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B4,309-10 Spaze iTech Park, Sector 49, Sohna Road, Gurgaon, IN
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Node JS

Trusted by 98% Fortune 500 companies to
power their growing business.

Storehippo is the 1st SaaS-based Ecommerce Platform to use
Node JS for building Ecommerce Websites

Why Node JS For Your Ecommerce Website

Fast Response Time

Build quick loading websites that work even on slow internet connections. NodeJS has helped StoreHippo to keep the average API response time below 50 ms.

Most Scalable

Get highly scalable ecommerce sites using the simple and scalable modules of Node JS. This gives a much higher throughput on heavy load.


Build out of the box solutions for your online business. Build highly customizable websites according to your unique ecommerce needs.

Real-Time Communication

Ideal for real-time, data-intensive ecommerce applications thanks to Node JS event-driven architecture.

Peak-Traffic Handling

Inherent capabilities of handling a multitude of concurrent connections make Node JS ideal for handling peak season loads of E-commerce websites.

Easy Upgrades

Most libraries come up with Javascript SDKs before other programming languages. That gives NodeJS an advantage to adapt those new plugins faster

Javascript - Evergreen Language

Browsers are here to stay and so is the timeless Javascript.  With Javascript at its core, with NodeJS development becomes faster developers don’t need to put extra effort in learning a new language.

Reinvent Your Business With Next Generation Technology

Future-Ready With

  • Cutting edge mobile-first sites
  • PWA stores that work like a page
  • Zero coding to build iOS and Android apps

Unmatched Performance

  • Lightweight, high-speed websites
  • Seamless user experience
  • Improved conversion with better SEO

Designed For

  • Accomodates your business growth
  • Grows to any number of pages
  • Handles load-spikes with server auto-provisioning

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