Design by Humans (DBH) is a global internet-based e-commerce company specializing in screen printing and on-demand custom printing of phone cases, apparel and art prints. They have global community of over 15,000 passionate artists, who come together on their platform to create wearable art that tells a story using brilliant designs and detailed illustrations. The artists also help each other in all creative pursuits. DBH has hosted design contests in collaboration with Warner Bros for The Dark Knight Rises, Blizzard Entertainment for Diablo III and Diablo III: Reaper of Souls and also partnered with Stone Blade Entertainment, Alliance, Evil Geniuses, SteelSeries and more in the past.

Client Review

We are thankful to the Manusis team in India for creating a vibrant and fast-paced new site for Design by Humans that not only manages the heavy traffic seamlessly but also has made it cost competitive for us.

DBH Management