StoreHippo Payment Gateways

StoreHippo supports a number of payment gateways from all over the world. Following is the complete list of payment gateways

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Q. Does StoreHippo store credit card details on the platform?

A. No. StoreHippo does not store credit card information of your customers. Your customers will be directly transferred to the payment gateway site for entering their credit card details. The credit card information is stored on the payment gateway servers. 

Q. What are the transaction charges for different payment gateways?

A. The transaction/TDR charges vary for different payment gateways. The TDR charges also depend upon the mode of payment that customer is opting for. For example, charges for the payment by debit card might be lower than payment by credit card. For Indian payment gateways, the TDR charges vary from 1% to 3%.  

Q. Do you support offline methods of payment as well? 

A. Yes. StoreHippo supports Offline (Net banking, Cash, Cheque etc.) methods of payment and Cash On Delivery (COD) payments.

Q. Do you support verification methods for offline methods of payment?

A. Yes. You can enable verification by email or SMS for offline methods of payment. Only after successful verification, the order is placed.

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