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9th Floor, Spaze iTech Park, A1-Tower, Sector-49 Sohna Road, Gurgaon, Haryana 122018, CIN - U72200HR2015PTC054459 Gurgaon, IN
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Sell Medical and Healthcare Services Online

Build an online store to start and grow an
out-of-the-box healthcare services business

Build an online healthcare services portal focused on healing and care of your customers

Multi-device optimized online medical and healthcare services portal powered by StoreHippo ecommerce platform

Build A Professional Healthcare Services Website

  • Customized layout, design, forms and flows for various medical requirements
  • Choose from sharp and clear medical themes optimized for multiple devices 
  • Create an easy to use and advanced medical portal for doctors, patients and service providers

Give The Best User Experience To Patients and Healthcare Providers

  • Multi-level login and access for doctors, patients and other service providers
  • Multi-tier categories and easily searchable medical services with faceted search
  • Easy third-party integrations to create the most modern healthcare website
Healthcare deals on an online medical services portal built using StoreHippo ecommerce platform
Android and iOS mobile apps for an online medical and healthcare services portal, built using StoreHippo ecommerce platform

Help More Patients With Mobile Website

  • PWA healthcare stores that work seamlessly on entry-level devices
  • Build Android and iOS apps to facilitate easy access to your healthcare services
  • Faster sites for improved patient engagement 

Take your Medical and Healthcare Services Portal Omnichannel

  • Connect with potential patients and vendors via different social media channels 
  • Add more customer touchpoints effortlessly using the decoupled Headless architecture
  • Enable online healthcare services through multiple devices such as wearables, IoT devices, etc.
Build an online Healthcare portal with an omnichannel presence with StoreHippo omnichannel solution
Create a fast growing healthcare services portal using StoreHippo ecommerce platform

Build A Flexible Healthcare Portal

  • Scalable ecommerce platform to store huge amount of patient data
  • Built to fit in B2B, B2C or any combination model for healthcare services
  • Inbuilt multi-vendor, multi-store and affiliates network features to connect various medical and healthcare services

Connect Patients And Healthcare Providers Across The Globe

  • Create an online store for healthcare in multiple languages 
  • Multi-currency payments to save taxes and currency conversion charges 
  • Multiple payment options for frictionless international payments 
Book an appointment form of a medical and healthcare services portal built by StoreHippo ecommerce platform

Why Choose StoreHippo Ecommerce Platform ?

A one-stop ecommerce solution for all your online selling needs

Create Your Online Store

Bulid a WOW Store with drag and drop design tools

Market Your Brand

Grow your business with a gamut of inbuilt tools

Multiple Payment Channels

Best Payment gateways at ZERO additional cost

Integrated Logistics

30+ shipping partners to ship in domestic and global markets


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StoreHippo enables you to develop, test and launch your medical ecommerce store in record time. StoreHippo comes with a comprehensive SaaS-based 360-degree ecommerce solution that helps you design B2B and B2C medical ecommerce marketplaces seamlessly.

Yes, StoreHippo comes with an end-to-end product management solution that helps you manage your products seamlessly. StoreHippo comes with time-saving advanced features that can help you add, delete, edit, import, export, search or filter, and publish or unpublish single or multiple medical products in just a few clicks.

Yes. StoreHippo comes with an inbuilt “Out of Stock” feature that can also be customized to create new entities or extend existing ones. With StoreHippo, you can also notify your customers about these products by sending personalized mailers with a link to the page or send real-time notifications while they are browsing your medical site.

Yes, StoreHippo does offer a unique mobile solution. You can run your business from mobile by using the mobile admin interface. With the StoreHippo easy-to-use admin dashboard, you can seamlessly create Android and iOS apps enabling your customers to buy using your mobile apps. Built on mobile-first technology, StoreHippo creates PWA stores that look, feel, and work like mobile apps even on entry-level devices with low internet connectivity.

No, your team and vendors won’t require extensive training to manage their medical online business. StoreHippo offers an intuitive vendor-friendly dashboard where the sellers can easily sell their medical products, and run and grow their businesses. With the end-to-end vendor management solutions, each vendor gets a separate vendor dashboard where they can seamlessly perform their day-to-day business activities.

Yes, you can seamlessly integrate your accounting software with your medicine and healthcare online store with StoreHippo. It offers in-built solutions to enable quick best-in-breed integrations.

Yes, you can build a multilingual ecommerce store with StoreHippo to sell medicines online. StoreHippo enables you to translate your medical online store into 100+ languages including the RTL languages like Arabic and Hebrew. You can use the free automatic translation tool that allows you to create a multilingual website hassle-free in just a few clicks.

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