Baghdad Mart is an online grocery portal delivering everyday grocery and other supplies across cities in Iraq. To connect with the core customers, they decided to build a site that spoke the language used by the people of Iraq. The aim was to make the doorstep delivery popular by reaching anyone who knew basics of opening a site and order process.

The innovative idea of connecting with customers and providing them seamless shopping experience has paved the way for a successful online journey for Baghdad Mart. They are on their way to building a rapidly scalable business which is becoming a local bestseller.


The Requirements

Baghdad Mart had the aim to launch a grocery portal for the local Iraqi audiences.To develop their web store the Baghdad Mart team had certain specific requirements as following;

  • Create the multilingual site with Arabic as the default language

  • Themes and language aligned in left to right format suited for Arabic

  • Payments in native currency Iraqi Dinar

  • Multilingual dashboard for Admin’s ease of use

  • Scalable platform that sustains large traffic, products and languages

How StoreHippo built a site loved by Baghdad Mart Customers

StoreHippo, the top ecommerce platform, used its inbuilt multilingual feature to create a unique site in Arabic for the native Iraqi buyers. The challenge was to use the themes in a way that they supported the left to right writing rule of Arabic script. However, we managed to achieve this easily as our themes are adaptable and flexible.

All the other requirements of the portal were taken care of using the comprehensive Ecommerce features and tools that are an integral part of the StoreHippo platform. The flexibility and scalability of the platform also ensured that the site can be upgraded easily as the business grows in future.

The Benefits

Built on SaaS based mobile ready StoreHippo, Baghdad Mart has been able to achieve the following;

  • A multilingual website predominantly in the Arabic language

  • Higher conversions due to better connectivity in native language of customers

  • Stunning site design that supports left to right Arabic script

  • Multilingual dashboard to make business easy for the owners

  • Flexible and scalable platform that is ready to sustain business growth and changes.


  • MEAN stack, StoreHippo platform

StoreHippo listed amongst the "20 Most Promising SaaS Solution Providers in India" by CIOReview magazine.

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