StoreHippo Logistics Integrations

StoreHippo supports integration with a number of leading logistics providers. 


Q. Do I need to create an account with the logistics provider?

A. You can integrate your own account if have one already. For Indian customers, you can also use StoreHippo Logistics Service which provides seamless end-to-end shipping solution. StoreHippo logistics is a turn-key full featured logistics solution with support for Cash On Delivery (COD).

Q. How does Cash On Delivery (COD) work?

A. In the case of Cash On Delivery (COD) orders processed through StoreHippo Logistics, the logistics partners collect the money and deposit to StoreHippo's Bank Account. StoreHippo maintains a shipping account ledger for each of store where you can see the details of shipment charges and COD payments. 
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