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Understanding what makes a good online shopping cart system

Providing your customers with a streamlined order process and a modern online shopping cart system is essential for the growth of your online business. Customers leave the checkout incomplete if they find it difficult to complete the checkout. A secure shopping cart with multiple payment options engages and prompts customers to complete their purchase.

Why does your website need a good online shopping cart system?

An online shopping cart system which provides you with extensive features along with flexibility and security is essential for the growth of your online business. A modern cart system helps you get conversion from multiple channels including mobile devices and improves your sales manifold. Explore the advantages:

  • Easy to Shop: Online shoppers look for ease of shopping. Simple and convenient shopping experience using a good online shopping cart system is essential for the success of any business.
  • More Sales: Feature rich shopping cart improves conversions and also gets mobile traffic.
  • Secure Shopping: Secure shopping is the core feature which ensures that customers keep coming back to your site.
  • Clear order Status: A good online shopping cart system allows the customers to see their order status easily and aids in rapid conversion.
  • Easy Product Management: A good cart allows for easy product management and leads to upsell and higher average order size.
Best online shopping cart system

Why Choose StoreHippo as your online shopping cart system partners?

StoreHippo’s ecommerce platform offers a feature rich online shopping cart system which enhances your customers buying experience. Boost your sales and win customer trust with multiple payment channels included in our shopping cart. Re engage your lost sales clients with improve your conversions. Explore how some of the features benefit your online business:

Get Secure payment channels

  • Offer multiple payment channels for online as well as COD orders.
  • Get maximum conversions with fast, simple and secure checkout process.
  • Win customer trust get multiple orders.
  • No lost sales due to lack of payment options.

Improved M-commerce Sales

  • Get mobile channel sales with mobile ready online shopping cart system.
  • Uniform shopping experience on all mobile devices.
  • Explore m-commerce and boost mobile channel sales.
  • Higher conversions with better understanding of customer behaviour on mobile.

Simple and engaging Checkout

  • Allow easy search and product access tools.
  • Better product understanding with zoom, customer ratings and reviews.
  • Real time inventory status in online shopping cart system.
  • Easy marketing tools like coupons and discounts right in shopping cart.

Get Back Lost Sales

  • Follow up with abandoned cart for better conversion.
  • Complete list of incomplete checkout.
  • Set automatic mail follow ups for incomplete orders.
  • PUSH notifications to improve conversions.

Making Selling Easy

  • Target global customers with dynamic IP based currency change in your online shopping cart system.
  • Show cart information in customer’s native language multi-lingual option.
  • Setup shopping cart for social channel selling or marketplace integration..
  • Build your own multi-seller marketplace.

Need more information on online shopping cart system software?

Planning to open your new online store? Get better sales with StoreHippo’s online shopping cart system and give a seamless shopping experience to your customers. Let our experts explain these features to you and take you through real life success stories.

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Sandeep Aggarwal

My note of thanks to StoreHippo. My website users are saying that it is very fast. Special thanks to the customer support team for providing the earliest possible resolution for any issues. I am positive StoreHippo will continue making headlines and prosper along with its clients growth.

Shradha Sud

My experience with StoreHippo has been wonderful. I got full support from selecting a design to integration of payment providers. I highly recommend StoreHippo as a E-commerce platform for entrepreneurs who wish to achieve success in the online world.

Sachin Choudhary

I highly recommend StoreHippo as a platform for E-Commerce and Web Development. What is noticeable is that their platform is very flexible to incorporate all the custom requirements that I had. Kudos to StoreHippo

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Great technology and a team paranoid about customer service excellence. I have already recommended them to many of my friends who are about to launch their start-ups

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