Fashion Paradise

Fashion Paradise is a multi-store online portal that makes it possible for its customers to get global brand of best selling perfumes and cosmetics at one place. The portal specializes in targeted selling through its  multiple storefronts designed for customers in specific cities. Fashion Paradise prides itself in fast delivery ( same day or next day) made possible with a strategic network of affiliates or business associates. 

Fashion Paradise is an initiative of Project LEAPS (Liberal Education Aid for Professional Studies) that raises funds to offer scholarships to meritorious students for advanced studies. It truly promotes the entrepreneurship culture by allowing the youngsters to start their own business through the platform. By giving youngsters a chance to become its business associates Fashion Paradise gives them real exposure of running a business at zero investment.


The Requirements

Fashion Paradise is a unique initiative that brings global perfume and cosmetics brands on a single portal for the buyers. Along with selling the extensive range of products this unique idea also gives youngsters a chance to start their own business through the affiliate network of Fashion Paradise. To turn this idea into reality they needed the following:

  • A multi-store portal set up and management
  • Customizations for theme layout to suit the brand’s requirements
  • A setup to manage affiliate network that allowed youngsters to be a part of the business
  • High-performance site with a focus on product display
  • A flexible and scalable portal that can grow with the business 

StoreHippo Powering Fashion Paradise- The One Stop Hub For Branded Perfumes & Cosmetics

StoreHippo, has powered a variety of multi-store set ups for its clients. With a well rounded multi-store functionality and its rich experience of building similar portals, StoreHippo ecommerce platform could easily handle the diverse requirements of Fashion Paradise.  It created their niche multi-storefront portal and allowed them to target new markets. 

The well rounded ecommerce platform StoreHippo made it possible for Fashion Paradise to start a multi-storefront website that excelled in same-day delivery.  Combining the comprehensive multi-store feature with the affiliate setup StoreHippo allowed the owners to manage this unique environment without any complexity.

The Benefits

Fashion Paradise chose StoreHippo to build their multi-store portal for selling the bestselling cosmetics and perfumes. StoreHippo‘s well rounded and features rich ecommerce platform could fulfil all the requirements of Fashion Paradise effortlessly. With StoreHippo ecommerce platform they were able to achieve the following:

  • Efficient and hassle-free setup and management of multi-store portal from a single dashboard
  • Unique URLs and content for each storefront to better target the segmented audience
  • Extensive customizations to the store theme to suit the brand’s requirements
  • Easy management of affiliate network
  • High-performance, flexible and scalable portal that accommodates their business growth