Credr Shop was created to add an extra vroom to the riding experience of the bikers across India. The passionate team of Credr took their mission forward and decided to jazz up the lives of bikers and biking enthusiasts. Credr shop thus became a reality offering biker apparel, accessories and merchandise that not only ensure the safety of the bikers but also adds a glam quotient to their riding experience. 

The Credr team has transformed the used bike market by bringing together bike buying, selling and exchange experience on the CredR portal. A team of three passionate bikers Nikhil, Nittin and Sumit have been enriching the experience of bike lovers by providing a one stop solution for buying quality bikes in a hassle free manner. Their amazing ride in the niche market has helped many bike enthusiasts go full throttle with the machine of their choice.


The Requirements

The Credr team wanted to set up a separate portal for selling their biker merchandise, without losing the connect with their main site. To achieve this they needed the following; 

  • A site designed in tune with their main site theme

  • A website that could attract and engage their target audience

  • Simplified ecommerce solution to reach the niche market

  • A flexible platform that can accommodate any changes

  • Scalable platform that could sustain their business growth

StoreHippo helping bikers live, breathe and dream BIKING with Credr Shop!

StoreHippo, ecommerce platform India delivered the Credr Shop for bike lovers that were totally aligned with the team’s philosophy of “Think Bikes.Think Credr.” The Credr shop was integrated with the main Credr site to provide a comprehensive one stop solution to the bike lovers and enthusiasts.

The portal was developed using the comprehensive features of StoreHippo ecommerce platform India. The various requirements were easily handled by the flexible and DIY StoreHippo platform. Changes in the theme were also incorporated into the project plan to create a recall effect for the original store.  

The Benefits

Built on SaaS based mobile ready StoreHippo ecommerce platform, Credr Shop has been able to achieve the following;

  • Build a website that enhanced their outreach in the niche market

  • Beautiful store design aligned with their brand philosophy

  • End-to-end solutions for their online selling needs

  • An inherently flexible platform that allowed tweaking where needed
  • Scalable solution that gives them the freedom to scale up to any level