuilt tool for abandoned cart recovery
  • Automatic sync with popular mailing software

Multiple Options For Logistics

Take your enterprise ecommerce business to new markets with integrated logistics solutions from StoreHippo. Benefit with the pay-as-you-go model with no setup cost. Automate and make your logistics process efficient and error-free with inbuilt tools. Deliver to 26000+ PIN codes using one-click delivery-solution. 

  • Get discounted logistics with select partners
  • Integrate multiple logistics partners with COD support
  • Integrate with shipping provider of your choice
  • Manage your own fleet of delivery boys

Ace Hyperlocal Ecommerce

Become the local bestselling store with an inbuilt hyperlocal ecommerce solution. Build better customer engagement, retention and loyalty with a comprehensive hyperlocal solution. Maximise ROI on marketing efforts with location-based strategies. Streamline order deliveries with Google map and SMS notifications for order delivery.

  • Location-based stores and inventory for different areas
  • IP-detection based rules for shipping, taxes, timing etc.
  • Automatic order routing for faster and optimized deliveries
  • Offer multilingual online store in customers’ native language

Boost Security With Audit Logs

Add an additional security layer to your enterprise ecommerce business with StoreHippo’s inbuilt security feature “audit logs”. Shopify Gold leaves you blind guessing errors with a complicated recovery plan due to lack of the audit log feature. Follow documented protocol and prevent and track down fraud or human error by creating an audit trail for your high-volume business.

  • Assess and keep track of potential security breaches
  • Get detailed report of changes done by users at various levels 
  • Search, track down and troubleshoot issues to contain damage
  • Aid recovery process by finding “updated data” and replacing it with unchanged version

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