StoreHippo Guest Blogger

StoreHippo welcomes creative content from bloggers, authors, freelance writers and anybody with a love for writing. The posts that you share should be related to Ecommerce industry and have value for our audience.
We do not entertain marketing and promotional content either for your or your client’s products and services. Please do not send such articles to us.

We welcome the following type of articles/blog

  • “How to” type of guidance or expert tips
  • “Why” a certain feature/ tool/ strategy is good
  • Numbered lists on trends, popular practices etc.
  • Entrepreneurial guide, learnings from your own experience etc.
  • Disruptions in the Ecommerce domain
  • History of Ecommerce and your analysis or forecast for future

You can also send articles that offer a complete new view related to the industry, albeit it should not be demeaning or opinionated about any brand, service or policy.  

Quick guidelines for your article

  • Send well researched, grammatically checked, well-written and engaging articles that are substantiated by facts and figures. Your article should be original and offer our readers something new.
  • Send  high resolution and relevant images to be added to your post. Please ensure the images are credited properly. Images size should be 1024 x 512.
  • Your posts should be detailed (not less than 800 words), however our editorial team can make an exception if you have something very engaging and one-of-its kind.
  • The tone of your article should not be promotional. We allow maximum of 3 links out of which two should be to reliable data source sites from where you have taken your statistical figures or research material. We reserve the right to remove any links we consider spammy or promotional.

Please ensure your articles Do NOT fall under any of the following categories

  • Duplicate, plagiarised or article spinning tool generated posts.
  • Complicated language
  • Too many grammatical mistakes
  • Poor Formatting
  • Factually or statistically incorrect
  • Not Engaging or adding value
  • Purely Promotional


What kind of content are you looking for?

We welcome articles that help our audience gain an insight into Ecommerce, Ecommerce problems, trends, technologies, payment systems, logistics or any other topics related to Ecommerce.

How long do the articles need to be?

Your article should not be less than 800 words. We do not have any upper limit on the length of a post. However, please ensure that longer posts have a flow and they are engaging with proper structure and images in between to sustain the interest of the readers.

Can I re-submit posts that I’ve published on my blog or elsewhere?

No. We only publish fresh and original content which has not been published earlier.

Do you pay guest authors for their contribution?

No. We do not pay guest authors.

Can I promote my product or service through my guest blog?

Self-promotional articles do not offer unbiased insights to our audiences. Hence, we do not publish such articles.

How many backlinks do you allow?

We allow a maximum of 3 backlinks as following;

  • 1 to your website
  • 2 to a reliable data source from where you have taken facts, statistics etc. for your blog
  • These links should not be clustered together at the very beginning of your article

Important: StoreHippo Editorial Team reserves all the rights to suggest changes, remove parts of your writeup or completely reject you article.

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