Ecommerce and mobile ecommerce technology India
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Why Set up an e commerce business India is gaining popularity?

Throughout the world e commerce is one of the fastest growing industries and India is all set to become the biggest eCommerce market in near future. Ride the positive tide and set up an e commerce business India to take your success to new heights.

Top reasons to set up an e commerce business India

Gain from the positive environment and great opportunity provided by the economy and Set up e commerce business India. Explore the advantages:

  • Fastest growing market: India is one of the fastest growing eCommerce markets and e Commerce in India is expected to multiply 6 folds in the next five years.
  • Vast Market Size: India with is vast and diverse population presents the most interesting playfield for eCommerce entrepreneurs.
  • Tech Savvy Population: Internet penetration has improved exponentially and majority of India’s population has access to smartphones and other devices which they use for ordering online.
  • Requirement for many products and Service:sThe Indian masses need many products and services which are still not available easily. Finding a demand and capitalising on it offers great scope for success.
  • Government Push: The government is favouring the startup culture and has taken efforts to provide favourable conditions to set up e commerce business India.
ecommerce and mobile ecommerce technology India

Why Choose StoreHippo to set up e commerce business India?

StoreHippo is designed to suit every need of online businesses. The mobile ready, advance e commerce platform redies your business for future when you set up e commerce business India. Along with the regular features you get many pre integrated services that make your online journey faster and smoother. There is a StoreHippo plan for every budget and every business. Take B2B + B2C businesses online and sell across various ecommerce verticals. Explore how some of our features benefit will help your online business:

Blazing Fast Technology

  • Most advance technology stack gives high performance sites.G
  • Get more sales with enhanced user experience.
  • Flexible technology that adapts to your requirements.
  • Modern technology that matches pace with your business growth.

Pre Integrated E-commerce solutions

  • Pre integrated payment channels.
  • Pre integrated world class logistics partners.
  • Various marketing tools incorporated in SEO ready platform.
  • Built in and third party apps to add custom functionalities.

Future Ready Mobile Stores

  • Tap the potential of M-commerce with no additional cost.
  • Set up e commerce business India and start getting mobile traffic.
  • Mobile ready Admin allows to manage your business from anywhere.
  • Connect to wider audience base on mobile devices.

Customer Engagement Tools

  • Android, iOS and native apps.
  • Material design for enhanced user experience.
  • Marketing tools and PUSH notifications for better conversions.
  • Beautiful themes that make your store stand out.

Features You Find Nowhere

  • Set up e commerce business India that reaches global customers with Multi -Lingual and multi currency stores.
  • Multi Vendor Marketplace to roll out Amazon, FlipKart like sites.
  • Currency change based on geolocation of customer .
  • Extreme customization to suit your unique requirements.

Reliable, Turn-Key Solution

  • No need to spend huge time and effort for development.
  • Set up e commerce business India on well tested platform.
  • Feature rich sites hosted on leading cloud infrastructure.
  • Reduces SEO and digital marketing efforts with inbuilt features.

Need more information on how to set up e commerce business India?

Planning to open your new online store? Power your business with StoreHippo and set up e commerce business India that gives seamless shopping experience to your customers. Let our experts explain these features to you and take you through real life success stories.

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Sandeep Aggarwal

My note of thanks to StoreHippo. My website users are saying that it is very fast. Special thanks to the customer support team for providing the earliest possible resolution for any issues. I am positive StoreHippo will continue making headlines and prosper along with its clients growth.

Shradha Sud

My experience with StoreHippo has been wonderful. I got full support from selecting a design to integration of payment providers. I highly recommend StoreHippo as a E-commerce platform for entrepreneurs who wish to achieve success in the online world.

Sachin Choudhary

I highly recommend StoreHippo as a platform for E-Commerce and Web Development. What is noticeable is that their platform is very flexible to incorporate all the custom requirements that I had. Kudos to StoreHippo

Ramakrishna NK

Great technology and a team paranoid about customer service excellence. I have already recommended them to many of my friends who are about to launch their start-ups

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